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The Emergence Of CRM Integration To Social Media: Another Passing Fad?

More than 1 billion people were using Facebook at the end of 2012, and 700 million people were using Twitter and LinkedIn. The ever-increasing potential customer base is a superb opportunity for small businesses to succeed. Therefore, integrating social apps into your CRM is one of the key factors that determine how much sales your business will experience. It's the best thing about social media that it provides an excellent opportunity to increase sales by listening and responding rather than pitching and talking.

Is integration into social media really important for a CRM?

The benefits of social media integration for a CRM.

Social media is no longer just a place to connect with friends and share photos. This is where companies and brands engage with the public. Today, there are social media management tools that integrate with larger CRM platforms. When it comes to the best social media CRM software, your options are endless.

Integrate social media channels into your CRM to combine and track communications between platforms like Facebook and Instagram in the same way as traditional channels like email and phone calls. Bringing all of these channels together helps customer support, sales, and marketing teams understand customers better, build better customer profiles, and deliver faster more efficient service.

Social media integration transforms our contact management solution into a social media CRM powerhouse. Drag and drop social profiles from sites like Twitter and Facebook into CRM and view live social profiles on the contact page. Turn social leads into hot leads with lead scoring, timelines, and 360-degree contact profiles in Agile CRM.

Is integration into social media important for a CRM?

Social CRM is the integration of social media accounts into a business organization’s CRM. Since social media is now such an important factor in everyday life and where potential customers talk about business, it becomes critical to use this form of communication to avoid missing out on valuable customers and feedback.

CRM can be integrated with social media through Social CRM. A social CRM can be an integrated feature within the CRM or stand-alone software that can be integrated with the CRM as a third-party application. Integrations like this help brands gain meaningful insights into customer interests and needs, which companies can then use to make future business decisions.

Many authors of academic papers, books, analyses, and blogs are interested in CRM and social media. Social media integration in CRM creates the right solution for marketing with huge potential. Based on the fact that customers spend time online, this integration increases customer retention by 26%. In this context, it goes without saying that the future of CRM is tied to social media, and CRM applications will integrate social media. The main reason is that it helps to communicate with customers through social networks to achieve customer loyalty. These solutions use customer profiles for marketing and sales to improve service and the customer journey. Many social media experts predict key trends in social media and their integration with CRM for marketing (using Facebook Messenger), diverse web advertising (using Twitter and Pinterest), and information sharing (using Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook, or Instagram). As outlined, social media is playing an increasingly important role in CRM-based performance



CapsuleCRM utilizes a unique approach for social integration. The software automatically locates and adds social profiles of your contacts to the CRM system …

CapsuleCRM utilizes a unique approach for social integration. The software automatically locates and adds social profiles of your contacts to the CRM system. While most other CRMs allow integration to only Facebook, Twitter, and in some cases, LinkedIn, Capsule gives you the freedom to add Google+, Flickr, YouTube and GitHub accounts also. Once a contact’s social profile is added, you can see their updates right on the dashboard. Another interesting feature in CapsuleCRM allows you to add a picture of your contact directly from any of their social profiles.

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OnePageCRM is one of the leading tools for lead generation. With its powerful Lead Clipper, you can capture leads from social media in one click, add a task or a  …

OnePageCRM is one of the leading tools for lead generation. With its powerful Lead Clipper, you can capture leads from social media in one click, add a task or a reminder to newly created contacts and start nurturing relationships with potential customers.

With the right process of social media lead generation, you can take your business to the next level. But don’t forget that lead generation on social media requires time, effort, and consistency. So be patient, keep trying different methods, and analyze your results to find out what works best for you and your business.


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EngageBay’s Social Suite enhances its appeal as a comprehensive CRM solution, enabling effective expansion, campaign initiation, and lead interaction across Facebook, …

EngageBay’s Social Suite enhances its appeal as a comprehensive CRM solution, enabling effective expansion, campaign initiation, and lead interaction across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What sets it apart is its inclusiveness, offered for free within the All-in-One, Marketing, CRM, and Sales Bay packages. Moreover, the platform offers cost-effective subscription options, rendering it a perfect choice for individuals, startups, and small teams with constrained CRM budgets.

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Social CRM vs. Traditional CRM

A CRM system is basically comprised of three elements: marketing, sales, and customer support. Its purpose is to move the customer through a pipeline, repeatedly. Traditional CRM’s mainly focused on data that was collected by the company from their customers. All the decisions making was based on this data.

Social CRM has changed the whole paradigm. Now the focal point, of an organization’s operations, is actually the customer himself. Instead of collecting data by marketing or pushing messages to the customers, companies these days collaborate with the customers in order to solve their issues, empower them to shape their own experiences, and then build strong customer relationships. It truly makes an ideal scenario for small businesses.

The collaboration of social media and email marketing

To help almost any business achieve its goals, social media and email marketing make a killer combination together.

You can share your email campaigns on social media in order to reach people who are not on your list. This also increases the chances of more people signing up for your list. On the flip side, you can embed social sharing buttons inside your emails. This encourages readers to share your emails with their followers/fans, and you can reach a wider range of people indirectly. Another option is to add social buttons, through which people on your list can follow/like your company’s social page.

How it works?

Different CRM’s have different approaches when it comes to social media integration. The most useful approach, however, is probably where you can see updates from your prospects, contacts and your social circles, right on your dashboard.

Usually, first you have to authorize the CRM extract data from different social sites. Once the updates start appearing on the dashboard, the CRM should allow you to search for particular keywords or queries which might help you in generating new leads or solving your customers’ problems. More advanced CRMs e.g. BlueCamroo, allow you to automate the process and you’ll get instant notifications about an opportunity or lead being identified.

Though there are several social apps and Web 2.0 sites including Google+, Flicker, Blogs, YouTube, GitHub etc. most CRMs focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Benefits of social media integration

  • You can enjoy real-time communication with your clients (which the clients will totally love)
  • You can quickly generate infinite, instant and highly potent leads from a wide range of social portals
  • You can offer proactive customer support by keeping an eye on your customers updates and doing the needful even before they have contacted you for help
  • If your CRM allows you to interact with your clients on social sites, it will eventually shape a community that builds your brand, increases conversion rate, attracts repeat customers and reduces commission costs
  • You can listen to your clients’ needs and offer products/services precisely based on them.

Some of the other CRMs that allow powerful integration of social apps are SalesForce, AllClients, Relenta, BizzCRM, iComplete, OnePage, SugarCRM, HubSpot, Eloqua, Batchbook, Zoho and, last but not least, SalesNexus.

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