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"Small Business CRM Solution that offers full scalability. An affordable Outlook based CRM & Sales Force Automation Solution."

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You use Microsoft Outlook all day for e-mail, diary management etc. Why not for CRM, Contact Management and/or Sales Force Automation?

MX-Contact is a CRM and Contact Management System for Microsoft Outlook 2000 / 2002 / 2003.

MX-Contact is a CRM, Contact Management and Sales Force Automation package that runs inside Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003. The system utilities all the standard functionality of Outlook but provides many additional features that transform Outlook into a powerful CRM system.

MX-Contact has 7 different versions available catering for a single user right the way through to an enterprise with tens of thousands of users. MX-Contact leverages your investment in existing Microsoft technology by avoiding expenditure on additional infrastructure and costly training programmes.

Benefits of MX-Contact in a nutshell:

Easy to use. Everyone in the organization already knows and loves Outlook – why use another system for Customer/Contact Management?
Outlook is always open (at the very least to check for mail)! Thus users are more likely to have the info they need at their fingertips when a customer calls. No more having to log into another system.

Useful for everyone. No matter which department you’re in (sales, marketing, support, operations, shipping, purchasing, etc.) you can use MX-Contact.
The system will benefit anyone that needs to track interactions with other parties, whether customers, suppliers, partners, internal users, etc!

Low Cost. A low Total Cost of Ownership for any CRM System:
» Low cost per seat » Minimal training
» No hardware changes / investment in additional infrastructure

Customizable. MX-Contact allows for any number of custom folders, forms or tabs (on forms) to be added to the standard Outlook elements.
Thus MX-Contact can be easily extended to provide additional functionality where appropriate.

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