Global biomedical leader uses Zendesk Sell for sales productivity & forecasting – Meet Sartorius Stedim Biotech

About the Company

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry.

The Challenge

Following a company-wide initiative to aggressively grow revenue targets by 2020, Sartorius Project Manager Mark Coleman was tasked with implementing a CRM for the North American sales team. Mark’s objective was to track two areas of business, one consisting of long sales cycles and multi-million dollar deals, and the other consisting of transactional sales running on a significantly shorter sales cycle.

Prior to implementing a CRM, the Sartorius sales team was using primitive tools to track sales. “They used pen and paper, excel, whatever they needed to get the job done. They didn’t have any advanced tools” says Mark. As a result, much of a rep’s day was consumed with administrative tasks, not selling. Sales managers also struggled with a limited view of the sales pipeline and were unable to generate production forecasts. On top of it all, in an industry where having your reps poached by a competitor is common, sales managers lacked a complete history of customer relationships that wasn’t dependent on individual sales reps.

The Solution

Fast-forward three years and Mark has single handily on boarded over 300 Sartorius team members to Base. “I’ve done all the training and rollouts myself. We don’t need a whole tech team, it’s managed through me” said Mark. There was some push back from the team at first. However, they quickly realized sales productivity tools like email templates, view notifications and task automation added several hours back into their day.

“Now that Base has been established for about three years, there’s a network effect. When a rep joins Sartorius, they jump right into a territory and have all the contacts, leads and deals from their predecessors – all the information is in one place.” Mark ColemanProject Manager at Sartorius

As you can imagine, with huge equipment orders it can take months, sometimes years, to purchase material and engineer the final solution. So any insight into potential orders is a major competitive advantage. “That’s where Base comes in. With probabilities, expected close dates, and having all the information in one place, we’re now starting to move forward with discussions with operations like hey, we’re working on these projects, let’s start ordering.”

The Results

Sartorius reaps the benefits of user adoption and it’s making a major difference for reps taking over new territories. “Now that Base has been established for about three years, there’s a network effect. When a rep joins Sartorius, they jump right into a territory and have all the contacts, leads and deals from their predecessors, – all the information is in one place. Where before, they had nothing and had to start from scratch.”

Mark made it very clear early on that Base was a tool to help the sales reps sell more. They wanted to “enable the sales reps to do their job more efficiently. So, cutting out admin tasks” says Mark. “Before, if they wanted to get a sample or demo, they’d have to call or email someone. It could be a time consuming process. Now, they go to the contact and create a task – very simple.” Mark has streamlined previously time consuming activities with Base, freeing up the reps to do what they do best, close deals.

Since the initial implementation, Mark has expanded Base to the Latin American sales team at their request. They are seeing immediate benefits as well. Thanks to Base, Sartorius is well on its way to hitting it’s ambitious 2020 goals and it’s sales reps have all the tools they need to effectively sell.

Success Made with Base Solutions

These solutions help Sartorius take their sales to the next level faster than ever.