CRMs for the Beauty and Wellness Industry

The beauty industry is booming and every brand wants a piece of the action. Whether you operate a small boutique or a large global retailer, it’s important that you have the right tools to scale your business. One way to do this is through using an online customer management system or CRM. These programs help you keep track of your customers, communicate with them regularly, and analyze data to identify new opportunities. There are many programs available in the CRM segment, but we’ve narrowed them down to the best so you can get started quickly. Read on to learn more about each program and whether it’s right for you.

As the owner of a beauty salon, you need a CRM software solution that can help you manage your customer interactions, appointments, and inventory. Here are some important features to look for when selecting a CRM for your beauty salon:

Appointment scheduling:
A good CRM solution for a beauty salon should provide robust appointment scheduling features that allow you to manage your customers' bookings and staff schedules. Look for a solution that allows customers to book online, sends automated reminders, and allows staff to easily view and manage their schedules.

Customer management:
Look for a CRM solution that provides robust customer management features that allow you to store and organize customer information, including their name, contact details, and any notes or preferences related to their treatments or services. A good CRM solution should also allow you to track customer purchase history and provide insights into customer behavior.

Inventory management:
A CRM solution for a beauty salon should allow you to manage your inventory of products, supplies, and equipment. Look for a solution that provides real-time inventory tracking and alerts you when supplies are running low. You may also want a CRM solution that allows you to manage vendor relationships and automate the ordering process.

Marketing automation:
Look for a CRM solution that provides marketing automation features, including email marketing and SMS marketing. This can help you stay in touch with customers and promote your services and specials. Look for a solution that allows you to segment your customer list and send targeted messages based on customer preferences and purchase history.

Reporting and analytics:
A good CRM solution for a beauty salon should provide reporting and analytics features that allow you to track your performance and identify areas for improvement. Look for a solution that provides customizable reports and dashboards that can help you monitor your revenue, track customer behavior, and measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Staff management:
Look for a CRM solution that allows you to manage your staff, including their schedules, commissions, and payroll. A good CRM solution should also allow staff to easily track their performance and see their upcoming appointments.

Mobile accessibility:
As the owner of a beauty salon, you may need to access your CRM solution while on the go. Look for a solution that provides mobile accessibility, including a mobile app, that allows you to manage your contacts, appointments, and inventory from anywhere.

Integration with other software:
To streamline your workflow, look for a CRM solution that integrates with other software solutions you use, such as accounting software, email marketing platforms, and appointment booking platforms.

As the owner of a beauty salon, you deal with sensitive customer information, and it is important to choose a CRM solution that provides robust security features, including data encryption, user authentication, and backup and disaster recovery options.

In summary, when selecting a CRM solution for your beauty salon, look for a solution that provides robust appointment scheduling, customer management, inventory management, marketing automation, reporting and analytics, staff management, mobile accessibility, integration with other software, security, and other features that can help you stay organized and efficient. By selecting a CRM solution that meets these criteria, you can improve your customer experience, better manage your inventory, and increase your revenue.


4.7 is a highly suitable project management tool for the beauty/beauty salon industry due to its customizable workflows, task assignments, and real-time collaboration features. It streamlines scheduling, inventory management, client appointments, and team coordination, ensuring efficient and organized operations for beauty salons.

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Less Annoying CRM


Less Annoying CRM is a fitting choice for the beauty/beauty salon industry with its simple, user-friendly interface and essential CRM features. It offers contact management, appointment scheduling, and task tracking, helping beauty salons efficiently manage client relationships and appointments in a hassle-free manner.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule CRM is an ideal choice for the beauty/beauty salon industry, offering robust contact management, opportunity tracking, and task automation features. Its intuitive interface and customizable pipelines streamline client management, appointment scheduling, and sales tracking, making it a perfect fit for beauty salons.

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EngageBay can be a suitable customer relationship management (CRM) software for the beauty industry due to its various features that cater to the industry’s specific needs. For instance, EngageBay provides robust email marketing and automation tools that can help beauty businesses create personalized campaigns for their customers, such as sending promotional offers, tips, and tutorials on skincare routines, makeup tips, and more. Additionally, EngageBay’s contact management system allows beauty businesses to keep track of their customer’s purchase history, preferences, and contact information, helping them personalize their marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement. Moreover, EngageBay’s lead management and scoring tools help beauty businesses to identify potential customers and prioritize their follow-ups. EngageBay also integrates with various third-party applications such as social media platforms, website builders, and payment gateways, making it easier for beauty businesses to streamline their operations. Overall, EngageBay’s features make it a suitable CRM software for beauty businesses looking to improve customer engagement, retention, and sales.

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Salonist Software

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, Salonist stands as a cloud-based salon management platform designed to streamline daily business activities for salon proprietors. Central to its functionality are features like staff oversight, appointment organization, and client data maintenance. Moreover, Salonist aids users with timely notifications concerning pending payments, membership renewals, and significant dates such as client birthdays and anniversaries. Pricing starts at $25 per user per month, with the flexibility to effortlessly incorporate additional team members at $10.00 per staff member monthly, plus applicable taxes. There are no additional charges for accommodating more than 14 staffers.

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