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The importance of email communication in business cannot be debated. It is one of the effective and convenient modes of business communication in the modern era. Email communication is inexpensive as all businesses already have an Internet connection and email can also be accessed through mobile devices.

One of the important features of email communication is that a soft copy of all your communication can be conveniently stored and retrieved whenever needed. Today, sales and marketing teams always need to sift through previous communication while interacting with new or old customers. In such a situation, finding any important communication pertaining to the ongoing deal becomes crucial to achieving success.

Outlook is one powerful email client that is part of the MS Office suite provided by Microsoft. However, it does have some drawbacks. The amount of email correspondence handled by a modern business is huge and it is very difficult to efficiently manage this load without special utilities or applications specially developed to handle these tasks. The simplest solution of handling email communication efficiently is using an email organizer which manages and stores all your email correspondence systematically and enables you to retrieve them easily whenever needed.

Neo Find is one powerful email organizer that works with Microsoft Outlook and simplifies the task of email management for you. If you don’t use Outlook, you have an option of using Neo Pro which is independent email management software that will improve the efficiency of your employees dealing with email communication for your business.

Getting started:

Neo Find and Neo Pro are both efficient email management applications which help organize all your email communication to improve efficiency. Neo will automatically enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees as they need not waste their time looking for a particular email message. In simple words Neo puts every email message in your database at your fingertips which can be accessed instantly whenever you need it. Neo offers intelligent search features that you will seldom find in any other email management application.

The best way to know the efficiency and efficacy of any application is by testing every feature offered in it. The company stands strongly behind its products and users can download and use both Neo applications for free during trial period. Neo Find is offered for a free trial period of 30 days while Neo Pro is offered for a free trial period of 60 days. The applications provided during free trial period are full-fledged applications with all features. No features of this application are disabled during this free trial period.

There is no obligation to use the software after the free trial period. Users are not required to provide their credit card details to download the application for trial period. Users who are satisfied with their Neo performance can continue using the application by paying the fee. Neo Find is offered for $15, while Neo Pro will cost $49.95.

Let’s take a look at the features offered by Neo Find and Neo Pro:


Automatic organization of all your email communication in virtual folders: Neo Find and Neo Pro automatically create virtual folders for every person you communicate with. All the communication with the concerned person is stored in one place. No more sifting from different folders to find that particular email.

NEO CRM Automated Organizer

Power Search: The search facility provided in Neo is 100 times faster than Outlook. You get the required email almost instantly. The filter provided in Neo allows you to specify different parameters that help you locate the exact email correspondence needed at any point of time.

NEO Automated Organizer Power Search

Email thread: Whenever you search for a particular message, the search tool also provides you with all related messages to that communication which helps build a clear picture which is essential for any business communication.

Save your search results: Users have the option to save the search results which helps save time as the user need not search with the same criteria again. This feature is helpful when you need a particular email correspondence several times over a period of time.

NEO CRM Search Folders

All the features mentioned above are part of Neo Find and Neo Pro. Neo Pro has its own email manager unlike Neo Find, which uses Outlook as its email client. Neo Pro also features some advanced functions that are not part of Neo Find. Let’s take a look at some of these advanced featured offered by Neo Pro.

Active email: It is similar to the inbox, but it offers an uncluttered view of all the incoming mails so you don’t miss an important mail.
Bulk mail: This feature allows segregation of all important mails and other email correspondence that is not that important. Email communications such as indirect newsletter and discussion lists are stored in bulk mail.

HOT Mail: It allows you to place all your important mail folders right in front of your eyes. All your important and favorite virtual folders can be arranged on the toolbar of the application, which allows for easy access.

Categorization of mails: Besides categorizing mails by sender, the user is also provided with an option to categorize all email correspondence according to date (sent and received). Besides, email messages can also be categorized as per the state such as unread, important, to do, etc. Users also have the option of categorizing mail according to the type of attachments.

Keep messages: Some email communications are very important, and necessary precautionary measures are required to prevent their accidental deletion. The ‘keep messages’ feature allows the user to mark messages as keep messages, which cannot be deleted unless you un-keep them again.

Block spam senders: This feature allows you to tag any sender as a spam sender. Once marked as spam sender, all email communication from a particular sender is directed towards a spam sender’s folder. This helps in keeping your inbox free of spam messages.

Final word:

Effective use of email correspondence has become important in modern business. Today, a majority of business communication happens through email, and organizations need to streamline their operations, which also includes improving and making email communication more effective.

Neo Find and Neo Pro present some advanced features that not only simplify email management, but also save time which can be otherwise spent in organizing huge databases. The effective use of Neo email management programs can help employees of your business save around ½ to 2 hours a day. Neo will also help your employees check for past transactions and communications, which males dealing easy with older customers. The intelligent features provided in both Neo applications make them worth the money.

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