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"A Game Changing Caseload Management for Today's Legal Counsel. A simple to use powerhouse. Manage any size legal team from anywhere, in the Cloud or On-premise."

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Houdini ESQ – Free CRM For Law Firms

Just downloaded a free CRM called HoudiniESQ. You can install it on a laptop or install it on a dedicated server. It provides secure web access regardless of where you install it. You can even sign up for a SaaS version.

Houdini CRM is primarily used by law firms but that is a major benefit since practice management systems used by law firms are really just a Project Management System and CRM on steroids. This product has probably the best UI I have ever seen in a web based product. Yes I did say web based, no joke. The user experience is top shelf.

Why do most CRMs look like they are stuck in the early 90s. No innovation. The same old stuff repackaged by everyone wannabe force.com. I think this is different. I can tightly integrate all my information in one place including documents, To-dos, notes, contacts, projects, e-discovery, Email plus attachments, full text search everything, and tons more, this product is robust.


Worth a look. HoudiniCRM installs in less than 5 minutes. Runs on OSX, WIndows and Linux.

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