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Solutions for Sales Tracking and Prospecting

Sales prospecting software is an essential software tool for all sales people nowadays. We used to refer to sales prospecting software, now known as CRM or customer relationship management software, as the secret weapon of super-salesmen. You were at a distinct advantage with sales and prospect tracking software in your arsenal. These sales tools are now de rigueur – you are merely at a disadvantage without them.

Here are some of the types of sales prospecting CRM software to consider:

Web based CRM Solutions
Increasingly popular, web based CRM prospecting software are available in several hybridized formats. The advent of high speed or broadband internet has allowed the sales profession to increasingly work remotely, whether from home, from hotel rooms or the car park outside the clients premises. The sales prospecting solutions are referred to as web based CRM, online CRM, hosted CRM and now SaaS, or Software as a Service.

SaaS CRM software is suitable if you need remote functionality and have access to broadband internet. Hosted CRM is not an option if you are on a dial-up internet connection, as access is too slow to make it practical. Some companies that deal with particularly sensitive sales data might also be reluctant to entrust the company that hosts their server, typically the CRM vendor, with their information.

If you need to synchronize your sales data with others, you might want to have data synching satisfactorily demonstrated before making your CRM purchase.

MS Outlook based Sales Software
Another popular option for smaller companies seeking a sales prospecting CRM is Sales tracking software for Outlook, the ubiquitous email tool. This makes a lot of sense as most companies have Outlook already installed. This means the staff are already familiar with the Outlook interface, which reduces the buy-in and learning curve, therefore costs, substantially.

Virtually every CRM solution has to integrate to Outlook for its preservation, but few are actually embedded within Outlook itself. Probably one of the first actions people take in the morning is to open and check their email, meaning their CRM application is already open, too, saving one having to remember to open yet more software.

On-premise or inhouse CRM software
These are the conventional CRM applications we are more familiar with, especially if your computer usage predates the internet. Unless used stand-alone without linking or networking to other computers, these run off a server somewhere in the office. Sold normally on a per user license basis, which can amount to quite a high initial cost. You must also factor in costs of maintaining your own IT server. Upgrades to the CRM software will also require periodic attention, as opposed to hosted CRM solutions, where the upgrade often happens invisibly, without any downtime.

Apple Mac CRM
If you are running Apple Mac OSX based hardware, your CRM options are more limited, but there are some excellent CRM solutions for you to consider. Follow the links provided to below to fast track your search for a suitable sales prospecting software CRM solution.

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