Agile CRM Overview

“Agile CRM is an amazing CRM + marketing automation system for small businesses. It’s packed with advanced features, an easy to use interface, and at a great price (hard to beat!!!). If you’re looking for a CRM solution, you’ll not find better than @agilecrm. Just simply try it”

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  • Cost-to-Completion Tracking
  • Customizable Templates
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking

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Agile CRM stands apart from the competition with its robust features for sales, marketing and service teams clubbed together into a single CRM solution, available on the cloud. It’s a powerful award-winning software solution as ‘Leader’ by G2 Crowd. Its uniqueness lies in the price it offers – it’s FREE for 10 users and charges beyond 10 with the starter plan at $8.99 per user per month.

Free Trial – Yes

Does free trial include marketing, sales and customer service features? – Yes
Ideal target industries – Real estate, Retail and eCommerce, Independent software vendors, FMCG, Manufacturing, Independent consultants
Training – Yes. Online, training workshops, in-person, onboard coaching
Marketing automation – Yes
Email marketing, Lead nurturing – Yes

Who is it for?

Agile CRM is built by keeping small and medium businesses in mind. However, it’s a good fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Any business, with varying team size from one to many employees, selling products or services to customers can make the best of Agile CRM. It includes modern features and integrations with easy implementation and great support.

The unique selling point (USP) of Agile CRM is its price and customer support. The number of features it includes, for the offered price, is more than any of its competitors. It pretty much offers every feature under the sun. Agile CRM’s customer support is incredible and almost all of its customers recommend it.

Which industries can use Agile CRM?

Businesses with simple or complex processes can use this all-in-one CRM software to manage everything from marketing to customer service and everything in between. It’s built for a combination of offline and online businesses. It typically offers solutions to small businesses in general and industries like:

Small business CRM
eCommerce or Retail (eCommerce CRM)
Independent software vendors or Saas companies (SaaS CRM)
Customer service (Call center CRM)
Real estate (Real estate CRM)
Sales development representatives (SDR CRM)
SMB CRM for sales and marketing

It offers free access for 10 users and is recommended that this be tried before opting to use the system.

How popular is it?

Agile CRM started in 2013 and since then served over 9182+ businesses which include Indeed, Fidelity bank, TNW, Uber and Basesuit to name a few. It has won accolades from Capterra and G2Crowd. It was one of the only two leaders in G2Crowd Spring 2017 rankings for the best all-in-one CRM which is based on user reviews. The grid considered customer satisfaction data reported by authenticated users along with vendor market presence determined from social and public data. And Agile CRM received a strong customer satisfaction score with a large market presence.

Along with that, Agile CRM was ranked 4th on Zapier’s 2016 list for fastest growing web apps, 4th on Economic Times 2016 list of fastest growing web apps and 4th on Business Insider 2016 list for fastest growing web apps.


Offers the best price available in CRM market
Easy to implement
Incredible customer support
One single solution for marketing, sales and customer support
All of the customer support services are available in the free version
Easy to use and extremely user-friendly interface
Highly flexible and customizable to every business need
Several integrations and plugins for third-party applications including Google Apps, Shopify, Skype, and Zendesk.
Landing page builder with visual editor integrated within the CRM software
Released a software development kit for iOS letting developers add CRM functionality to their iOS apps including management of contacts, deals, tasks and notes


Not suitable for customisation (some large businesses may need custom fields and data mapping)
Includes only Twitter in social media integrations
Third party telephony integrations include VoIP and Twilio
May not be suitable for sensitive data such as hospitals or airlines, as their encryption and server may be easy to crack.
Only available in subscription model

Agile Marketing features

Marketing automation
This feature is not included in the free plan but is available from starter plan ranging from $8.99. Agile provides a robust marketing automation solution. It’s flagship features like drag and drop designer, autoresponders, social marketing campaigns, email personalization, web engagement, auto campaign triggering, offer powerful automation.
Landing page builder
It includes free templates which are easy to edit with simple drag and drop option. It does not require any coding skills. It includes landing page templates to choose from and then lets you customize them. The interface is user-friendly and good but they can increase the number of templates.
Social suite
Social media integrations of Agile CRM provide a 360-degree view of customers but it includes only Twitter at the moment. It allows to schedule tweets and automates interactions directly from the Agile dashboard. It would be great if they add more social media platforms.
Email marketing
Agile facilitates advanced mass emailing and link personalization. It helps in assessing campaign performance with A/B testing. Email lead scoring and is good along with extensive metrics and analytics. They can enhance the email templates design which is more visually appealing.

Agile Sales features

Contact management
Agile CRM provides a 360-degree view of contacts which is missing in its counterparts. It’s highly personal contact management software which allows you to directly add contacts from social media pages like LinkedIn. Its single pane management includes contact information, communication history, social media profiles, interests, the point of engagement, lead score, related tasks, and notes. Third party email sync increases uptime guarantee.

Agile Marketing features

This is the most prominent feature of Agile CRM. It does a good job of organizing deals. It can help create multiple deal tracks with custom milestones, trigger automatic follow-ups, get real-time metrics and predict future revenue.

Drag and drop deals between milestones for sales process tracking and automation. Custom deals are used to assign it to owners by adding essential information like deal value, owner, probability, close date and track the progress. Also, there are multiple deal tracks to manage your sales pipeline effectively. Other essential features like sales forecasting, multiple views, deal filters, deal metrics magnify the feature.

This unique feature of Agile CRM increases collaboration, lead conversion, and revenue generation by gamifying your sales process. Industry-leading gamification software encourages healthy competition among sales team encouraging them to perform better and increase revenue. Features like individual performance, deals won, calls made, revenue generated – are good sales inducing factors. Custom leaderboards quickly show individual sales representative performance along with statistics in real-time.

Agile Service features

All the customer support features are included in the free plan, so if you exclusively looking at help desk software, you can go for the 10 users free plan. It includes ticketing, labels, groups, and more. It enables businesses to provide great customer service that’s more personalized and productive because of 360-degree view and social integrations. Ticketing system tracks all the web forms, emails, and social media and provides a centralized location for customer complaints.

Canned responses
Agile stacks pre-packaged replies based on the customer queries, to ensure quick responses to customer and reduce the response time.

How does it stack up against the competition?

Agile CRM Vs Salesforce

Price and timeline for setup: Salesforce is a traditional CRM. Agile CRM provides more powerful and advanced features. Marketing automation includes more robust features when compared to Salesforce. Setting up Agile is much quicker and easier.

Emailing: While both of them provide a wide range of templates, Salesforce lacks email personalization, A/B testing, and link personalization which are available in Agile.

Marketing automation: Agile stands out rock solid in this area when compared to Salesforce. Agile includes autoresponders, multi-step campaigns, drag and drop campaign workflow, drip marketing, behavior-based segmentation, automatic campaign triggering which are absent in Salesforce.

Web engagement: Engage web visitors with pop-ups from Agile. It allows to well position and uniquely time pop-ups and there is alternative to even set up well-advanced rules to engage web visitors and contacts. Salesforce does not include web engagement features.

Reports and Analytics: Salesforce lacks growth analysis and cohort analysis reports which are present in Agile. Salesforce does not provide any email open notifications and page view notifications which are important to understanding the engagement of customers. Agile provides real-time notifications which are key signals to go for hot leads.

Agile CRM Vs InfusionSoft

Price and timeline for setup: Infusionsoft offers powerful marketing automation, but it can take months of training to understand the product and use it. And its plan starts from $199 per user per month, which does not include setup fee. Whereas, Agile CRM includes zero upfront costs with no training required, and the plan starts from $9.99 per user per month.

Emailing: Infusionsoft and Agile offer robust emailing platform to their users. But Agile offers much more advanced email personalization with conditional logic. It also offers link personalization in emails. Agile offers third-party integrations for uptime guarantee whereas Infusionsoft depends on its own providers.

Sales Automation: Agile CRM offers a much simple and intuitive interface for sales automation along with better A/B testing.

Web engagement: Agile CRM offers beautiful pop-ups (personalized, form, timed) to make better website conversions. Infusionsoft does not offer any visitor engagement

Analytics and Reports: Infusionsoft offers limited email open notifications and page view notifications. Agile offers real-time notifications whenever customers open an email, clicks through links, visits websites and more. In reporting, Agile supersedes Infusionsoft in providing periodic email reports, growth analysis, and cohort analysis.


While there are few features which can be enhanced, Agile CRM has come a long way since its initial release in 2013 and has added a load of features to its solution. And in fact, it’s the best deal you can have. The number of features included in the starter plan is more than any other offerings available in the market. It’s the best bang for your buck and you could give it a try before zeroing in on CRM.

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