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Archiz Solutions - CRM Solutions for Real Estate

Nowadays, real estate companies have many projects to run together at different stages of completion. Various types of properties should be classified according to various criteria. With the help of Real Estate CRM, you can easily organize all the information in one place. Various location of information related to many lead generation streams can be arranged and organized which is available from any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. For real estate, the Archiz Solutions can increase sales and marketing processes, while increasing overall performance, as well as helping the brokers to provide their best services.

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Cratio CRM

Cratio CRM, designed for the Real Estate industry,  gives you an edge with its lead capture automation feature. The software takes care of the lead capture process, automatically collecting and placing customer information into your CRM without you getting involved with the grunt work. Cratio CRM also simplifies lead assignment, enabling you to assign, follow, and manage your sales leads with activities. For field agents, Cratio has a mobile CRM application that gives complete CRM functionality even in the field. This means easier and faster processes and more closed deals, resulting in better sales and even bigger revenue. Cratio CRM keeps you updated on any development and change in your tasks, opportunities, schedules, and more via email and SMS alerts. You can also configure the system to send instant notifications to other members of the team so they can quickly assess and act on these changes and developments as they occur. Pricing starts at $5 per user per month.

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Follow Up Boss

Connect your real estate lead providers and IDX websites direct to Follow Up Boss. Start getting results with one easy to use system. Every single lead looked after 365 days per year. Keep agents accountable and track your marketing spend. Stop trying to track your leads in multiple databases and your email inbox and start getting results quickly.

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Groove is a simple, fast and intuitive real estate CRM that helps users interact with their leads, past clients, and sphere of influence in a timely manner. Unlike other real estate CRMs Groove is more of a personal assistant that ensures users don’t drop behind on your important dealings. Groove is a fresh, progressive CRM application developed by ex-Google employees. What really separates Groove from other real estate CRMs is its ability to integrate with your email. If users fall behind the schedule, they get an email reminder. This happens without any manual input. Three pricing plans and a free trial are offered.

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