Best CRMs for Freelancers

What is CRM and, as a freelancer or small business, do you even need it? CRM is a big umbrella term that covers your business relationships with your clients, all the information associated with them, and the way you manage those relationships and their surrounding data. Your freelance business is as individual as you are, and to get the most out of a CRM you have to be motivated to use it. Choose something that feels comfortable to you, no matter what ‘experts’ have to say on the matter.

Bigin by Zoho CRM


Bigin really understands the challenges faced by freelancers and individuals working alone. Their choices often seem to be nothing but over priced CRMS with features they will possibly never use. Bigin offers a pipeline-centric CRM solution focused exclusively on small and micro businesses.  This CRM is an ideal fit for freelancers and individuals who want to manage their personal business pipelines online and get rid of spreadsheets..

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ConvergeHub CRM


ConvergeHub is an end-to-end CRM for freelancers. It enables freelancers to engage the ROI, email campaigns, and close deals to tailor the sales process. Track your company’s goods and services. Freelancer CRM combines sales, marketing, and service to help businesses win customers and boost sales. The software is feature rich, integrates with QuickBooks and Zapier and is affordable. A free trial is offered.

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Suitable for businesses of any size, and known as a powerful messenger based CRM, amoCRM is recommended for freelancers. amoCRM realizes that no freelancer will make forward strides without the tools they feel comfortable using. This CRM makes it possible for your to connect your tools to your unified inbox in just a couple of steps. In addition to instant messengers, amoCRM integrates email services, and more.

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Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is a lightweight application with essential contact management features, custom fields, email tracking, internal collaborative notes, basic sales pipeline reports, and which is extendable through useful integrations for the business side of freelancing (accounting, email marketing, website contact-to-CRM). Capsule CRM offers good value and is suitable for small and medium sized business by putting so much functionality into their CRM

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As a freelancer, solo-entrepreneur or owner of a very small business you have to keep your focus on what matters most to you. Most tools just list work; actual management is done outside these tools. You need to focus on the big picture. focuses on processes, which is what management and operations are really all about.

When you shift your mindset to focus on processes rather than tasks, your sense of control and productivity will skyrocket.

And clients will be queuing up to re-hire you.

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As former freelancers themselves, the ConvertKit team is well-versed in seeking out creativity and inspiration. When you don’t have co-workers or a director to brainstorm ideas with or give you feedback, you can end up in a vacuum of your own ideas. Missing those opportunities for growth and collaboration could leave you fighting mental roadblocks that make you doubt your ability to deliver your best work. See how Convertkit can help.

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RapidFunnel is an affordable and effective way to inspire your team to generate an endless supply of qualified leads, while systematically initiating ongoing conversations with your prospects about the products and services they need from you. RapidFunnel is a simple, easy to implement app that allows your team to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns, or personalized resources, with your target customers with the tap of a button on their smart phone.

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Freelancers use Solo’s software to give them a competitive edge while ensuring freelance projects run smoothly. Solo will also have a transformative effect on a freelancer’s workflow. Repetative monthly or weekly tasks, such as invoicing, can be taken care of with the click of button giving the freelancer the time to be creative and concentrate on clients. Solo is an all in one solution and productivity app. Pricing starts at $19 per month. A 14 day free trial is offered.

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Funnel CRM

As a freelancer, your skills are your jobs but your business is people. This demands a set of skills that are beyond what’s needed for your next gig. A CRM for freelancers can help you with activities that are key to the success of your freelance practice such as contact management, lead nurturing, pipeline management, customer interactions, data automation and much more.

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17 Hats

17hats aims to make the Freelancers life easier by eliminating the chaos and bringing order and organisation to their day to day business dealings. A standardized way of working is possible with 17hats  allowing users to become professional, efficient, and consistent. 17hats aims to assist users so that existing clients are retained and new clients never slip through the cracks. Repetitive tasks are also automated.  A 30 day free trial is available. For a complete breakdown of the pricing for 17hats please visit their website.

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Azor CRM

Project / Workflow software for creative agencies: Manage all your projects, processes and customers for all employees in one solution. Azor is a central point for all information related to your projects. Get direct insight into project information such as budget, profitability, budgeting, involved participants, activities and costs. For a full breakdown of the pricing plans visit the website. A free trial is available

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Dubsado, a Client Management system designed for creative entrepreneurs from photographers to web designers is a feature rich system. Covering everything from contract management, invoicing and brand promotion, it assists users to cover all things business in one system while doing away with complicated paper trails. Dubsado allows users to automate their client processes easily, striving to make it possible for creative freelances to focus on their business. Support and assistance by phone or through webinars is also available to users. Pricing starts  at $35 per month. Free trials are offered with all the plans.

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Insightly was designed as a simple to use yet powerful CRM with integrations to Google Apps, Office 365, MailChimp and other free productivity tools such as Evernote and major social media sites. Insightly offers mobile apps for tablets and smart phones and easy access to a REST API for custom integration. Even if the user has only a handful of clients it can still be a valuable keeping track of communications with each one, while monitoring potential leads which is crucial for building the business. Insightly is a flexible CRM platform that allows the management of up to 2,500 contacts for free. Pricing starts at $12 per month per user with a 14 day free trial.

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Ninjodo is a simple CRM designed for Solopreneurs, Startups and SMBs, that helps businesses to increase their sales and conversions by empowering the relations with leads and clients. Ninjodo also offers a combination of email, tasks, CRM, sales pipeline & workflows. This feature rich system allows you to create highly effective marketing campaigns and track your entire pipeline in order to identify the number of sales for each campaign, analyzing monthly performance stats. The pricing plans are formulated to try and accommodate businesses of all sizes. Please visit the website for a full breakdown of these plants. A free trial is offered.

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Plutio is a project management tool that also doubles as a personal CRM. Designed for freelancers, Plutio provides the user with tools making productivity and collaboration through multiple apps unnecessary. Current apps can be connected with a click of a button and everything you need is in one place giving you access to valuable data quickly. Every aspect is re-envisioned and easily customizable to adapt to your way of working. A free trial is available.

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Trello is similar to a digital noticeboard for pretty much whatever the user wants. Collect and collate ideas, set tasks, or use it as a functioning project management tool. It is based on the Kanban approach to development with the emphasis on lightweight visual process management, using a series of flexible ‘cards’ where due dates, notes, images and files can be added. Trello will never overwhelm users with features they won’t use. For those who want more out of their boards, there are Power-Ups like calendar, card aging, and voting, that can be turned on. It’s a way to offer more without cluttering things.

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