Best CRMs for Customer Service & Help Desks

Customer Service is an integral part of any business. Good customer service will make people feel valued and important. Happy customers not only boost the image of the company they also boos productivity and profits.




LiveAgent is an ideal CRM solution for helpdesks and customer service due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. With its robust ticketing system, LiveAgent enables efficient tracking and management of customer inquiries, ensuring timely resolution and excellent service. The platform also offers multi-channel support, allowing businesses to handle customer interactions from various channels like email, chat, social media, and phone in one unified inbox. Moreover, LiveAgent offers automation features, customizability, and real-time monitoring, enabling businesses to streamline their customer service processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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If your CRM is suitable for this industry and you would like to see it here,  please contact us.

If your CRM is suitable for this industry and you would like to see it here,  please contact us.


Creatio’s intelligent full-cycle service management platform equips users with a solution that keeps all of their customer-related data in a single location and makes it easy to share that data with collaborators as needed. The platform also includes case management, AI, customer profiles, omnichannel, knowledge base, ITSM, contact center, chatbot, productivity management, and other customer services tools. There are two versions of the Creatio platform that companies can choose from based on their specific needs and budget.

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Freshworks CRM allows customers to take advantage of its sales pipeline management and built-in phone and email capabilities. The software provides access for an unlimited amount of users, unlimited contact storage, mobile application access, and many other features. Freshdesk, the customer service toolset offered by Freshworks, aims to simplify the support process. Features include agent collision detection, canned responses, team inbox, parent-child ticketing, and much more. Native email, phone, and chat capabilities make this solution a good choice for any company.

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HappyFox is a cloud based help desk software with built-in features including ticketing, asset, task and knowledge management. Create recurring tickets or use our other automation features to drastically improve support response time. Our most popular features include canned responses, bulk actions, work schedule, ticket templates, smart rules and beautiful real time reporting. HappyFox is easy to setup and offers an intuitive interface.

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Salesforce offers an expansive suite of business apps, most notably the Sales and Marketing Clouds, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT services. This vendor’s Service Cloud gives users the insight to understand their customers and streamline their workflow. Agents can utilize productivity tools like macros, keyboard shortcuts, and ready-to-use templates. During active cases, agents have access to recommended articles and optimized article search for additional information and assistance. Users can also customize and automate any service or approval process.

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