"TCM4000 covers CRM, Customer Service Management, Project Management and Asset Management."

TCM is an application that defies definition except to say that it is The Ultimate Database, the Definitive Advanced Management System. It doesn’t fall precisely into any one category because it transcends categories and herein lies its strength.

TCM is an end-to-end business solution, forged in a multi-disciplinary client environment so that it has components which can be configured by the user to suit just about any requirement. We do what the likes of CRM’s like ACT!, Goldmine and Maximizer do, and then move up through the gears to provide you with the sort of cross departmental functionality which SAP and the bigger systems offer – but all at a price point which is readily accessible to the smaller organisation, or those that rate value above the big name.

For example, TCM covers CRM, Customer Service Management, Project Management and Asset Management. It’s also a fully-fledged Call Centre system and a Recruitment System and also a Property or Vehicle Fleet Management System. It’s a robust and reliable high capacity and highly functional database with powerful and easy to use workflow and automation tools. It’s a highly configurable system which will suit any business or charitable organisation.

TCM’s list of features is long and growing and it all sits on an integrated database with a host of features which include document management, interactive diaries and advanced e-mail and, more recently, an integrated Accounts and Stock Control system.

And that’s how we continue to develop TCM, not closing off avenues but looking ahead and drawing on the experience of many years of working at the sharp end of producing bullet-proof software and systems that work and keep on working.

The 5 User system is £4,485.00, 10 User £7,485.00 rising to £35,000.00 for the Unlimited User version: We’re all about return on investment. It’s not what it costs, it’s what it will save you and what extra it will help you to make. Visit for more details, our video presenter will concisely make our case to you.

Submitted by Tony Rust, Managing Director, Apt Projects Ltd. Please call 01427 875103 in case of query

A more in-depth review of TCM4000 will be conducted at a later stage.

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