Best CRMs for Multi-level Marketing (MLM)

Learn more about how a CRM system can assist Multi Level Marketing. MLM Software refers to a multi level marketing ( MLM )/Affiliate marketing management tool. This would allow an admin user to manage a network, its users, and compensation plan. MLM Software also provides its end users in the network the ability to see their network status, income, and manage their referrals, and payouts.


Capsule CRM


Capsule CRM is a robust and customizable customer relationship management (CRM) software that can be tailored to suit the needs of MLM businesses. Its easy-to-use interface and extensive range of features make it an ideal tool for managing leads, contacts, and sales pipelines. Capsule CRM also allows MLM businesses to track performance metrics, set up automated workflows, and integrate with other essential business tools, such as social media and email marketing platforms. Its flexibility and scalability make it an excellent choice for MLM companies of any size.

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If your CRM is suitable for this industry and you would like to see it here,  please contact us.

If your CRM is suitable for this industry and you would like to see it here,  please contact us.

Epixel MLM Software

Epixel MLM Software strives to assist every network marketing business by keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations to provide premium solutions for managing and organizing business efficiently. Epixel system is feature-rich, easy to operate, secure and stable. Integrated with business intelligence, Epixel understands the process of any direct selling business of any compensation plan or commission. Epixel software modules offer unlimited scalability that enables users to easily integrate it into their business structure and workflow and is flexible enough to grow alongside their business. The system is affordable while being able to give users the latest functionalities and tools. Free demo is available along with after-sales support.

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HomeOffice Pro

HomeOffice Pro, a Multi Level Marketing CRM System / MLM Software system is extremely customizable to any company or team leader. HomeOffice Pro has been customized to work directly with a sales funnel making it easy for a sales team to forge strong relationships that lead to recruiting strong business partners. This Network Marketing CRM Software can also be used for other applications such as Direct Sales and Downline Builder Programs which makes it a powerful Direct Marketing Software, Multi Level Marketing Software and MLM Softwarehome business systems model.

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Hybrid MLM

Hybrid MLM is a globally recognised web-based MLM software development company with advanced integrated network marketing technology that proffers solutions to all enterprise multi-level marketing needs for all types of business portfolios. They’ve been in the network marketing business for several years helping organizations set up and operate MLM systems with affordable premium MLM software and hi-tech compensation plans. Hybrid MLM is certified by the ISO for delivery of quality software solutions and provision of real-time support/consultancy services for any level of MLM business challenges. They have a team of expert software developers and business professionals that are committed to giving you software solutions with innovative features that will help your business grow profitably. For a comprehensive breakdown of their pricing plans please consult their website.

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Infinite MLM - IOSS

Infinite MLM Software by IOSS is a MLM Software Development company that specializes in offering advanced Network Marketing Software in every MLM compensation plan. Their features, along with a high degree of software efficiency, and quality of services and support are for MLM direct selling companies. Infinite MLM Software is crafted with modern techniques including PHP, CMS, Apache, jQuery and MySQL Infinite MLM Software is integrated with high features like e-pin, e-wallet, e-commerce integration and more  A free demo is offered.

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InfoTrax® Systems

InfoTrax® Systems, a global name in MLM software, is a provider of back-end operations systems and online distributor tools for the Direct Sales industry. From powerful software that integrates all mission critical operations to a suite of easy to use online independent distributor marketing, communication, and reporting tools, users get solutions that can support organizations from pre-launch start-ups to international MLM Corporations with multiple users.

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MLM Soft

MLM soft, founded in 2016, is a cloud based software solution for MLM companies that are starting up or are already established. This feature rich systems will assist you with keeping your network relationships, commission calculations and financial management running smoothly. The software was developed with the start-up company in mind and an understanding of the challenges and budget limitations a newly fledged company faces. The MLM Soft platform allows users to get their business operational quickly with zero start-up costs for the software infrastructure needed to support it. A number of pricing plans together with a free trial are offered.

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Pro MLM Software solutions is aimed at helping users start their own online business by offering easy-to-use solutions. It is endowed with a lot of capabilities that will enable users to meet sophisticate demands. This feature rich software has a variety of systems that enables it to execute tasks. It involves clients, distributors and corporate representatives among others. It offers distributors a profit making strategy to stir profits and efficacy in how they spend their finances. It enables workers to spend less time executing tasks saving time to handle other tasks. Pricing is a once off fee of $999. A detailed explanation of the pricing is available on the website.

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Simple Prospect Manager

Simple Prospect Manager is an easy to use prospect Manager or contact manager for MLM or Network marketers. You will never lose your prospect / contact list again. With Simple Prospect manager managing your prospects and helping your Downline IBO or team member to develop a list of names becomes simple. Simple Prospect Manager  has the simplest pricing structure which includes two plans –  Basic and Premium. Basic is free and the Premium $2.99. They also offer the user  a 30 day trial with a premium version to start with.

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Traktivity, a feature rich system for Multi-Level Marketing, keeps users organized so opportunities are not missed and leads don’t go cold. It also allows users to set goals and then use the Win The Day page to guide their activities. It is also possible to see the progress and history with each prospect and schedule what comes next. Follow ups can also be done in a timely manner making customer and lead management easier. Traktivity is a tool for both veterans and new business owners. A free trial is available.

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