CRMs for Recruiting & Staffing

Why would the Recruiting and Staffing industry need a CRM Solution? A strong CRM system can be a powerful tool if used to its full potential, impacting every department in an organisation. The system can be a one-stop shop for managing customer activities and keeping a pulse on clients. In today’s competitive recruiting environment, a feature rich CRM software system is no longer a luxury to have, but a necessity. It’s about much more than just keeping records of client interactions.

Really Simple Systems


Really Simple Systems is a good choice for businesses in the …

Really Simple Systems is a good choice for businesses in the Recruiting industry as it offers a comprehensive CRM system that can streamline the recruitment process. Its customizable pipelines and reporting tools enable businesses to manage contacts, track opportunities, and automate workflows. Its integration with popular apps like LinkedIn and Zapier also provides flexibility and efficiency for recruiters.

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4.6 is a suitable CRM for the Recruiting industry due to its … is a suitable CRM for the Recruiting industry due to its customizable workflows that can be tailored to fit specific recruitment processes. Its applicant tracking system enables recruiters to manage resumes, schedule interviews, and collaborate with hiring managers. Its integration with popular apps like LinkedIn and Gmail also makes it a powerful tool for sourcing and engaging with candidates.

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OnepageCRM is a highly recommended CRM for businesses …

OnepageCRM is a highly recommended CRM for businesses in the Recruiting industry as it offers a simple and easy-to-use system that focuses on lead and deal management. Its intuitive interface and mobile app make it easy to manage contacts and opportunities on-the-go. Its integration with popular apps like LinkedIn and Gmail also provides valuable insights and efficient communication channels for recruiters.

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Bigin by Zono CRM


Bigin by Zoho CRM is an excellent choice for the recruiting industry due …

Bigin by Zoho CRM is an excellent choice for the recruiting industry due to its tailored features and user-friendly design. With a focus on simplicity, it streamlines the recruitment process, making it a valuable asset for both small agencies and larger firms. Its intuitive interface simplifies candidate and job management, ensuring recruiters can effortlessly track leads, contacts, and opportunities. The software offers customization options, enabling recruiters to adapt it to their unique workflow. Furthermore, Bigin integrates seamlessly with other Zoho applications, allowing for efficient data sharing and analysis. In summary, Bigin by Zoho CRM’s adaptability, ease of use, and integration capabilities make it a powerful tool for enhancing productivity in the recruiting industry.

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LiveAgent stands as the quintessential choice for the HR and  …

LiveAgent stands as the quintessential choice for the HR and Recruitment industry, revolutionizing the way organizations manage talent acquisition and HR services. With LiveAgent, you can streamline and enhance your recruitment processes by utilizing automation workflows, ensuring that you find the best-fit candidates quickly and efficiently. This allows HR professionals to focus on what truly matters—building lasting relationships with employees and candidates. LiveAgent’s versatility and robust features enable a personalized approach to HR and recruitment, transforming it into a highly efficient and people-centric operation. It is the go-to solution for HR professionals and recruitment agencies aiming to optimize their processes and strengthen their connections with potential hires.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule CRM stands out as the perfect fit for recruitment agencies  …

Capsule CRM stands out as the perfect fit for recruitment agencies seeking to elevate their operations in the competitive talent landscape. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored specifically to the needs of the industry, enabling agencies to nurture both client and business relationships effectively. With Capsule, agencies can streamline critical processes such as candidate sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding, thus maximizing efficiency and productivity.

One of Capsule’s standout features is its integrated Project Management functionality, empowering agencies to deliver work consistently and with greater transparency. This feature enhances visibility and collaboration across teams, ensuring everyone is aligned and aware of project statuses at a glance. Capsule’s intuitive interface ensures that tasks are managed effortlessly, minimizing the risk of oversight and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Capsule’s customization options allow agencies to tailor the platform to their unique needs and workflows. Whether it’s customizing pipelines to reflect specific conversion stages or incorporating bespoke fields to capture essential data, Capsule ensures that agencies can adapt the system to match their operational requirements seamlessly. Furthermore, the ability to apply branding elements ensures a cohesive and familiar experience for employees, fostering a sense of belonging and alignment with the agency’s identity.

Capsule CRM emerges as the ideal solution for recruitment agencies aiming to stay ahead in the talent market. Its robust features, including Project Management integration and extensive customization capabilities, empower agencies to optimize their processes, strengthen client relationships, and capitalize on new business opportunities.

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Avature is an enterprise SaaS platform for Global Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, and a provider of CRM for recruiting. Avature brings commercial internet technology and innovation to recruiting while providing users with software that allows them to build and manage scalable programs. Pricing starts at $225 per month per user.

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At the SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2021, Oorwin emerged as the Winner for Fastest Implementation.

Oorwin empowers recruiters to close job positions faster and better through smart process automation and natural recruitment intelligence. This is a cloud based integrated HR management, talent management, and CRM suite powered and enabled with AI technology, incorporating core capabilities from multiple systems to help businesses and organizations speed up and streamline their HR processes. Oorwin is available in two editions: OorwinHIRE and OorwinHR..Pricing starts at $14 per month.

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Manatal is the next generation of recruitment software, built with the latest technologies and designed to streamline recruitment processes from sourcing to onboarding and beyond. Hire faster and funnel your recruitment channels into an intuitive platform. Leverage the social media enrichment and AI features, remote-manage your team, improve collaboration, access a full reporting suite, compliance tools and more. Transform the way you recruit with Manatal’s ultimate cloud-based hiring tool.

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Entire Recruit

Entire Recruit is cloud based all-in-one recruitment software designed to solve the typical problem Australian staffing and labour hire agencies face. It handles all the main components of Applications, Recruitment, Onboarding, Scheduling, CRM, Payroll, Invoicing and Capturing Availability & Timesheets with the mobile apps.

The Entire Recruit mobile apps give your workforce, clients and internal staff instant availability updates, real-time visibility and accurate answers for any question.

Entire Recruit helps workforce management and labour hire companies reduce manual inputs and repetitive data entry by over 75%! That frees up your staff to focus on higher value tasks that grow your business and bottom line.

Entire Recruit automates many of your old and time-consuming processes, allowing you to access real-time information, move faster, make fewer mistakes and expand capacity without increasing staff. Entire Recruit also gives you the power to set your own custom EBA & award interpreter to best meet your client’s and worker’s needs.

It includes over a hundred inbuilt automations including, candidate portals, shift scheduling, digital infection control, outlook email integration, CV parsing, reference checking, contact tracking, SMS and push notifications and more.

Schedule a free demo with their industry experts.

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Conrep Professional Services Automation software is an On Demand, integrated front and back office solution with an adaptable business architecture and far-reaching functionality, meeting the demanding needs of today’s organizations. Conrep can improve many aspects of business: workflow, tracking and controlling. This easily implementable web-based solution increases organizational efficiency, maximizes resource utilization, facilitates team collaboration andfosters individual responsibility and productivity. Conrep enables you to update your business data in minutes. Pricing starts at $40 per user per month. For an in-depth breakdown of the pricing please visit their website.

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ActionHRM’s Recruiting module gives you all the tools you need to manage the recruitment process from job posting through on-boarding. You can receive applications sent via mail and phone, as well as from Web sites. You can also initiate and store the results of background checks, and schedule interviews with the online calendar. The solution also supports applicant banding, letting you compile applicant data with notes, and information about a candidate’s suitability for the job. They have three main product packages – Core HR, Extended HR and Enterprise, but they can also provide a tailored function set to meet specific needs and budgets.

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AkkenCloud™ is a staffing efficiency improvement program aimed at recruiting companies to improve efficiency, placements and customer retentions. This is a 100% cloud based, multi-tenant software platform for recruiting companies, with integrated front office, back office and intra office including social media.  AkkenCloud™ provides mobility to access and work from anywhere on any device.

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Arithon is an innovative recruitment software solutions,designed to facilitate the needs of the modern day recruiting professional, allowing them to find more candidates in less time while maximising their staff output. This recruitment software was designed to drive growth to your business, increase job orders, reduce time-to-fill, and make up to 50% more placements. Arithon’s mission is to make recruiters better worldwide through improving and innovating the technology they have to work with.

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Avionte is a recruiting and staffing solution offering integration and support between front office, back office and web portals to enable staff to access real-time data. The solution can only be deployed in the cloud, and is suitable for staffing and recruiting companies of all sizes. Avionte helps gather and sort data about clients and employees, covering general requirements and work-specific details. The solution provides performance metrics on branch operations, corporate profitability, sales and service.

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BirdDog provides recruitment and applicant tracking solutions including candidate sourcing and screening, recruitment management, and reporting for compliance. BirdDog is also delivering easy-to-use recruiting software and services. The cloud-based solution drives candidate flow shortens time to hire, centralizes communication, and reduces the cost of recruiting. BirdDog’s clients span industries with an emphasis on construction, engineering and supply.

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Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn, headquartered in Boston, USA, has for 14 years been creating software and services that help recruiters. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system, recruiting CRM, and social recruiting products serve more than 10,000 clients. Bullhorn’s core solutions include Applicant Tracking & Customer Relationship Management System (ATS & CRM), Bullhorn Reach, The Bullhorn Marketplace and Bullhorn Back Office.

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Herefish has joined the Bullhorn Family. Bullhorn Acquired Herefish to help accelerateautomation of Staffing Processes in January 2020

Herefish, was founded in 2014 and is based in the United Stats. This is a feature rich recruitment marketing platform built specifically for professional recruiting agencies to improve candidate engagement and drive more sales. A unique feature of Herefish is that it promotes the nurturing of candidates creating a better  candidate pool for users. In addition to email and text sequences, Herefish can add notes, add tasks and update candidate profiles, automatically and directly in your ATS. A free demo is available.

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JobDiva is an Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, serving global staffing professionals. JobDiva combines a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, automated 24/7 resume harvesting, a Mobile App and a large resume database. JobDiva’s network of solutions is made available to all JobDiva clients. These include resume aggregation, intelligent candidate-to-job matching, recruitment lifecycle upkeep, email marketing technology, BI reporting, automated communication tracking and more. 24/7 technical support and training come complimentary with JobDiva. A free demo is available.

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Jobvite, headquartered in San Mateo, has focused exclusively on recruiting software since 2006. This comprehensive and analytics-driven recruiting platform accelerates recruiting with a Candidate CRM tool, an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS), social recruiting capabilities, mobile-optimized branded career sites, a recruiting branding solution, on-demand video screening, advanced analytics, on boarding, and seamless integration with other HR systems

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Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a human resource management solution that focuses on changing the working dynamics of the HR department for higher productivity. It comes with a wide range of valuable features like automated chatbot, mobility, customizable modules, interactive dashboards, instant report generation, real-time updates, and more. Based on the cloud version, Pocket HRMS is the perfect fit for the HR management across businesses of all sizes. This HR management software has mobile applications and self-service portals that help the users to enter essential employee data, apply for leave and download payslips. It allows the employees to access payroll related information and other personal details on-the-go. The software also provides an option to chat with friendly HRMS bot for addressing all HR-related queries. Employees can view their leave balance, holiday list or any other records anytime anywhere.

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TriSys Business Software is recruitment agency software, providing an extensive array of relevant functionality for recruitment agencies seeking to attract better talent and convert more placements, in less time and at lower cost. A fully automated recruitment agency desktop software solution available both on-premise and as a cloud service and optionally delivered as a cloud desktop/virtual office (Windows and MAC). TriSys is easy to implement, learn and use, saves you time and money on a daily basis, improves your placement ratios, increases client and candidate satisfaction and reduces your overheads in all areas. A free trial is available.

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TeamWave is an integrated suite of business applications for small & medium-sized companies. Applications include CRM, Project Management & Contact Management.
TeamWave for Android puts all your deals, projects, activities and tasks at your fingertips and keeps you on top of things. This software is suitable for the HR and the Recruiting and Staffing industries.

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Workable, a web based system available on desktop or mobile, is a standalone applicant tracking system that helps users find and hire the right people. The program replaces email and spreadsheets with a simple way of advertising jobs, receiving applications, filtering them and setting up interviews. Workable allows users to keep track of possible hires and important data. With no data entry required, the system automatically compiles applicants’ resumes and social media accounts and presents them in applicant profiles. Email notifications are also sent whenever users receive new applicants, so each potential hire falls within the pipeline.

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