"The Sales Push CRM solution is extremely good at rapidly managing sales and marketing processes."

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PLEASE NOTE: SALESPUSH IS NOW DEFUNCT. (We leave this up so you can be forewarned.)

Try the free CRM solution Salespush. It offers a free / low cost CRM application with an excellent and easy to use interface.

The Sales Push CRM solution is extremely good at rapidly managing sales and marketing processes.

SalesPush CRM – Free CRM

SalesPush – The professional sales solution

Sales people work in a high-pressure environment. Sales Push is fast and easy to use with a minimal training need. Simply log on to the web-based service and gain total visibility and transparency of your all your sales processes and individual transaction – in real time.

Our customers are already gaining significant and sustainable improvements – both in bottom-line conversion rates and in the overall efficiency of their sales processes since they adopted the SalesPush platform.
Better sales, better business

Being able to spot where intervention is needed and to identify wider weaknesses will immediately improve the quality of sales management. Recognizing effective solutions and techniques in one part of your organization will enable you to introduce them to other teams or individuals quickly.

Similarly, SalesPush users easily see where their best leads originate from, including which campaigns, media and other strategies are most effective. This visibility facilitates more productive sales and marketing plans.

SalesPush drives important efficiencies – first, you’ll be able to identify and resolve any bottlenecks or other barriers in your sales processes. You’ll save wasted effort by spotting early which leads are unlikely to repay further work. Centralizing your data will save time and increase accuracy by removing the need to re-key it.

Many SalesPush users are already gaining these benefits – and because they can drive improvement through their existing sales infrastructure, they’re ensuring exceptionally fast ROI as well.

SalesPush is 100% free to install and use.

There are no limits on users and no restrictions on data size.

Why is it free? We want to create a substantial global SalesPush community. The only way to ensure rapid adoption of SalesPush is to develop a significant and vibrant user community. That is why SalesPush is free to install and use.

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