We Interview Alykhan Jetha, CEO of Daylite

What inspired you to compete in the CRM industry? (Feel free to discuss your company’s evolution)

In the early stages of our business, we did software consulting. It was a business requiring a long sales cycles and we had difficulty managing this process and doing the actual software work. We where on Macs even back then and we looked around for tools to help us manage but couldn’t find anything compelling. Even on the PC side, the tools where difficult to use and web apps weren’t really a thing back then. So we decided to build a tool for ourselves.

We built this tool now known as Daylite and used it to manage sales and projects as well as to showcase our development talent to get new clients for our consulting business. Someone at Apple had caught wind about our tool and after meeting with them, they convinced us to start selling it. We called it Daylite and started selling it. Eventually sales from Daylite surpassed our consulting side of the business so we decided to just focus on Daylite.

What does your CRM do? What problem/s are you solving for sales and/or marketing organizations? What is your main differentiator/USP? (If you had the CEO of a key prospect in a lift as your captive audience for one minute, what would be your elevator pitch?)

Most CRMs are built with managers in mind as opposed to the actual users. The result of which is that the people that actually need to use it don’t. With Daylite we went with the opposite approach. We focussed on day to day productivity such as a calendar, tasks, people and companies first and built the CRM and Project Management components on top. This focus on day to day productivity explains many of our choices. For example, our method of Mail integration forgoes the notion of BCC and forwards. Instead we integrate directly into Apple Mail  to give you benefits other CRMs have difficulty matching. This day to day productivity focus also explains our choice to be a native Mac/iOS app with local offline data. You can be productive anywhere, anytime wether you have an Internet connection or not. It also gives the benefit of speed for most common operations.

Another thing that separates Daylite is the fact that it has both opportunities and projects in one app. Opportunities help you win more business and projects help you deliver on that promise. You don’t have to enter the same data in different systems. With Daylite everything is linked, organized in one place, and shared with your team, giving you peace of mind.

Describe briefly how your best client benefits from using your CRM solution.

The biggest benefits our customers say they get from Daylite are peace of mind, improved efficiency, and increased sales. Businesses that use Daylite don’t have to worry about remembering when to follow up with a lead or if they’ll remember to get something done on time. It’s all in Daylite. They don’t waste time digging through email folders or passing around spreadsheets to keep everyone on the same page about projects. They feel more organized, save time which leads to more sales and more projects without needing to hire more people. 

Customer attrition/churn is expensive for both yourselves and customers. Describe your unique management approach to minimize this. (You might want to discuss your particular customer evaluation process, on-boarding process, training, growth management for adding new CRM users etc..)

We know that customers are best setup for success when they are on-boarded properly. When someone starts a trial of Daylite they received regular emails with tutorials and videos to help them how to achieve their goals with Daylite on top of webinars. Our Customer Success Team reaches out periodically to offer assistance with workflows to ensure Daylite is the right fit and that they’re getting enough value out of the product as their business needs change. Additionally, we have a world-wide network of Marketcircle Experts that offer one-on-one training and customized implementations. 

Who are your ideal type of customers/industries, and conversely, what sort of entities would your CRM not appeal to? (No CRM is everything to everybody, of course! You might not desire clients in certain industries, size etc )

Daylite is best suited for B2B small businesses sized 1-50 employees that have a long sales cycle. Some of the common industries that use Daylite are real estate, law, design, construction, and other businesses that need to keep track of communication over the sales process and manage multiple projects at a time.

Daylite is not ideal for businesses on PC, large enterprises, or people that do transactional POS sales or Ecommerce.