Additional Lawyer Client Management CRM software


Houdini, a software system for law firms, can be installed on a laptop or on a dedicated server. It provides secure web access regardless of where it is installed. With Houdini all information including documents, to-dos, notes, contacts etc. can be integrated in one place. Houdini is fully customizable and extensible. A free version is available for 1 user. Pricing then goes from $64 per user per month to $192 per user per month.

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InterAction CRM

An established lawyer Client Management CRM software solution. From the very beginning, LexisNexis® InterAction® software was designed to match the needs and workflows of professional services firms. Companies and people who market their knowledge and expertise share many of the same operating procedures, workflow methods and business concerns. InterAction is the de-facto Enterprise CRM solution for professional services.

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LawGro, a legal CRM, helps law firms build personal relationships with their clients and gain deeper insights into their needs while growing their practice. It offers a cloud and mobile based legal practice management software powered by Artificial Intelligence & driven by real time analytics. With unlimited custom fields, the users are able to add as much information as they wish to track every contact. Lawgro also allows users to get updates on all activities about a contact or matter with its audit features for higher tracability. In this way it is possible to meet deadlines and keep control of your business. Three pricing plans, starting at $34 per user per month are offered. A free trial is also available.

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Law Ruler

The business side of law practice is more competitive now than ever. With the emergence of mobile technologies, traditional client intake and lead conversion strategies just don’t work anymore. With Law Ruler, users enjoy an extensive set of features that are built based on the needs and requirements of the modern law office, mainly attracting and retaining leads from their online channels. Law Ruler has the tools and features built to help law firms address this need to be competitive in the online market. These features include highly personalized process automation with electronic signature, website lead integration, marketing analytics dashboard, automated and personalized follow-up with new leads in a matter of seconds, and more. As everything is automated, Law Ruler eliminates the need for manual data entry. This results to the reduction of human error to as much as 3 to 5%

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MyCase is a web-based legal practice management software designed for attorneys and modern law firms. The software allows efficient management of work- cases and matters. Files are available when needed and can be easily shared with the clients via the client portal. The client portal is where clients access their account. It shows Facebook-style. Successful legal professionals rely on MyCase to stay incredibly organized, easily communicate and collaborate with their clients while simultaneously managing and growing their practice. MyCase offers legal practice management in the cloud. Pricing for Paralegals/Staff starts at R29 per user per month and from $39 per user per month for Attorneys. A free trial is available.

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Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter helps law firms offer better client service and also increase revenues by more than 20%. The company was the first cloud-based legal practice management software on the market, landing its first client in 2007. It has been a leader ever since. Rocket Matter has the most powerful, easy-to-use time and billing software in the industry. Also, when law firms want to make more money, go paperless, or increase confidence in their trust accounting, Rocket Matter helps them achieve those goals. With award-winning customer service based in the United States, it’s no wonder thousands of law firms swear by Rocket Matter.

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Salesboom On Demand CRM

The web-based law practice management and legal CRM software by Salesboom assists in managing client’s cases, forms, documents, appointments, accounting, events and billing & invoicing. The high level features tailored for the legal industry include Legal Marketing Automation, Legal Document Management, Communication & Legal Consulting. Within a single platform lawyers, attorneys and other staff can manage every aspect of their day. Salesboom CRM for Law Firms is a legal software system designed to provide lawyers with the marketing, and client care tools necessary to grow business drive profits and improving client satisfaction.

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