Best CRMs for the Media & Entertainment Industries

How CRM implementation can assist the Media & Entertainment Industries. CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. Media companies operate in a highly volatile and competitive market that has seen substantial changes in the past few years. The latest CRM systems can help media and entertainment employees unlock the secrets of customer communication and relationships, can take profitability of the company to a higher and more longstanding level that facilitates the entire business process.

KORE MediaPitch


Kore MediaPitch provides unparalleled sales and inventory management software for the entire media & entertainment industry that tracks everything. Pricing plans and a free demo are available on application.

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Daylite is a CRM designed for small businesses on Macs, iPhone & iPads.  Daylite helps teams keep track of communication and details with clients, manage follow-ups, prioritize and track deals, as well as manage projects and tasks – all in one place.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule does an amazing job of putting so much functionality into such an inexpensive, simple relationship management tool. As a CRM for smaller businesses, not seeking all the bells and whistles, Capsule is an ideal solution.

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KORE MediaPitch

KORE MediaPitch is a software that assists organizations in the Media & Entertainment industry. It is an extended CRM Software useful for businesses involved in vending media for radio, television, digital signage, print publications, e-publications, online advertising and events. It helps achieve maximum performance by giving increased flexibility. Pricing plans and a free demo are available on application.

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Bhea Technologies Pte Ltd

With over a decade’s experience in CRM implementation using the SugarCRM framework, Bhea has developed vertical solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry. The media and entertainment industry is a medium of advertisement for many companies making it necessary for them to have a CRM that will bring the speed and structure, which is required for the changing media industry landscape, together with efficient and accurate sales operations. Bhea has implemented CRM for the Media and Entertainment Industry by aligning sales with operations.

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CRM systems can help media and entertainment employees unlock the secrets of customer communication and relationships taking the profitability of the company to a level that facilitates the entire business process. Elinext’s CRM solution can help sales representatives and managers be on the same page in relation to both client and company needs. With the implementation of CRM in a business, users have  the ability to boost revenues across publications, better define target audiences, increase circulation and retention rates and automatically contact all regulars who meet certain criteria, analyze costs per campaign and per order and more.

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eZnet CRM

eZnet CRM, a cloud based CRM for the Media and Entertainment Industry, has developed a software that permits the converging of an organization’s data for better supervision. This CRM increases profitability and ensures effective communication avenue maintenance. Entertainment organisations within the media realm also have to be aware of customer trends. A CRM for entertainment and media companies makes it possible for them to direct traffic and observe movement based on what consumers actually value. eZnet makes it possible for productivity to rise and the level of engagement, both internally and externally, to become a tangible record that can be monitored and appreciated.

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Matrix Monarch – Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions offers Matrix Monarch, a forward thinking platform that provides one window into your entire media sales organization. This includes analytics, sales intelligence, media specific CRM and sales tools. Matrix Monarch was built to your media specific needs.Matrix Monarch brings a new suite of tools and functionality to the modern media sales team. Every feature is crafted to help you and your team manage your media sales workflow efficiently.

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SwiftCMS - Conversant

Conversant focuses on developing digital media enablement solutions and services for telecommunication service providers, content providers, media broadcasters and enterprises. Conversant is led by a team of entrepreneurs experienced in conceptualizing, developing and promoting products for the telecommunication industry. Businesses such as traditional telecommunication networks face pressure to evolve from a voice and data centric network to one driven by video content and applications. Conversant’s Swiftserve, a SwiftMedia solution of digital media enablement cloud services, allows customers to manage these costs and create revenue streams with their network and digital assets by creating service offerings through content and subscriber awareness.

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