CRM Graveyard – Discontinued CRM Software Solutions – Where Are They Now?

Many CRM solutions inevitably get put out to pasture for whatever reason. Either the CRM vendor just bowed out of the race when it got too hot in the kitchen – the CRM market is hot and fast, after all. Pity when sometimes a really good CRM concept ‘dies’ through lack of funding. Who recalls the Visicalc vs Lotus 123/Excel days, when the superior Visicalc product was simply out-moneyed and marketed?

Or the CRM is just being treated as a cash cow, left to die a natural death with no further development taking place. Fair enough if maybe the CRM has passed its expiry date and got rather long in the tooth, the programmers not having foreseen and made provision for certain eventualities, (like the internet!) and programmed themselves into a corner. The website remains up with all its compelling copy though, ready to snare unsuspecting prospects.


Maybe the owner passed on, as is the case in one or two instances. Or possibly there were more sinister underlying reasons. Maybe the product simply got ‘eliminated’ due to its ‘nuisance value’, like Janna Contact.

Whatever the reason, though, you need to know this information! You don’t want to have to explain away that dead horse you just purchased.

There are a couple of tell-tale signs to raise your suspicions:

  • The last entry on the website’s PR page is dated 2004 or earlier.
  • There is no response when you send them an email requesting info on their latest version
  • Or you receive a belated response from some unrelated email address

Here are a few CRM products we think fall into one of the above categories. Forgive us if we are wrong, and notify us immediately please!

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CRM Logo


DISCONTINUED. Morley Chalmers is looking for venture funding to raise this “Phoenix from the ashes”. Based on FileMaker Pro, 7Office was a popular CRM with Apple Mac users and it is unfortunate that it is off the market. I look forward to the day (and so does Morley) that 7Office is moved back to its rightful place in our CRM for Apple Mac section.


DISCONTINUED. Acumatica is a provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Built on cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications such as Financials, Distribution, CRM and Project Accounting, powered by a robust and flexible platform.



DISCONTINUED. ADAPTcrm is an integrated web CRM solution designed primarily for the needs of small to medium size businesses.


Advocate 2000

DISCONTINUED. A CRM and Case Management software tool designed for the legal industry. It combines case management tools for organizing clients, opposing parties and attorneys, case details, documents, meds, discovery, exhibits, mail, e-mail, phone calls and much more.

Affinity CRM

DISCONTINUED. Affinity CRM is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere. It’s Free for one user with unlimited usage but does limit the number of customers and products you can store to 100 customers and 10 products.



DISCONTINUED. Unfortunately Revisto – the vendors of AgentOutlook – are no longer in business. At least they had the decency to inform visitors to their website.


DISCONTINUED. Aplicor CRM software provided a superior level of data access and advanced features that grew with you, helping you delight not only your customers, but also your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams. You got all this in one cloud-based business solution that was simple to implement and use, without the high price tag of larger enterprise systems.


Brokers Unlimited, Inc

DISCONTINUED. Has liquidated many of the major plants in the New England area. In 1963 President/CEO Theodore F. Loebenberg became a licensed auctioneer.

Browser CRM

DISCONTINUED. BrowserCRM is designed to be an Outlook replacement. It includes an email client for composing and reading emails.

Microsoft Business Contact Manager Logo

Business Contact Manager for MS Access

DISCONTINUED. Free contact manager for MS Acess users. Major features included: Contact Manager to enter and maintain all of your important customer information, Multi-User for up to 5 users, To Do List Management, Scheduling of Appointments, basic Reporting and documentation.

Catylist logo

Catylist CRM

DISCONTINUED. Catylist is designed to be a one-stop marketing source for commercial real estate associations, firms and professionals; the company’s solutions are engineered to increase broker and staff productivity while reducing overall marketing costs.

combit logo

combit Relationship Manager

DISCONTINUED. Founded in 1988, combit GmbH is situated in Constance, Germany. The software house develops and markets developer components for other software developers as well as standard software for small and large corporations.


DISCONTINUED. ContaxCRM lets you capture, store, view, interact, communicate with and manage all of your contacts whether they be Customers, Prospects, Suppliers, Members, Personal, Network or even Competitors. Build relationships, reap the rewards. It has never been easier.

CRM on Excel

DISCONTINUED. An Excel based CRM system, for small and growing businesses. All the ease and familiarity of Excel, with the functionality of CRM software. Ideally suited to small growing businesses, who want a simple but effective CRM solution.

CRM by WEB logo


DISCONTINUED. Marketed as an ACT! alternative, their website now takes you to a company that has repositioned themselves as Second Life strategists.



DISCONTINUED. Initially touted as a hybrid of SalesForce and ConstantContact. Their semi-functional website is still live, but emails to their Contact Us address bounce back.



(ADVISORY – SITE DOWN CURRENTLY) is a simple CRM system, contact list manager and sales tool. You can share contacts, leads and tasks with your team and always be prepared for your next call by keeping a history of who said what to whom. Doorbell has two free CRM product offerings: Doorbell Business Starter…

eazy business logo


DISCONTINUED. eazybusiness have launched the ultimate mashup of open source cloud apps with over 20 business management and productivity applications aimed at small and medium sized businesses.


DISCONTINUED. Elements CRM from Ntractive, is a subscription based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, first announced in 2007 during Apple’s worldwide developer’s conference. Catered to small/medium businesses, as well as enterprises, ElementsCRM is specifically made for Mac, and offers no PC alternative.

Etelos logo

Etelos CRM

DISCONTINUED. Etelos CRM, had released what looked like it could be a really good CRM that integrates with Google Apps and iGoogle. Unfortunately that was the last that was heard from them.

Janna Contact logo

Janna Contact

DISCONTINUED. Janna Contact, who was swallowed whole by Siebel never to be seen again, maybe just to stop Microsoft laying their hands on it first.



DISCONTINUED. KeepM is a free, simple web based, contact management tool that allows you to share and manage unlimited contacts with any email address. You can also download and view your KeepM contacts on your mobile, laptop or iPod.

Kyliptix logo

KiBS CRM & Business Suite

DISCONTINUED. Kyliptix Business Solutions – KiBS – Simple, Simple Productivity & CRM Solutions for Small-to-Medium Businesses everywhere. Everything you need to operate your sales, marketing, customer service and HR functions


LaserPointCRM logo

LaserPoint CRM

DISCONTINUED. LaserPoint CRM, a trademark of the Fine Point Group, is a cloud-based SaaS product for the gambling/casino industry. LaserPoint CRM is the casino industry’s largest Las Vegas-based consulting and management firm and an automated database marketing solution.

Market Master logo


DISCONTINUED. Market Master was one of the first Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions for the Macintosh. First released in 1986, it is still going strong today. MarketMaster’s strength lies in its strong Sales Force Automation features. SFA is the cornerstone of CRM applications and is often adequate for most smaller companies CRM requirements. Market Master offers various versions depending on the size and needs of your sales force: MarketMaster Manager, for a small company or sales office; Market Master Remote, for remote users and Personal Market Master not networkable but lets an individual salesperson manage his sales tasks.



DISCONTINUED. MiContacts. Is no longer around.

Microdata logo

MicroData CRM

DISCONTINUED. MicroData manages appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, projects, products, documents, offers, invoices, reminders and much more. There is also a simple double entry booking/accounting module. Although as of 2013-08-06, this project is no longer under active development.


MultiActive Entice

DISCONTINUED. MultiActive Entice (makers of Maximizer) that won so many awards back in 2000: – PC WEEK’s “Best of COMDEX” award, Spring Internet World’s “Best of Show”, and the “Recommended” award from Computer Reseller News.

NEOSystems logo

NEO - Nelson Email Organizer

DISCONTINUED. The importance of email communication in business cannot be debated. It is one of the effective and convenient modes of business communication in the modern era. Email communication is inexpensive as all businesses already have an Internet connection and email can also be accessed through mobile devices.

CRM Logo

Now Contact

ADVISORY: This from their website: In March 2010, Now Software, Inc. suspended its day-to-day operations. This page provides support for the Now Software Community. This popular contact manager for Apple Mac ran out of funds unfortunately. As an alternative, consider Bento..


DISCONTINUED. OfficeXta Brings Social Networking to Businesses with Launch of Social CRM Platform; Serves as the Facebook and Twitter for Business Enterprises


OoCRM By Axelor

DISCONTINUED. With powerful reporting and advanced tools for collaboration, OoCRM allows you to acquire customers, retain them and then manage the profitability of your process


DISCONTINUED. Oprius is an online contact management service that integrates seven modules allowing users to efficiently manage their various tasks. Oprius was designed for sales professionals (executive, managerial and representatives) as primary target users. Anyone who is uses Oprius will agree it is a time-saver with a brain of its own.


Performance Desk


Plan My Trip

Plan My Trip - New Sales Trip Planning Software

DISCONTINUED. Ever had a sales trip to plan and had difficulty getting it done. You know the kind of trip where you have to see a customer two hours away for 30 minutes and can’t seem to find the other appointments that you need to make. Well now there is a solution for this problem. Plan My Trip is the perfect tool for planning a sales trip based on information contained in your CRM.

PlaybookIQ logo

PlaybookIQ CRM

DISCONTINUED. PlaybookIQ offers to make CRM implementation and usage simple and pleasurable. This application comes fully loaded with customer and sales management features and requires no complicated installations on your (client) side. The solution is available through the SaaS model (aka Hosted / Online / Web based / Cloud) , and is hosted on a secure location.

Picnic CRM

DISCONTINUED Picnic CRM is an excellent contact organizer. It is an excellent way of keeping all your notes together and keeping tabs on what you need to do and what you have done with those contacts.

polaris packrat

Polaris PackRat

DISCONTINUED. Polaris PackRat who released their network version for Windows that was such a disaster they had to recall the product ala Firestone

CRM Logo

Sales Opportunity Tracker

DISCONTINUED. With the passing of Jeff Mayer, we are not sure if this product is still shipping. We will update on confirmation.

Salespush logo


DISCONTINUED. 100% free CRM with no restrictions on number of users and data size. Good for managing your sales and marketing processes. PLEASE NOTE: SALESPUSH IS NOW DEFUNCT.
SellWin logo


DISCONTINUED.  SellWin was developed by Open App Inc., a startup company located in Texas, USA, that provides software services for customers needing professional services centered around the SellWin product. As of 2005-03-30 05:45, this project is no longer under active development.

Surado logo

Surado CRM

DISCONTINUED. Once was an established CRM company, but now they are no longer.

SW Proposal Portal Review - SWPP

DISCONTINUED.  SW Proposal Portal is useful for anyone working in the IT industry. The system offers project proposal templates with predefined steps to be completed one at a time

Tactile CRM

DISCONTINUED Tactile CRM is a robust, easy to use, cost effective, web based contact and sales management system. It’s a great tool for managing and monitoring your sales pipeline, clients, activities, meetings, notes and emails. It facilitates easier collaboration and sharing of information amongst team members by maintaining all your important data in one place.

Tariva logo

Tariva CRM

DISCONTINUED A web-based Quotation and Customer Management CRM System designed specifically for the Cable and Wire Manufacturing companies.

TCM4000 + Workflow System

DISCONTINUED TCM is an application that defies definition except to say that it is The Ultimate Database, the Definitive Advanced Management System. It doesn’t fall precisely into any one category because it transcends categories and herein lies its strength.


DISCONTINUED TeamLab CRM is a modern, simple and convenient customer relationship management tool which helps small and medium business improve customer interactions, reduce the company costs and increase the profitability.


UCAP - Up Close & Personal

DISCONTINUED. Personal and Company attributes, notes, purchases and interactions with your company with reporting systems to automate letters, faxing and email correspondence. Additional modules present sales, quoting, campaign, training, tech support, data mining, reporting, product and recurrency services.



DISCONTINUED. YIO was an established contact Manager designed specifically for Insurance Professionals.

Zimp CRM

Zimp CRM

DISCONTINUED. Zimp CRM is a user friendly CRM software exclusively developed for Builders. It automates and simplifies all the functions in Marketing, Sales, Customer Care and Customer Accounts.It’s a simple and cost effective tool to systematically manage operations from media planning, marketing campaigns, lead generation, lead follow up, lead closing, availability management, sales approval management, payment schedule creation, payment follow up, payment collection, collection planning, tax calculations, due letter generation, due management, aging analysis of due amount, statutory charges etc. Reports can be generated on each level.