Your CRM Initiative – Where to Start CRM?

Where to start CRM, the perplexing question confronting all about to embark on their CRM initiative, big and small companies alike.

There are LOTS of CRM products out there to tempt you and keep you guessing and confused for many months to come. None of them do everything you require, or, if they do, the price tag isn’t justifiable. But at some point you will have to decide to run with one of them.

Further, in my experience, about half of those CRM product features that you initially deemed important never get used anyway. We have had clients choosing to go with our recommendations, contrary to what head office was prescribing, because they couldn’t wait any longer for delivery.

These were invariably grid-iron CRM implementations, like Oracle or SAP, that were running years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. Many of these clients are still today happily running CRM products that were considered interim solutions.

You do want to avoid a double-dipping (1st CRM choice unsuitable) scenario, but you don’t want to delay your CRM project. The benefits of CRM are just too important to put off, yet the consequences of a bad decision too costly.

Even though the purpose of this website –SmallBizCRM– to help reduce the complexities and narrow down the CRM options for you, can still leave an overwhelming amount of information overload.

Prepare for CRM

Assuming you are serious about implementing a CRM solution for your business, preparation and inclusion is key. Plan your whole approach, and don’t just foist your decision on your staff without having, even if only in a token way, included them in your decision making process.

I have read countless books on CRM over the years, mostly written by academics, and therefore inadvertently speaking to academics in MBA-speak, that still leave one wondering as to how best to move forward.

Very few give one as good, practical, down-to-earth advice, based on experience, that you can immediately apply, as “Insider’s CRM Success Toolkit“, by Scott Gingrich, aka CRMCoach.

It was only recently released, which is a pity in that I wasn’t able to recommend it to our many hundreds of clients about to take the CRM plunge.

“Insider’s CRM Success Toolkit” might seem expensive at face value – it costs $97 – but it is much more than just a book loaded with thorough, practical advice on your CRM initiative, from start to finish.

It is also reassuringly backed by an unconditional 365 day, 100% money back guarantee.

If you consider what your time is worth, and how much time you could spend at this website alone, determining which products to select for your shortlist, then to start downloading and evaluating, $397 worth of time could get chewed up fairly quickly.

And you haven’t even begun to start implementing and applying your CRM solution yet!

What you get for your money:

  • The Insider’s Guide To CRM Success Binder, which is the cornerstone guide with over 200 pages of densely packed, invaluable information, how-to and insider advice.
  • a CRM Project Binder that is designed to work in conjunction with the forms, worksheets and processes of the Insider’s CRM Success Toolkit, and give you greater control of your CRM project.
  • a Quick Study Guide to give you an Executive briefing on the whole toolkit so you can keep focused on the right areas, fast.
  • Quick Start Templates CD with a complete library of the forms & worksheets you’re going to need to control your project.
  • 1 hour telephonic support and more