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Daylite Touch for iPhone puts a CRM in your pocket

Daylite Touch for iPhone puts a CRM in your PocketDaylite Touch CRM for iPhone

Marketcircle Inc. puts a CRM suite in your pocket with Daylite Touch – a powerful business productivity suite on the iPhone. Now available at Apple’s App Store – free with a sample database for you to try. Note to small business / startups: Get off the Blackberry!

Daylite Touch adds “mobility” to the powerful mix of features of Daylite business CRM productivity software for 1-to-50 person businesses. With Daylite Touch, you don’t passively observe your business via remote email as you do on BlackBerry. With Daylite Touch on the iPhone you dive right in with the ability to assess, engage in and direct projects, sales opportunities, tasks, meetings, calendars and more from the palm of your hand.

Instead of passively observing your business via remote email, Daylite Touch puts you right in the middle of the action with the ability to assess a project’s status or an open sales opportunity, then dive in and direct the work so everyone delivers on time and stays on track. Starting with a handy home screen that provides a snapshot of your business life today and tomorrow with the most advanced multi-user calendar on the iPhone, Daylite Touch does everything Daylite-driven managers expect to do on the road.

You can create multi-user meetings, send out notifications, and create appointments using multi-touch gestures on the calendar. Rotating the iPhone sideways offers you a view of appointments for the coming week. And a dedicated tasks screen gives you the ability to bulk edit tasks, create subtasks, and link tasks to projects, opportunities, and contacts. You can also delegate tasks to other users and track the status of tasks after you’ve delegated them.

An objectives screen displays both projects and opportunities. You can sort projects by due date or priority, and sort sales or other opportunities by close date, value, or probability. When you view a project or opportunity, you can see linked contacts, tasks, notes, and relevant emails. The contacts screen shows you the people and companies you do business with and lets you see the relationships they have with each other.

Daylite Touch periodically syncs back to your office using EDGE, 3G, or WiFi.

Marketcircle make world class CRM and business productivity solutions for the Apple Macintosh.