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"Everything you need to operate your sales, marketing, customer service and HR functions"

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on July 31, 2014

KiBS CRM Business Suite

Kyliptix Business Solutions – KiBS – Simple, Simple Productivity & CRM Solutions for Small-to-Medium Businesses Everywhere.

Everything you need to operate your sales, marketing, customer service and HR functions

KiBS can bridge the flow of vital information throughout your organization and reduce the need for multiple, costly applications. So whether you’re on a sales call in New York, at a manufacturing plant in Detroit or a law firm in Dallas, KiBS is providing:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Greater Consistency
  • Reduced Risk
  • Lower Costs

In these difficult economic times no business can ignore the value and competitive advantage KiBS can provide with zero up front costs, no long term contracts, free initial set up and pay as you go utility style pricing.

KiBS is a low risk, cost effective way for businesses to simplify and improve their operations and it can easily be configured to fit the needs of any business.

Manageable Attributes enable your processes to be built into the relevant applications and Field Customization dynamically changes the user interface to reflect the language of each client’s business or industry.

KiBS is a suitable CRM for small businesses.

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