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A complete demand generation CRM tool that’s 100% embedded into MS Outlook!

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For businesses that use MS Outlook as their email service, multi-award winning SalesOutlook offers a familiar interface for managing and sharing customer data, advanced reporting, email marketing and mobile access, without having to leave your inbox.

SalesOutlook CRM is the first and arguably best CRM solution that is completely embedded into the folder structure of MS Outlook. Although several other CRMs offer integration or synchronization of data with Outlook, SalesOutlook is one of the few CRM’s that is fully embedded into MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server.

SalesOutlook CRM is a fast, intuitive, simple and a highly customizable CRM which makes it ideal for a wide range of businesses. As your choice, SalesOutlook CRM can be fully “hosted” (in the cloud) or installed on your network.

Quick Facts

  • Our Rating: 80/100    (    OR    8/10)
  • Free Trial: Yes (14 days)
  • Ideal for: Small and medium sized businesses
  • Training offered: Yes
  • Users Limit: No
  • Mass import/export: Yes
  • Email marketing: Yes (by integrating with Constant Contact)
  • Lead Capturing: Yes
  • AWARDS: Editors choice (PC Mag & CNET), ALL STAR AWARD 2011 (Constant Contact), Best Outlook CRM 2010 (Willy )

Company Background

Since 1998, SalesOutlook, Inc. has pioneered the use of MS-Outlook and Exchange Server as the technology platform for a complete CRM System.   SalesOutlook remains the only complete CRM System that can “Automatically Auto-File” all email correspondence.  SalesOutlook is a very cost effective CRM Solution because it is simple to install, easy to use, fully customizable and the only CRM System that is 100% inside of MS-Outlook!

SalesOutlook CRM is a unique and comprehensive Customer Relationship Management and email marketing system that was developed from the ground up to be fully embedded into Microsoft Outlook. This system is the first of its kind, and was designed to combine the functionality of a CRM system with the user-friendly aspects and familiarity of Microsoft Outlook. SalesOutlook CRM can be implemented within minutes and automatically syncs all customer data with MS Exchange. All files and email correspondence are saved to the contact’s profile, and because SalesOutlook CRM depends on Microsoft Outlook, there is no need for a dedicated MS-SQL server database.

Reaching contacts via email campaigns is simplified with SalesOutlook CRM. These email blast forms are available in HTML or RTF formats, offering users more flexiblility when it comes to sending custom email blasts to a client base. This feature, paired with a seamless integration to Constant Contact, means that SalesOutlook CRM can efficiently and quickly create the ideal email campaign for your targeted contacts. Each member of your team is able to view the email campaign results from within each individual contact record.

SalesOutlook CRM’s intuitive interface provides a host of features that optimize the user experience. Contacts can be dragged and dropped into different lead categories, such as “Opportunity” or “Customer Inquiry” directly from the email interface. By right-clicking on a customer name, users can easily access contact information, providing instant visibility into all the necessary information related to any particular buyer. SalesOutlook CRM is a specialized system that builds upon a frequently-used email medium to create a CRM that will optimize user efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. It’s a great fit for growing companies in a variety of verticals and we generally recommend it to companies with more than 5 users.

Highlights of the CRM

SalesOutlook adds a mini-toolbar to Outlook’s existing toolbar which provides quick access to the different modules of the CRM.

SalesOutlook – Constant Contact options

The Following are some of the notable features of SalesOutlook:

  • Quick add/search from the SalesOutlook toolbar
  • Powerful integration with Constant Contact for email marketing with advanced reporting
  • Alerts – which are actually sticky notes that alert you when you open an account or contact
  • Automatic Filing – All incoming and outgoing emails (along with the attachments) are automatically filed and linked to the related contact, so you’ll never lose an important email again
  • Built-in templates for emails, business documents etc.
  • Real-time reporting of outlook data
  • Powerful integration with MS office allows you to create word, excel and other documents from within the Outlook and the info is automatically extracted from the account or contact.

Getting started (2/5)

Unfortunately, we had a tough time installing SalesOutlook; it took quite a while and some effort for the application to be fully functional. However, once installed it didn’t disappoint us; importing contacts was a snap, and basic customization took just a few minutes.

Work Area (18/20)

SalesOutlook is Account centric i.e. all the contacts and other information you add, roll up to the linked Account (Accounts are actually the companies you’re dealing with). This logical grouping of the data makes it very easy to add new info, manage different activities regarding a client and generate different reports.

If you open an account, the entire linked records including contacts, leads, opportunities, activities, notes etc. appear on the same window. Likewise, if you open a contact, its account and other related data will appear on the same window. There are numerous options for you to create new documents, customer service queries, tasks, or add new contacts, leads, opportunities… put simply, you can perform all the activities from the same window.

User interface (10/10)

Since it uses the Outlook’s familiar interface – there is just the mini-toolbar, which is rather unobtrusive and elegant, and a few folders down below your inbox.

Price (6/10)

There are two different editions of SalesOutlook available:

  1. Standard Team Edition :             $30/Month/User
  2. Quickbooks Edition:                    $40/Month/user


Integration with 3rd party apps (8/10)

The CRM integrates with several industry leading applications such as Constant Contact, MS Office, Crystal Reports, MapPoint, Skype, QuickBooks and so on.

Customization (10/10)

SalesOutlook is totally customizable, which makes it a perfect choice for almost any type of business. It also allows you to add custom fields to different modules, which takes personalization to the next level. If you want rigorous personalization, further customization is also available, just contact their professional services department.

SalesOutlook Customizing your Links Drop Down Menus - Labels you can also Easily Add Custom FieldsSalesOutlook – In addition to customizing your links, drop down menus, labels, you can also easily add custom fields

Mobile support (4/5)

Since it’s designed for professionals who need full and complete access to their entire customer database even when they are on the go, the CRM runs on almost all the smartphones and mobile devices.

Scalability (7/10)

SalesOutlook client base has single users as well as very large global corporations with hundreds of users. For very large companies with huge amount of data, it’s recommended to create a separate customer database for each business unit or division. Though there is no limit to the number of users, the scalability of SalesOutlook is determined by the number of records in each folder. The recommended number of records in each folder is under 40,000. The auto-archiving feature makes sure your records stay within this limit and moves old records to archives folder when the limit is exceeded.

Customer support (10/10)

The customer support team of SalesOutlook is unquestionably one of the best we’ve encountered so far. When there were issues installing the application, we always received quick and comprehensive responses. You can reach the customer care department either by phone or via their web form.

Back up and security (7/10)

Since your database is stored locally, the backup and security issues are handled by the Exchange Server.

Features of SalesOutlook CRM


With the help of graphical representation of your sales funnel and sales forecasts, the management dashboard offers a quick overview of your company’s performance. However, unlike other CRM’s, you won’t spend most of your time here, but probably in your inbox and access the CRM features via the mini-toolbar.

SalesOutlook You can choose the Components Displayed on your Dashboard from the Dropdown MenusSalesOutlook – You can choose the components displayed on your dashboard from the dropdown menus


The Accounts menu corresponds to Companies or Organizations.

SalesOutlook Rolodex Cards Showing Basic Info Regarding Each AccountSalesOutlook – Rolodex cards showing basic info regarding each account

Accounts are represented as small rolodex cards, which show you the basic info about the company at a glance. Once you click any of these cards, a simple yet comprehensive  menu appears that offers all the features you’d see in a high-tech CRM.

SalesOutlook - Minitoolbar on Accounts Contacts and other Menus has some Extremely Useful FeaturesSalesOutlook – The mini-toolbar on Accounts, Contacts and other menus, has some extremely useful features


Contacts menu stores information of your clients and people working in your Accounts. It’s similar to the Accounts menu and features all the related information, from basic contact info to communication history.

SalesOutlook Contacts menus has all the relevant Info about a particular personSalesOutlook – Contacts menu has all the relevant info about a particular person plus all the options you would crave.

Searching contacts is also very easy, just type in the first three or four letters and the corresponding contacts will pop up.

SalesOutlook sa found all contacts with the first or last name starting with these two lettersSalesOutlook – Typing “sa” brought up all the contacts that had first or last name starting with these two alphabets


This is an advanced menu that makes storing, managing and sorting your opportunities on different criteria a breeze. Turning an opportunity into a project and assigning contacts to it is a matter of a few clicks.

SalesOutlook come with an advanced opportunity menuSalesOutlook – comes with an advanced opportunity menu


It’s a powerful lead management system that you see in most advanced CRM systems. Leads are fully integrated with Constant Contact for improved lead nurturing programs.

SalesOutlook Simple yet powerful lead management systemSalesOutlook – Simple yet powerful lead management system


This is actually a task list that integrates with the built-in calendar. Neat!

SalesOutlook Quick Steps is an amazing feature for wuick processing of an activitySalesOutlook – Quick Steps is an amazing feature for quick processing of an activity


We really liked the way you can perform a wide range of different activities from this menu i.e. sending emails, creating tasks or appointments or even a new document and all the data form this activity will be automatically incorporated into the new task or document.

SalesOutlook-Automated-Notes-is-yet-another-exclusive-feature-of-SalesOutlookSalesOutlook – Automated Notes is yet another exclusive feature of SalesOutlook


The customer support module allows your customer service department to create and assign different types of support tickets/inquiries and keep track of your client’s complaints. You can add details of the problem, link it to an Account or Contact and then assign it to a team member. Any action taken will be appended to the ticket, which can be viewed by the management.

SalesOutlook Customer Care ModuleSalesOutlook – Customer Care module

Again, all the details including email interactions, activities, attachments, status updates etc. regarding a particular ticket are available on the same window.


Running any of the inbuilt reports is a matter of a few clicks (though you need to install Crystal Reports). These reports can then be exported to almost any report reader e.g. Excel, Access, Crystal Reports etc.

SalesOutlook Several built in reports for quickly monitoring your progressSalesOutlook – Several built-in reports for quickly monitoring your progress


SalesOutlook Vs. Prophet CRM

The two products are fairly similar since both allow users to enter sales information and access reports, create customer files, and even customize quotes. There are, however, subtle differences especially when talking about customer support features, cost effectiveness, scalability and user friendliness.

Avidian Prophet CRM is slightly less expensive, and has a slight edge as far as its task delegation and tracking capabilities.

On the flip side however, SalesOutlook is more comprehensive and ideal for all types and sizes of businesses, particularly those in Manufacturing. Installing SalesOutlook was a tad tricky, but installing Prophet was an even tougher task. Ideally, you also require a separate hardware for the Prophet Server software. Another big downside of Prophet is that it’s not as tightly integrated into Outlook as SalesOutlook. A user can use a different machine to open his Outlook but not his Prophet account since the license only applies to one specific user plus the machine. In other words, a valid user won’t be able to access Prophet on a different machine even when the Prophet client is installed.

To choose one of the two CRM’s, it all boils down to your particular business needs and personal likings, but generally speaking, while Prophet CRM is a good option for smallish, peer-to-peer networks, SalesOutlook is a great option for small teams as well as organizations with hundreds of users. Essentially you get what you pay for, and SalesOutlook offers better value-for-money in our opinion.


  • Extremely simple and user-friendly yet packed with countless handy features
  • Very fast, windows opened quickly, and navigating their tabbed categories was a breeze
  • All the related information in one place
  • Highly customizable but can be used straight out of the box
  • Immediately share email campaign responses within Outlook
  • Seamless integration with Constant Contact,
  • SharePoint and several other 3rd party apps
  • Easily manage multiple lists from within Outlook
  • Automatically saves & files all emails along with the attachments
  • Seamless multi-user data synchronization
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management, Lead Tracking & Web2Lead Integration
  • Automated price quotation module
  • Works online as well as off-line
  • Advanced sales reports with Crystal Reports and powerful document management
  • Unlimited user training (Free) and unrivaled customer support


  • Requires the Windows Version of Microsoft Office
  • No option to capture leads/info from social media


If your employees use MS Outlook, and you want a robust, powerful and functionality-rich CRM, we recommend you give SalesOutlook 14 day free trial a go. We are impressed by the plethora of clever features, robust and user-friendly interface and first-rate customer service.

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