We interview Andreas Lalangas MSc.E., the CEO & Founder of Salesbox.

Salesbox is a relatively new entrant in the CRM space, yet has gained considerable traction in a short time.

What inspired you to compete in the CRM industry?

Salesbox was started out of a frustration how bad most CRMs were on providing value to both sales reps and management. We wanted to create something that was smart and more of a proactive coaching tool that made our customers much more efficient, rather than the traditional CRM that focus on archiving what has been done.

What does your CRM do? What problems are you solving for sales and marketing organizations?

Salesbox makes our users up to 90% more efficient by automising many flows and the information gathering/adding. In many cases the information is added automatically or by a click of a button. We also wanted to create a complete OMNIchannel solution that tracks and digitises the entire customer journey, from visiting the website the first time until receiving invoices 10 years later and everything in between from integrations to ERP, HR, Marketing and Events. It’s not until all these flows are completely integrated and highly automised that you as a customer will see the efficiency go up.

We also wanted to speed up our customers’ internal decision processes by giving them the entire software on mobile including all collaboration features and notifications. This is critical to stay ahead of the competition in fast paced industries.

Describe briefly how your best client benefits from using your CRM solution.

Our customers get up to 90% more efficient; they can work and collaborate from wherever they are on computers, smartphones and tablets. Our customers get reminded on relevant updates and events and can stay on top of things in a way never seen before.

Our customers also get more leads, more streamlined processes and better control of their performance than they have experienced in any other solution on the market.

Customer attrition/churn is expensive for both yourselves and customers. Describe your unique management approach to minimize this.

Being successful in the implementation of a sales automation tool is both dependent on a smart & easy to use tech solution and the support to get going. Therefore Salesbox include training, setup and support in the subscription fees. It’s critical that the users within a new customer understand how they should operate the platform depending on their specific needs. General training videos help as well but tailor-made training sessions give a deeper understanding of how to use Salesbox for a specific company and also what benefits they can expect to get. It’s important to address What and How but never forget the WHY. In the long run it’s also important for Salesbox to provide flexible and fast support over time, so also new colleagues over time can get help.

Even if a Salesbox user can do all the learning and setup on their own, things gets easier if they can get assistance and help in the beginning.

Who are your ideal type of customers/industries, and conversely, what sort of entities would your CRM not appeal to?

Salesbox is designed and built to streamline the work with sales and customer management. Its built for any size of company and industry that want to become much more efficient in their lead generation, lead qualification, sales and customer relations management. Salesbox does this by providing different ways of working depending on what type of sales your organisation is applying.

What top three questions would you advise a company shopping for a CRM to ask of a prospective vendor?

  1. Is this an OMNIchannel tool that can digitise the entire customer journey, from first time website visitors to long lasting customer relations management?
  2. Is this an easy to use tool that automatises most of the information gathering and adding.
  3. Is this a highly mobile tool (most functions available on native apps for iOS and Android) that makes it possible to work and collaborate from wherever you are

What’s the biggest challenge you guys are facing right now either business or technology-wise and how are you addressing it?

The biggest challenge is how to grow faster. The solution is to create more generic recruitment processes and other relevant internal processes.

What Awards and/or Honourable Mentions have made you proud?!

Winning the award for most innovative and best sales CRM internationally two years in a row, 2016 and 2017, on Europe’s biggest sales and marketing conference (Sales Innovation Expo) in London makes us really proud. We also became proud when we received the Great user experience award from an online software comparing site in Silicon Valley in 2016.

Even though we see the awards as a proof of that we are doing something unique and disruptive its all the positive feedback we get from our customers that makes us mostly proud.