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While Relenta doesn’t have the sophistication of a CRM like InfusionSoft, it offers a lean ‘n mean, yet powerful, alternative for the budget conscious with less demanding requirements.

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Rely on Relenta – Effectively Managing Your Customer and Business Relationships

Relenta has got a steadily growing, almost cult-like, following of users. SmallBizCRM takes the popular Relenta Contact & Email Manager Full Trial version for a spin to see what all the fuss is about.

Technology has empowered today’s business with tools such as CRM, email-based marketing and support, and lead management. While these tools help in increasing productivity around specific business activities, they may leave you with a pile of fragmented data and the challenge of making these systems talk to each other.

Relenta is an amazing solution that helps you manage all these features without the hassles of managing a pile of unorganized data. It seamlessly brings together the power of vital technology tools such as collaborative email communication and CRM; and helps your organization build stronger rewarding business relationships with customers and associates.

Core to Relenta is David Allen’s renowned Getting Things Done (GTD) principle. If you are a fan of GTD, you can implement it in your business with Relenta by getting your pending tasks, important facts and other bits of information out of your head and pouring it all into a self-organizing system that is Relenta.

Relenta automatically aggregates all data associated with any relationship into a chronological activity stream, giving you at-a-glance knowledge of where you stand. This way, your mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that you need to do, and can focus on actually doing those things.

All these essential tools of today’s business are made available through a single simple login. Their hosted solution is available as a browser-based service that requires no installation or complex implementation on your side.

We now review Relenta CRM in detail, the features and functionalities of Relenta that will help you gauge its suitability to task for your business:

What Does Relenta Offer?

1.) Collaborative Email Management

Relenta helps users effectively manage their emails using clearly defined ownership to respond and manage the conversation. Why is this useful?

Email is among the most convenient and preferred form of written business communication. However, keeping track of email conversations can be tedious in a deluge of incoming mail. Conversations may get abandoned or broken, especially, if there are
multiple recipients or respondents.

Relenta imports aggregates emails sent by your customers or associates and keeps a chronological record of interactions with the contact. This record is available to any authorized user from your company. He or she gather the background and decide on further action.

After the action is taken, other members of your team would be immediately apprised of the status of the interaction. All of this happens without hassles such as, multiple forwards and erroneous or missed out CC’s. Relenta provides a shared communication platform for collaborative email communication.

Relenta CRM - Message Inbox

One-click Functions
In Relenta, features like assigning emails to specific personnel in your organization are available at a single click and require minimal effort and time. No hassles of typing and data entry. No need of cumbersome copy-pasting from email client to a different CRM system. Relenta makes it smooth without barriers through simple clicks.

Organizing Emails
Emails within your mailbox can be organized in folders, like you do in Outlook. Relenta also has the facility to tag emails, which is similar to the feature in GMail. Equipped with all these features, you can easily organize your Relenta mailbox the way
you like.

2.) Managing Leads and Contacts

Group Them, Tag Them
Relenta allows you to segment your contacts into various groups for managing different activities like targeted email newsletters and campaigns. Relenta also supports tagging feature that allows you to attach different search attributes to the same contact with much ease.

Relenta CRM - Managing Leads and Contacts

Import and Export Contacts with Ease
Relenta allows direct import and export, to and from different commonly used formats such as excel and CSV. Contacts can also be directly and automatically imported into the system through an API.

No more cumbersome data entry of leads from one system to other. Relenta automates that for you.

Bird’s Eye View of Activities and Interactions around a Contact
An activity stream that gives historical details of every interaction with the contact is easily accessible through the contact manager. Whether it is your sales team doing a pre-sales backgrounder, or it is your customer services team studying past interactions, the activity stream proves to be very helpful.

Relenta CRM - Activities and Interactions around a Contact

3.) Essential Tools – Calendar and File Storage

Calendar Feature
The calendar feature in Relenta helps you track time-bound activities and ensures that your response stays prompt. The calendar offers you two views:

  • My Agenda view helps you look at all your tasks at a single glance, arranged in order of priority and deadline. This view is helpful in organizing and attending immediate tasks.

Relenta CRM - Calendar

  • Monthly view shows activities arranged across a month calendar that gives you a heads-up on all activities conducted in a particular month.

Relenta CRM - Calendar of monthly activities

The calendar actively integrates with contact and email management modules with all changes in other modules automatically reflecting in the calendar views.

File Storage
Relenta accounts are equipped with file storage capability. Important documents such as Downloadable whitepapers, standard collaterals and proposals can be uploaded and assigned to authorized contacts. These documents are accessible at the click of a mouse, as and when needed

Relenta CRM - File Storage

The file storage feature ensures that your entire team has the latest version of the collaterals and rules out the possibility of any confusion.

4.) Email Campaign Management

Emails are the most effective and economical means of marketing online. E-newsletters sent to segmented customers can help create an engaging relationship with them.

Relenta CRM - Email Campaign Management

Subscription Process
Relenta helps you to stay totally compliant with total support for single or double opt-in mechanism. The system also allows recipients to directly edit their preferences or subscription details.

Relenta supports the multiple POP ID feature that ensures reliable delivery and prevention of your servers from being blacklisted for spam.

Segmentation of Databases
Relenta allows you to create and maintain unlimited number of groups. Templatized email follow-ups can be scheduled and sent to groups at regular intervals without any human intervention. What’s more, this segmentation of your contacts into different groups is a one-click task.

5.) Relenta Pricing

Free Trial – Relenta offers a full feature free trial for a single user, 100 Mb with 100 contacts. A 14-day trial of unlimited features is also available.

The standard Relenta package is very reasonably priced at USD 39 per user per month, which entitles you to 2500 contacts and 1 GB storage space. The pricing and package is very well suited for small and medium enterprises that may have their employees on the move, and limited in-house IT infrastructure.

Conclusion: Relenta offers a great solution for overall email communication with your customers. Through its collaborative system it ensures that the customer sees one face of your organization with a coherent message, rather than being bombarded by multiple representatives.

The only drawback you may possibly think of is the fact that your data and the entire operation rests on a third-party server. However, there are ample arrangements in the service agreement which point to a robust and secure system that holds your data. Relenta offers the benefits of CRM and Email management without the hassles of procuring and installing expensive IT, which actually turns this drawback into a big advantage.

While Relenta has a great set of features for those that are looking for a strong Email based marketing and contact manager, the ease with which you accomplish tasks within Relenta is one of the factors that sets it apart from its competitors. The designers have placed a lot of importance on reducing clicks: less clicks = an easier and quicker to use CRM = a more enjoyable and productive user experience = higher ROI. The Relenta 1 Click philosophy is, we are sure, the envy of many of its opposition, and one worth emulating.

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