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Gmail is extremely simple, does a great job of managing one’s email, and offers gigantic free storage space, which is why many small businesses love using it. Another reason why businesses love Gmail is the fact that Gmail for businesses lets you create custom email, i.e. instead of using the extension.

These web based CRM applications are delivered as services over the Internet, rather than on your local network like conventional CRM software. From Google Calendar to HotMail to Twitter, hosted applications are fast becoming the order of the day.

Why Choose An Online CRM Solution?

  • Often a lower cost of entry and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Rapid implementation, although this can vary, depending on the vendor.
  • Rapid transmission of information across organizational lines and locations.
  • Accessibility – you can access web based CRM from anywhere provided you have Internet access.
  • Hosted CRM systems don’t require the deployment of backend systems.
  • No costly hardware server infrastructure necessary.
  • Automatic upgrades to your CRM solution.
  • Organizations that use web based CRM systems don’t own the CRM software. Instead you subscribe to the CRM services by paying a monthly or annual subscription “service based” or “pay-as-you-go” fee that varies from vendor to vendor.

Are Web Based CRM solutions suitable for your small business?
This of course depends on the specific CRM needs of your particular organization. Like its more conventional cousins, hosted CRM products are now starting to cater for different requirements in varying degrees. Rather than trying to be one size fits all, some second generation hosted CRM systems are offer customized solutions for different industries.

Online small business CRM solutions are worthwhile considering, particularly if you are on-the-move and have a remote CRM requirement, with a widely dispersed or work-from-home workforce with access to adequate bandwidth.

The steady rise in popularity of web based CRM is also indicative of increased acceptance of having your data entrusted to some other company off-site.

The Best Web based CRM/hosted CRM solutions you can consider are:

Capsule CRM


The new Capsule Add-On for Gmail makes it easy to action emails by integrating Capsule’s powerful CRM and sales …

The new Capsule Add-On for Gmail makes it easy to action emails by integrating Capsule’s powerful CRM and sales management tools right into your Gmail inbox. Magic! Whether you have a new lead or are nurturing existing relationships, having your CRM in your inbox is a huge time saver. Their simple install guide gets you started with the Gmail Add-on for your G Suite domain, so you can access Capsule straight from Google’s universal navigation in the same way as you would access your other Google apps such as Google Mail or

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NetHunt CRM


NetHunt CRM claims to be your “smart inbox” that turns your Gmail mailbox into an enterprise level CRM.

NetHunt CRM claims to be your “smart inbox” that turns your Gmail mailbox into an enterprise level CRM. Geared towards small businesses and claiming to be as easy to use as the Gmail itself, NetHunt allows for live team collaboration, private and secure modes, and stores everything in the cloud to rid of the hassle of managing the databases. The CRM can be a great choice for small businesses that need to manage their day to day activities for retailing, sales, hiring, customer support, and marketing. The CRM has a handy mobile app and boasts several features including business records, follow-ups, email 360° overviews, mass mailing, email tracking, Zapier integration and more. The Solopreneur version costs $10 per user/month for single users and $25 per month for a team of up to five users. i.e. $5 per user per month. A free trial is offered.

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Streak CRM


For small businesses that run full sales processes, customer support and hiring from within Gmail, Streak is worth a look…

For small businesses that run full sales processes, customer support, hiring, and more, right from within Gmail, Streak is worth a look. The whole CRM lives inside of Gmail and doesn’t link to any other system. It can also work with other Google apps and G Suite and allows you to integrate it with hundreds of third-party apps using Zapier. From managing your contacts, deals, support queue, to collaborating with your team, Streak has all the bases covered. What you’ll like about the CRM is that it’s very lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Some of its notable features include sales management, product dev, deal flow, fundraising, customer support, hiring, real estate, email power tools, tracking and reporting, and more. Streak offers a free version for personal users who want to track 200 or fewer emails. They have two other plans that cost $49 and $129/user/month. Moreover, a 14-day free trial is also available.

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