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"Catylist CRM | Top Real Estate CRM Company Extends Catylist Services"

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Catylist CRM | Top Real Estate CRM Company Extends Catylist Services

CHICAGO, Oct 15, 2008.

Chicago-based Catylist Inc., makers of the powerful Commercial Realty CRM solution Catylist CRM, recently introduced Catylist Consulting, a new service division aimed at enhancing the company’s suite of commercial real estate products by providing professionals with custom design and marketing consulting.

Catylist is designed to be a one-stop marketing source for commercial real estate associations, firms and professionals; the company’s solutions are engineered to increase broker and staff productivity while reducing overall marketing costs. With the addition of Catylist Consulting, Catylist offers commercial real estate professionals everything from listing search engines to fully custom property-level and corporate marketing campaigns. Catylist Consulting specializes in the creation of broker-centric marketing materials, including: property postcards, flyers and offering memorandums; corporate identity collateral; and much more.

Prime Commercial, Inc. CEO/Broker Dixie Devine said, “Catylist Consulting did a wonderful job preparing our marketing brochure. We have received so many compliments and our client absolutely loves it. They were a pleasure to work with, extremely professional, creative, timely and most importantly patient as we worked through the process. I’ve already referred several colleagues and I’m glad to have finally found a company that we can count on to get the job done right, on time and within budget.”

Catylist’s complete and integrated solutions platform includes products such as: SiteLink, which powers listings on your corporate or personal website; Catylist CRM, the most integrated and powerful customer relationship management software in the commercial real estate industry; and Cmail Marketing, an e-brochure advertising service with a database of more than 130,000 brokers and potential investors.

Founded in 2002, Catylist Real Estate Software, Inc. is a commercial real estate marketing company. Thousands of real estate brokers, investors, tenants, property managers, landlords and appraisers use Catylist CRM to market and search commercial real estate. Catylist is the leading provider of Commercial Information Exchanges (CIE) solutions for real estate communities, developed and operates Commercial IQ (, the national commercial real estate exchange and offers integrated marketing services for commercial real estate professionals.


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Catylist Inc.
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