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The Essentials Of A Next Generation Help Desk

How is an Enterprise ticketing system different?

Enterprises run support workflows that are customized to address scale, the complexity that comes with scale, processes, metrics, centralized decision-making and decentralized teams. The Enterprise pain points associated with their support process includes long chain of approval for every bit of communication sent out and Outlook doesn’t solve the request management completely. Often Enterprise are stuck up with a legacy ticketing system and tired of deploying, installing and maintain a help desk.

An Enterprise Help desk software should be able to handle requests from internal and external customers, seamlessly and effectively. This requires an efficicient ticket management system to create, manage and resolve tickets and hence improve the overall support productivity. Analytics performed by the help desk  should provide all the curicial support insights to the last detail – Crackups, Staff accounability, time spend on resolving customer queries, and customer feedback on the response. Customization workflow that allows help desk customize for smaller teams of large organizations shared service teams that manage internal customers and a typical customer service team.API services in the help desk will solve complex issue like pulling help desk data in to any internal or external application of choice and pulling custom reports.

About HappyFox

Happyfox is  a web based ticketing system bringing email, web, chat and phone requests together painlessly. It is a Saas help desk, which avoids the need of hefty servers and traditional licensing to provide the customer support. Happyfox cloud help desk can easily scale your customer support and is architected the data centers to stay geographically distributed. All the support portals are enabled with SSL and create a web of internal security by providing role-based permissions. Set competitive customer service goals and achieve them with Happyfox IT SLA Management. Manage issues and cases within your organization using Happyfox internal help desk.

Happyfox, mobile help desk provides support on the move by its mobile verions of the application including iOS, Android and Windows OS. HappyFox is a global help desk that talks 35 languages offering a complete package of multilingual support. Using Happyfox, manage both external help pages and internal knowledge using single knowledge base, which allows to embed video/images in them. Community forums provide intuitive discussion platform, encourage active customer collaboration, create and curate content and build customer loyalty. HappyFox Canned Actions settings allow you to pre-define a reply to simplify repetitive responses. Using a smart round-robin feature that automates ticket assignment to the staff pool eliminate the need for an admin intervention.

Happyfox can be used by small, mid-sized and enterprise business. Some of the industries sectors using Happyfox include Education, Retail, Travel, Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics, Real Estate and Publishing.

Sennheiser, Hult Business School, Kindling App, Enchanting Travels, Metroland media are some of the companies that do great customer support by using Happyfox.

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