Wired Contact;  QuoteWerks Integration Overview

'WiredContact offers customer-driven features such as process automation, marketing campaign, and instant quoting to help raise customer satisfaction."

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WiredContact, the popular online CRM system, has announced some important new features:

QuoteWerks integration – QuoteWerks is a well known specialist sales quoting application that now integrates with WiredContact Enterprise to automate the sales quoting process. If you create quotes or orders that consist of line items and you want to track your cost, profit, part numbers and customer price, QuoteWerks can transform the quality of every quote and cut administration giving sales staff more time to sell.

Campaign Manager Pro enables you to manage your email marketing campaigns with much more power – you can see who opens your emails, what links were clicked even if the emails are forwarded on to others the clicks are still tracked and all this is done in real-time.

Outlook Integration – WiredContact has extended their MS Outlook integration – now all your emails sent and received from Outlook can automatically attach to a contact’s history, synchronise all your Outlook emails, Notes and Diary entries with WiredContact in real-time. This way your PDA and blackberry can also be updated. Even multiple email accounts can be monitored within nothing to install on user machines.

Postcode lookup – You can now enter a postal code and have the address fields automatically updated with the most up-to-date address database provided by the Post Office.

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