About Valley Surgical

Valley Surgical is a global leader in disposable medical supplies from hospitals and surgeries across the United States. Founded over 10 years ago, Valley Surgical works with relief organizations to provide developing countries across the world with surgical products. The company’s core value is to provide a “green alternative solution” addressing the “huge problems in healthcare, where there is a lot of waste and over production”.

David Johnson, Vice-president, joined the organisation in August 2015 and recognised the importance of a CRM system for a huge scale organisation like Valley Surgical with little contact management at the time. He goes on to say “It was just sending email blast, then following up on what we knew was hot. It was one of the first things I saw, there was nobody managing the system, it was just there because someone told them they needed it. So, when I got to Surgical it was very important to manage customers”.

The biggest benefit of the CRM is to bring all the sales process under one roof. I now have everything in one place, so streamlining it makes it more efficient. David Johnson, Valley Surgical

What do you like most about Really Simple Systems CRM?

Asked about what he liked the most about Really Simple Systems CRM David added “The response time from the support team is amazing, especially not knowing how big our company is and me being in the United States and Really Simple Systems in the UK. When I did the demo, and saw that I had the ability to customize, that was the huge thing, especially being able to upload the custom fields and custom tables really helped”. Really Simple Systems CRM runs live webinars to help customers get the most from the CRM system.

Which CRM features have been the most beneficial to your organisation?

“The first one I would say would be System Settings. Being able to customize fields and dropdown list to fit our business needs perfectly”.

What Problems did the CRM help solve in your organisation?

“Having our sales process and marketing under one roof. The main problem it helped solved was being able to keep track of your data, especially when it comes to communication to all our prospects and customers.

What would you say to anyone currently looking at using Really Simple Systems?

“I would say to them to lean on the support offered because everyone has been so helpful. They are very timely with their response and even willing to make calls to the United States whenever it is needed. Lean on the support, do the demo and trial, and really have fun with the modules. David finishes off by saying “I would be willing to act as a reference if anybody needs to reach out when they are demoing the CRM if they want to talk to somebody”

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