CRMs for Travel & Tourism

Why would someone in the Travel & Tourism Industry need a CRM? Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world and contributes a significant share to a country’s revenue. Travelers are more aware of their choices, are more price-sensitive and expect a more enhanced travel experience than before. The tour operators and travel agents are gearing up to meet this challenge and are involved in a cut-throat competition to provide better and more personalized service to effectively manage client expectations. An industry specific CRM system has become very important to help those in this industry meet these challenges.



Technology does not get better than this! TutterflyCRM delivers the value, functionality and convenience in its category. TutterflyCRM is a combination of the best practices of the CRM industry for  the travel business. It integrates effective features and customizes them for travel sales.This list of essential features guarantees a reduced workload and increased efficiency for better overall productivity. Get TutterflyCRM now and grow your business like never before! A free trial is offered with pricing starting at $18 a month.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule provides an easy to use travel CRM solution that will help you offer exceptional sales and customer experience from enquiry right through to post-trip, Have all you customers information at your fingertips. Know their preferred locations and favorite hotels, making it easier for you to help them choose their next holiday. Provide exceptional, personalized customer experiences that keep people coming back to you for all their holiday needs and create positive word of mouth.

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Really Simple Systems


An affordable, turnkey solution to manage your relationships, track sales and collaborate with your team. Success in the tourism sector depends on strong relationships with both host communities and stakeholders. Maintaining those relationships whilst maximising the commercial opportunities requires a skilful balance. Really Simple Systems CRM can help; providing an affordable, turnkey solution to manage your relationships, track sales and collaborate with your team.

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TutterflyCRM is a travel industry CRM meant for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers both fundamental and advanced features to travel agencies at all levels. TutterflyCRM is a business software solution that builds on the best CRMs in the market. It enhances and customizes features for the travel industry. This makes B2B and B2C account management, lead generation and opportunity development integral. Effective contact management allows fast business processing and growth prospects. Get your travel agency TutterflyCRM, the best business sales software for success! A free trial is available.

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Dolphin CRM – Dolphin Dynamics

Dolphin CRM by Dolphin Dynamics is a travel software specialist that develops a suite of products encompassing CRM, reservations, back office plus B2C and B2B booking engines for travel agents and tour operators. Dolphin CRM is a contact management application. It can manage contacts, and features a calendar, a message centre, and customizable help screens. This system makes it easy to communicate with customers and get to know their unique travel needs. It will also make business processes run more smoothly leading to more sales and higher profits. With Dolphin CRM users can create detailed customer profiles, easily manage enquiries and quotes, produce visually compelling documents, and create mailing lists for targeted marketing campaigns.

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Emerald – ISO Travel Solutions

With Emerald, ISO has developed a CRM system tailored specifically to the needs of the tourism market. Emerald supports the entire process of the tourism value chain — from initial travel advisories to follow-up to the customer getting back for arranging the next trip. In its current version, 2.1, Emerald uses the latest Java software development technologies and is based on the ISO Dynamic Travel Components (DTC) strategy. Emerald allows access to all customer-relevant data in a single database and to integrate the CRM system with IT environments to exchange data with other systems.

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Guestfolio - Guest Management Solution

Guestfolio Guest Management Solution enables companies in the travel industry to engage, gain insight and retain guests throughout the travel cycle. From confirmation letters to the mobile concierge platform to post-stay electronic surveys and newsletters, Guestfolio provides a  solution for guest engagement. By increasing efficiency, Guestfolio helps reduce expenditures and drive incremental revenue.  Providing insight into guest behaviour, demographics and feedback, Guestfolio helps make business decisions and increase guest satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

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Holistic – Inspiretec

Holistic, by Inspiretec, is a software system, which allows tour operators and travel agents to create a dynamic single view of the customer across all channels such as web, email, reservations and call centres. Combined with their recommendation engine at the core, they provide client insights and intelligence. This helps you by providing a deeper, more personalised understanding of customers. The CRM software handles both anonymous and named clients, as well as direct vs agency records. Holistic combines three core areas of functionality: Central client record, web tracking and personalisation.

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Kapito Travel

Kaptio, a feature rich booking system, places customer experience at the heart of the travel economy. Powered by the Salesforce Platform, it frees travel companies from their legacy systems – equipping them to embrace new ways of working, transform the customer experience and deliver operational efficiencies. Kaptio Travel also helps travel agencies, hotels, tour operators and conference centers to work smarter, faster and more accuratly, with all crucial information readily available at their fingertips and with full automation of tedious business processes.

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nsTravel - NetSemantics

nsTravel by NetSemantics was founded with the aim to provide business software solutions and high quality consulting services for the Travel and Tourism industry. Using technology, they created and continuously develop and evolve innovative and comprehensive business software products. nsTravel understands the competitiveness of the Travel and Tourism industry. They provide business software solutions for travel agents, tour operators, OTAs, travel marketing organisations and bus companies. Pricing is a once off payment of $2,000.00. A free demo is available.

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Founded in 1991 and based in Arizona, Simpleview’s guiding vision is to be the standard for integrated destination marketing solutions built on experienced leadership and meaningful relationships. Simpleview CMS is a website management system built for destination marketing. They created the system specifically for travel and tourism – advised by DMO professionals and based on the way DMOs work – to impove destination sales, marketing and reporting. As a result, Simpleview CRM enables shorter response times, higher productivity, enhanced partner and customer relations, lower operational costs and increased sales and visits. A free demo is available.

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Travel Control - Softex Software

This Travel Control suite of Cloud systems was developed specifically for Tour operators, travel agencies and other travel services provider businesses. The software allows the user to create and manage travel products  and sell tourism products via Internet or mobile phones (B2C) .Automatic mark-up calculations can be set up and price lists created for each group or each single account of customers based on their volume, importance and sales history. This would include hotels, flights, transfers, Visa services, airport services, tours and excursions.

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TravelOffice - Merang

Simplify your your agency accounting with TravelOffice by Merang. This is an online invoicing and accounting service that helps travel companies, travel agencies, tour operators etc., save time and manage their business effectively. TravelOffice is a web-based software designed for travel companies that can track and manage invoices, sales and commissions in real-time, and store customer profiles.  A 30 day free trial is offered along with different pricing plans which range in price from $19.95 per month to $179.95 per month.

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