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Reviewed by Roman Feygenberg - San Francisco, CA USA

Last Updated: 1 March 2013


One of the most important components of keeping a small business afloat is a constant stream of leads to work with. Many times, a small business cannot generate enough leads just from their own marketing efforts alone. The problem however is not the money spent on lead generation efforts, it’s whether there is enough of a return on the investment. Whether your company uses commission based advertising networks, social media, or anything else, it’s extremely important that each lead is nurtured with the utmost care. When a salesperson receives a lead, it is his responsibility to treat it without any preconceived notions. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Many times, a salesperson chooses to ignore leads that do not provide enough contact information. Perhaps a salesperson might not contact an international lead because of the time difference. Maybe the salesperson has tried to call a lead on multiple occasions but always reaches the voicemail. We believe these reasons are no excuse to stop pursing this lead.


Lead nurturing shouldn’t be a hassle. A salesperson shouldn’t have to waste time looking for leads to pursue in their lead generation systems. They shouldn’t waste time looking for passwords they created weeks, months or even years ago just to log into an outdated lead generation system that provides no valuable returns. A salesperson also shouldn’t spend time on figuring out whether a given lead is worth his time or not. With amoCRM, lead nurturing is a simple process that’s easy to manage. A sales team gets all their new leads in one place –whether they are from paid lead generation systems, your web-forms or ad clicks. When these leads appear in one place, a salesperson doesn’t waste time looking around for them in other systems.

Once a lead is in the system it is up to the salesperson to approach it in the best possible manner. Setting up tasks for yourself or others shouldn’t be a burden. If it takes more than 30 seconds per lead, a sales person is much less likely to do it. What’s worse is that the salesperson is also much more likely to rely on their own system of taking notes and reminders –a system that is much less reliable and much more bias based. This, in turn leads to a “cherry picking” system that doesn’t nurture every lead with the same importance.


QSOFT, LLC. is an international company founded in 2004. With over 2,000 clients worldwide, QSOFT proudly introduced amoCRM to the American market. Today amoCRM is used by 1000+ clients worldwide to manage 100,000+ leads and 300,000+ contacts. amoCRM is built on the Amazon Web Services platform so it is safe, secure and always available. For more information on amoCRM, please visit http://www.amoCRM.com.

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