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“Its amazing features, high customizability and one-time pricing policy make it a viable choice for almost any kind of business.”

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InfoFlo is an on-premise, comprehensive and mature CRM for SMBs that has powerful cross-reference capabilities. It not only allows users to manage and track the status of their leads, customers and projects, but also links relevant info for easier, faster access. Being an on-premise solution, it has several limitations, but we’re told by the InfoFlo representative that a SaaS model is also in the pipeline – good news for those who want the comprehensiveness of InfoFlo and flexibility of cloud.

Quick facts

  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Mobile app: No  (projected for release Q2 2016)
  • Ideal for: SMBs, large enterprises
  • Training required: Basic level
  • Lead capturing through web forms: Yes (Released Jan, 2016)
  • Mass import/export: Yes
  • Email marketing: Yes

Who is it for?

InfoFlo has a wide variety of features, plus you can also purchase add-ons. If your business has very specific needs, you can ask InfoFlo team to develop a custom add-on for you at an affordable price ($100/per hour). That’s more affordable than most competitors, but some vendors, such as Claritysoft, allow you to create modules by drag and drop gesture without any additional cost. Being a highly customizable CRM, it’s fit for almost any type of business.

Who is it NOT for?

InfoFlo if not a great choice for medical practitioners e.g. dentists, physicians etc., who have very specific needs. They don’t have a mobile app yet, which is a lifeline for many modern businesses. They are, however, slated to release a mobile app in Q2 of next year. Right now you can sync contacts, companies, contact notes, and calendar events to any of your mobile devices.

How popular is it?

InfoFlo is run by Toronto-based Carmel Vision. The CRM has been in the business for almost ten years and have about 10,000 customers, including big guns like United Corporate Services, Keller Williams Reality, Fermar Paving Limited, Rancho Mission Viejo.
Areas where InfoFlo excels

  • Affordable, one-time price
  • Free life-time upgrades
  • A plethora of features, yet simple to learn and use
  • You can customize almost everything you see on your screen, plus add unlimited custom fields
  • You have access to your entire data. Most other CRMs try to lock you in and give you only your contacts’/companies’ details if you decide to walk away
  • It’s more than just a CRM; for example, you can use their PBX, project management features etc. to do a lot more
  • Being an on-premise CRM, it allows complex system integration with large data volumes, easy integration with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and offers powerful offline capabilities

Weaknesses of InfoFlo

  • There is a slight learning curve, which can be somewhat frustrating if you’ve been using a cloud-based CRM
  • You might require additional IT support to keep your system up and running
  • Regular hardware upgrades might be required, typical of any on-premise application.

Getting started

You need to download an approx 150 MB file to install the CRM. This could become a daunting task if you have several machines. But the overall process is fairly simple, and we had our software up and running after activating the trial in less than 10 minutes.

Work Area

InfoFlo has a user-friendly interface and an amazing work area, though it might feel a little cluttered intially. But once you get a hang of it, you start enjoying the power offered by a large number of tools at your disposal. It’s also very handy how InfoFlo lets you link relevant fields of data. For example, you can not only link several contacts to one company, but also multiple companies to one contact – a feature not available in many other CRMs.

InfoFlo-CRM - Tools

InfoFlo offers  many features and tools which can be accessed with one or two clicks

The way information is presented is also pretty well-though-out. For example, if you open a contact, their summary is presented at the first tab, where you can do almost anything from sending emails to creating appointments to adding notes or tasks to creating opportunities at the same page. There are quick buttons to add new contact, company, category or project, that can make life easy. Likewise, you can create a new email, or bulk emails, recordings and more from the main menu bar.

What really sets InfoFlo apart are the little handy features tucked into other menus; for example, multiple users can update the same document and though it will appear as a single file, each version can be viewed and accessed, with a complete record of changes made by different users. Also, if one user is updating a file, to ensure integrity, the other users are denied access to it.

InfoFlo-CRM - Customisable

Almost everything you see on the screen can be customized

Another feature that might be useless for some businesses, but a godsend for others is the capability to set naming conventions. The administration can easily define any naming convention and every new file will be given a name that complies to the setting. What’s more, you can categorize contacts and projects for easier management.

InfoFlo-CRM - Categories

You can create categories and subcategories for your contacts, and even projects

InfoFlo has an impressive mechanism for searching the data. While most CRMs let you search contacts or companies only, InfoFlo lets you search any entity present in your database. But that’s not it, you can create smart search queries according to any criterion of your choice to drill down deep into the data. Oh, and did we mention that you can add unlimited custom fields?

Probably the only thing that we noticed was missing is a way to see your contacts or companies in a detailed view – just a minor nuisance. However, what could be a deal breaker is the absence of a mobile app.


The best thing about InfoFlo pricing is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee, pay just one-time and the software is yours. Here’s the pricing for the core products:

  • InfoFlo Core: $99 per user
  • InfoFlo PBX: $399 per user
  • InfoFlo ScanPro: $1500 per user
  • InfoFlo Offline: $199 per user

You can also purchase a variety of addon’s including outlook sync, document management, project management, reporting etc. It gives you the freedom to choose only those modules that your very business will need. But it’s rather off-putting that you have to pay a handsome amount per hour if you need training, technical assistance, or installation and setup.

InfoFlo Features

InfoFlo has so many features that it’s almost impossible to discuss all of them, so let’s take a quick look at the key features only:


Dashboard has a livestream of all the opportunities as well as sales info, in addition to social media feeds and email marketing campaigns and statuses of tasks.


Dashboard has the livestream of all the opportunities as well as sales info

Sales managers can view the opportunity pipeline for every single salesperson or groups of salespersons, and opportunities by type, the total sales or quarterly sales, but the salespersons can view only their own info.

Contact Management

InfoFlo has a comprehensive, feature-rich contact management system. The top half of the screen shows the info about a contact, where you can store basic info as well as add custom fields to store any kind of data.

InfoFlo-CRM - Contact Management

A comprehensive yet user friendly contact management system

At the bottom half, you’ll have the recent activities that include creation of opportunities, addition of new tasks, and recently sent/received emails. Tabs at the bottom let you manage other info related to the contacts including emails, tasks, opportunities, sales, and recordings. All the info is linked to the contact, so you have one-click access to all info.

Company management

Company management works pretty much the same way as contact management.

Project management

Although not as powerful as the one found in some other CRMs like Bitrix24, InfoFlo also offers a decent project management system.

InfoFlo-CRM - Creating-managing-assigning-projects

Creating, managing and assigning projects is a matter of a few clicks

You can click on projects and view the associated emails, files, notes tasks and so on. The projects can be shared and assigned to different users.

Email management

It’s a built-in, smart module that automatically links emails to the relevant contacts. You can send a single email or bulk mail, or view all the incoming and outgoing emails on a single page, and then sort them or view specific emails. You can also have native integration with Outlook, if that’s your preferred tool for communication.

InfoFlo-CRM - Sync-with-Outlook

Syncing InfoFlow with Outlook is very easy

The InfoFlo Outlook integration is easy yet very powerful, and probably one of its strongest selling points. You can view all emails or only those from known contacts, forward and reply to emails, capture leads form incoming emails (InfoFlo auto-populates all the fields), and so on.

InfoFlo-CRM - Auto-populate-feature

Auto-populate features makes capturing leads from emails a breeze

When you compose a new email, it automatically opens the Outlook editor, and every interaction will be documented inside the CRM. What’s more, you can quickly create tasks, opportunities etc. from the incoming emails.


You can quickly create tasks, opportunities and more, from the incoming emails

Calendar and task management

You can create and manage tasks pretty easily, that can act as milestones for every part of your project. Tasks can be created and associated with each milestone, and you can set email or pop up reminders. You can also share or delegate tasks, set priority or even link tasks to your products. Completed tasks can be archived with one click.

InfoFlo has a calendar but it can be quite confusing if you’ve a lot of entries. But the good thing is that calendar entries and meetings are automatically linked to the appropriate contact for easy access and management.

Other features

Other notable features of InfoFlo are Notes, Opportunities, Sales, Recordings and Maps. InfoFlo actually borrows Bing Map, so you can easily tag your customers, and view or print directions.


Integrated Bing maps can be extremely handy, especially if your business involves home delivery

InfoFlo includes a built-in softphone. If you already have a paid VoIP service, you can make all of your calls directly from InfoFlo without having to use a third party softphone. Also, InfoFlo has decent Skype as well as social media integration that lets you post to those accounts and view all of the information within InfoFlo. What’s more, the CRM has a robust role-based access control system, allowing management to define with a few mouse clicks who can access what.


Despite it missing a couple of important features, InfoFlo is right on track. Its amazing features, high customizability and one-time pricing policy make it a viable choice for almost any kind of business. And after they launch their mobile app and web form management solution, we won’t be surprised if their sales really take off!

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