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WORKetc CRM Leads Texas IT Firm Out of Inefficient ‘Wild West Days’ 

For the Love of Tech

Randy Bryan spent 20 years of his life as a pastor. Two decades of service to his faith never did, however, make him lose sight of his first love: technology.

“I’ve … been a tech person for as long as I can remember,” he recalls. “My calling as a pastor, I always felt like it was temporary. … I knew it wasn’t going to be forever.”

When the bottom fell out of the economy in 2009, Randy took it as a chance to put his computer science degree from Texas A&M to good use.

He decided to split his time between the church and building up his own tech business. He started doing real-world tech reviews on a live Internet TV show called, which ran for almost a year.

He then parlayed the goodwill and recognition he gained over the course of the show to get his current business — the San Marcos, Texas-based IT firm, tekRESCUE — off the ground.

As the company grew, however, the task of tracking and managing important company data also grew exponentially. Worse still, tekRESCUE didn’t have a CRM system in place.

With all of his mental bandwidth being taken up by running tekRESCUE, Randy knew the situation was beginning to be a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately for him and his team, that’s when Celina Garcia entered the picture.

Making Sense of the Mess

As tekRESCUE’s office manager, it’s Celina’s job to make sure the company’s day to day operations run as smoothly as humanly possible.

When she first came onboard, however, the company was, as Randy explains it, deep into its “wild west days”. Managing client information was an uphill battle they had to fight everyday.

Prior experience had taught Celina that tekRESCUE was in dire need of a CRM. That same experience also meant that she wasn’t going to take any chances with a quick-and-dirty solution.

After over a year of researching and testing different business management software, Celina came across WORKetc. Once it became clear that they’d found the exact system they were looking for, Celina didn’t waste time.

“We’re a small business but we … have a large customer base and a lot of information that we need to keep and track,” she explains. “So when we finally found WORKetc, we wanted to go all the way immediately.”

The results were everything they expected. According to Randy, WORKetc, in addition to Celina’s already formidable organization and management skills, helps keep tekRESCUE running smoothly day in and day out — a significant feat for an industry as inherently messy as IT.

“IT is very messy,”  says Randy. “There are a lot of emergencies … a lot of unknowns. [A] lot of messiness comes out of that.

“I’m more of a people person than an organizer, but Celina, she’s great at it. WORKetc helps her have a manageable level of insanity.”

A Success Story Every Day

Fixing PCs isn’t the only service tekRESCUE offers. Apart from the IT division, the company also has a web design and SEO arm.

Both divisions keep all client information in WORKetc, but it’s the IT service and repair team that has gotten the most mileage out of the system so far.

“It all starts with the customer,” Celina, who acts as tekRESCUE’s first point of contact for everything, explains.

“If it’s a brand new customer I get their contact information and what they need. I create a support ticket, and I can … create a new customer entry without having to navigate to another page.”

Once the ticket is created, it then goes into a WORKetc workgroup. From there, the tickets then get assigned to specific people so no service requests fall through the cracks.

The workgroup, which the tekRESCUE team has taken to calling “the bucket”, also allows for instant visibility for anyone who needs to check what tickets are on the board.

This level of visibility ties directly into what Randy and his team consider their biggest success: the ability to keep track of every single ticket that enters the system.

“For us, every single ticket … that we deal with in a timely manner, that’s a success story, and that happens every single day,” says Randy.

All Information in One Place

When it comes to working in IT support, Randy notes that one of the biggest pain points they’ve ever had was keeping track of every single thing tekRESCUE has ever done for their customers.

“You’re not just replacing a spark plug … most of the time there’s no straight manual for the stuff we do,” he explains.

“With every client there’s always a huge mass of information that we need to know, and we don’t really know it all at once. A lot of it we learn along the way as we’re discovering.”

Ever since they started using WORKetc, Randy and his team have gained quite a lot of clarity for something that he himself believes is very difficult to manage.

 “WORKetc really helps bring as much information as possible into a centralized location where we can deal with it a lot better.

 “It lets us manage a lot of the day to day stuff … in a non-flashy, almost boring way; to where it’s just dealt with and we don’t have to worry about it.

“That’s huge for us.”

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