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Gamification Trends In CRM Software Development

Updated January 2024

Gamification continues to be a pivotal trend in 2024, revolutionizing various industries by integrating gaming mechanics into non-gaming applications. The primary goal remains to transform routine tasks into exciting and engaging experiences.

Experts foresee widespread adoption of gamification across industries, with Gartner estimating that by 2014, 70% of Fortune 2000 companies will have implemented gamification applications.

While CRM applications offer significant benefits, user adoption issues persist. Many CRM implementations fail due to a lack of enthusiasm among users. To address this, CRM systems are now incorporating gamification elements to inspire and motivate employees, fostering a dynamic work environment.

Innovative gamification techniques, such as activity streams, contests, badges, points, prizes, awards, real-time leaderboards, and progress bars, are being employed to promote CRM adoption. By turning work into play, users become players, and their achievements are rewarded.

The incorporation of gamification into CRM systems not only provides psychological benefits through rewards and recognition but also cultivates healthy competition among co-workers. This approach highlights strengths and areas for improvement, contributing to overall team efficiency.

Organizations aiming to gamify business processes must establish clear user goals, metrics to track progress, and a reward system for achieving those goals. Goals may include tasks like creating and maintaining records, logging events, completing tasks, and progressing opportunities. Rewards can be based on specific criteria, such as closing sales with a deal size exceeding $10,000.

Several CRM applications have embraced gamification capabilities, showcasing the evolution of this trend:

  1. Zurmo – Open Source CRM: Zurmo employs gamification to enhance user engagement, promoting better communication, time management, data stewardship, and other customer-facing best practices. Users earn points, collect badges, and compete against co-workers, making CRM usage more interactive.
  2. Compete by LevelEleven – Salesforce CRM Add-On: Compete, an add-on for Salesforce CRM, facilitates the creation of sales competitions with defined rules and actions to reward increased Salesforce usage. Real-time leaderboards motivate sales teams, fostering a competitive spirit. LevelEleven, the startup behind Compete, has received substantial seed funding to continue its gamification efforts in motivating sales professionals globally.
  3. CRMGamified – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On: CRMGamified is a gamification add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offering features like badges, leaderboards, levels, real-time feedback, mobile clients, and social interactions. Managers can automatically reward sales, marketing, and customer support teams for their activities, promoting collaboration and performance tracking.

As gamification continues to gain traction, it’s crucial to stay updated on emerging trends and explore how other CRM platforms are embracing this innovative approach. If you know of other CRM systems incorporating gamification, please share your insights below. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you know of other CRM’s applying gamification, please drop us a note below. We’d be keen to hear!