CRM Software for Manufacturers

Why would a manufacturer need a CRM system? The manufacturing industry has evolved over the last few years. A good, easy to use CRM system, which is both easy to implement and affordable, has now become vital to be able to anticipate customer needs and deliver a high quality service.
Why would a manufacturer need a CRM system? The manufacturing industry has evolved over the last few years. A good, easy to use CRM system, which is both easy to implement and affordable, has now become vital to be able to anticipate customer needs and deliver a high quality service.

As a manufacturer, you have unique requirements when it comes to selecting a CRM software to manage your manufacturing business. Here are some important features to look for:

Contact management:
A CRM solution should provide robust contact management features that allow you to store and organize contact information for your customers, suppliers, and partners. This includes the ability to store contact details, notes, and communication history.

Sales and order management:
Look for a CRM solution that offers sales and order management features, such as lead tracking, opportunity management, and sales pipeline management. These features can help you streamline your sales processes and track your orders from start to finish.

Inventory management:
As a manufacturer, you need to manage your inventory levels to ensure that you have enough raw materials and finished products to meet demand. Look for a CRM solution that offers inventory management features, including the ability to track inventory levels, set reorder points, and generate inventory reports.

Production management:
A good CRM solution for manufacturers should provide production management features, including the ability to create and manage production schedules, track work-in-progress, and generate production reports.

Quality control:
Quality control is a critical component of any manufacturing process. Look for a CRM solution that offers quality control features, including the ability to create and manage quality control checklists, track quality control metrics, and generate quality control reports.

Supplier management:
As a manufacturer, you rely on your suppliers to provide you with raw materials and other goods. Look for a CRM solution that offers supplier management features, including the ability to store and manage supplier information, track supplier performance, and generate supplier reports.

Reporting and analytics:
A good CRM solution should provide you with detailed reporting and analytics features, including customizable dashboards, real-time reporting, and data visualization tools. These features can help you track your performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

In summary, when selecting a CRM software for your manufacturing business, look for a solution that provides robust contact, sales, and order management features, inventory and production management, quality control, supplier management, and reporting and analytics. By selecting a CRM solution that meets these criteria, you can streamline your manufacturing processes and focus on delivering high-quality products to your customers.

Below are some of our most highly recommended products for those involved in the manufacturing industry.

4.0 is an ideal CRM solution for the insurance industry due to its unique approach to lead management. The platform offers a simplified and visual interface that focuses on managing leads rather than traditional contact-based CRM. This makes it ideal for insurance agents and brokers who need a streamlined and efficient system for managing their sales pipelines. allows for easy lead capturing, tracking, and nurturing, with customizable workflows and reminders to keep agents on top of their sales activities. Its flexibility, ease of use, and lead-centric approach make a suitable choice for insurance professionals looking for a modern and efficient CRM solution.

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Really Simple Systems


Really Simple Systems is an ideal CRM for the manufacturing industry due to its user-friendly interface and essential features. The platform offers simplified contact management, lead tracking, and opportunity management tools, making it easy for manufacturers to track and manage their sales activities. Additionally, Really Simple Systems provides customizable workflows and reporting, enabling manufacturers to streamline their sales processes and gain insights into their sales performance. The platform’s cloud-based architecture allows for easy access and collaboration, making it convenient for manufacturers with multiple locations or remote teams. With its simplicity, scalability, and essential features, Really Simple Systems is a suitable CRM solution for the unique needs of the manufacturing industry.

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Less Annoying CRM


Less Annoying CRM is well-suited for the manufacturing industry due to its simplicity and versatility. The platform offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for manufacturing businesses with varying levels of technical expertise. It provides essential CRM functionalities such as contact management, lead tracking, and task management, enabling manufacturers to efficiently manage their sales pipelines and customer interactions. Additionally, Less Annoying CRM’s customizable workflows and automation features allow for seamless coordination of sales activities, order tracking, and customer communication. Its affordable pricing and flexible subscription plans make it a cost-effective choice for manufacturers of all sizes.

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Eway-CRM, being the #1 CRM for Outlook, is a highly suitable CRM solution for the manufacturing industry due to its project management, customizability, and marketing automation features. The manufacturing industry requires a high level of project management and communication, and Eway-CRM offers project management tools that enable manufacturers to plan, schedule, and track their projects more effectively. With custom fields, tags, and categories, manufacturers can track specific project details unique to their industry, such as raw materials, production stages, and delivery schedules. Eway-CRM’s marketing automation features also enable manufacturers to send targeted campaigns to their customers, helping them to stay top-of-mind and drive sales. The CRM’s user-friendly interface allows manufacturers to manage their contacts, appointments, and tasks in one place, saving time and improving efficiency. Overall, Eway-CRM is a highly recommended CRM solution for the manufacturing industry, helping manufacturers to improve project management, communication, and sales and marketing processes.

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Axelor CRM

Why choose between free software or full software? Axelor CRM is an open and complete solution for Manufacturers, integrating advanced features designed to simplify your customer relationship and allow you to focus on the essentials. Let Axelor take care of repetitive tasks. The entire CRM was designed with a light, powerful and robust code. That’s why it’s so responsive, versatile and resource-efficient. Axelor CRM is equipped with a responsive interface. Whether by computer, tablet, PC, or smartphone… you can access your data at any time, from anywhere. Axelor CRM is designed entirely to allow you to focus on customer relations. The CRM integrates your prospects, your customers, your leads, and allows you to filter, segment, and track your customer pipeline. The Kanban view gives you at a glance all the business processes in progress.

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Prospect CRM

Prospect is the #1 Stock-Aware CRM for growing Wholesale, Distributor & Manufacturing businesses.

Prospect CRM is a new type of Stock-Aware CRM that’s specifically designed for businesses that sell physical products from stock B2B. Prospect CRM integrates with leading Inventory Management and Accounting systems such as Cin7, DEAR Inventory, Xero, QuickBooks and Unleashed to streamline your B2B sales processes. This enables customer-facing teams to increase sales, improve customer retention and maximise profits.

For businesses selling products B2B, retaining customers is vital to profitable, long-term success. P.A.I.G.E. (the Prospect AI Growth Engine) can even predict when a regular customer has missed an order and alert your Sales team before they churn for good, and built-in RFM Analysis means customers are segmented by purchase behaviour, so your teams can tailor their approach.

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A simple yet powerful self-service manufacturing ERP/MRP software, offering seamless management of production, stock, customers, purchases, finances, and your team. Suitable for 10 – 200 employees this is a feature rich easy to use system. MRPeasy’s passionate team is dedicated to changing the reputation that ‘MRP/ERP systems are complex, difficult to use and expensive. A robust MRP/ERP system is essential for efficient production, ybut it doesn’t have to be so complex that the costs of implementing and operating it outweigh the benefits. MRPeasy believe that an MRP system can be both powerful and affordable. There are four different pricing plan to choose from starting from 49$ and free trial for up to 30 days.

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Salesforce Essentials

This Cloud Based customer relationship management software is designed specifically for the Manufacturing industry. It provides fundamental modules like CRM, CRM & Sales Dashboards, Customer Management and more.  Salesforce Essentials makes it easy for small businesses and startups build stronger client relationships with an all-in-one sales and support solution that is easy to use, setup, and maintain. This is a Best client management software with standard cost of $25 per month. A free trial is available.

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