SmallBizCRM – Profile Directory – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmallBizCRM Directory?

The SmallBizCRM Directory is a human edited, high-authority, CRM Vendor/Product web directory. This is not a search engine but a searchable link directory broken down into categories that allows visitors to browse various web sites with relative content. Web sites are listed by the web site administrator or by the owners of the listed sites themselves.

How does this directory work?

Web site owners may register with SmallBizCRM Directory and create an account which will allow them to submit their web site to be placed in the directory. Once reviewed and approved, the web site link is placed in the proper category where it may be viewed by the site visitors. Basic Listings are shown with a thumbnail screen shot of the web site and a short description. Since the directory is searchable, META keywords and descriptions are also used.

What does it cost?

It is free to use the SmallBizCRM Directory. Listing a web site is also free however user registration and link submission approval is required. A listing owner may also upgrade their listing to a featured link which is done by paid subscription. A featured link is highlighted and placed at the very top of its category above all other listings increasing its exposure. For maximum exposure other advertising opportunities are also available.

Is my web site listed?
Many web sites have been added by the Webmaster and more will be added as we find them. To find out if your web site is listed simply enter the product name or URL ( into the search box and click go. If it is listed it will come up.  If you web site is already listed, you will need to register to claim your link. Claiming your link will allow you to make changes, corrections and upgrade your link. All claim link requests must be made from an email with the same domain name (

My web site is listed but I did not register it.
You can register with us to be able to access and edit the link, description and add your contact information. (highly recommended). If you do not wish to have your web site listed here at SmallBizCRM Directory, you may contact us and request its removal. Email requests for removal must be received from the web site domain.

Claim a listing

Many of the websites listed in the SmallBizCRM Directory have been selected and added to the directory by the directory administrator. Sites were chosen for relevancy and for quality. If you are the owner or the Webmaster of a website that is already listed in this directory you may “claim” the listing which will allow you to edit the description, and add details to improve your listing. Such details include contact information and your business address which will allow our Google Maps feature to add a map to your business or offices making it easier for customers to find you.

To claim a listing:

You must be the website owner, webmaster or administrator. Register using our registration form and complete the e-mail verification. Then contact us providing your name, username and the website URL of the listing you wish to claim. All e-mails MUST be from the same domain as the website/listing you are claiming. If this is a problem, feel free to contact us. Website Submissions You may submit a web site to be included in the SmallBizCRM Directory. You are required to register and be logged in before you may do so. Please be sure to read all instructions and the rules for web site submission. Submit your site here..

Advertising & Sponsorship OpportunitiesC

Can I advertise on the SmallBizCRM Directory? You bet! We provide sponsorship space on the right side of the directory to provide inexpensive exposure for your website or products. This also helps keep the directory going. For more details please contact us.

Why Get Listed?

It will give your site two things. A Premium Listing will give you a quality backlink and another diverse source that your backlinks are coming from. In this case, it would be from a highly specific industry i.e. CRM directory.

Incorporate Structured Citations via Online Directories

When your business is listed in a high-authority online directory, it is known as a structured citation. These citations increase exposure and website domain authority while associating your business name with existing high-authority sites like Yelp—all of which is favorable to Google. To create an effective structured citation, include full business contact information on your directories and be consistent with formatting. Structured citations include a combination of your business name, address, and phone number. Google looks at the consistency of these citations across the web to provide users accurate information in search results. With this in mind, you want to make sure that you are always using the same address and contact information.

Here’s an example of a structured citation:

Fit Small Business 315 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017 212-555-3434 If you’re not sure where to start, use this definitive list of directories, where every business should be listed. This list not only includes top directories like Yelp and TripAdvisor, but also industry-specific and local directories that you can choose from based on your business type and location. How to Get Unstructured Citations & Links Unstructured citations include things like a mention of your business in an online newspaper article, press release, online job board, and other sites. Unstructured citations and links are important because they let Google know that people are talking about your business. To get the most unstructured citations, work on getting positive reviews, host events, send out press releases to the media, and engage with customers online.


  • Pay in BITCOIN (vis BITPAY)
  • Listing Packages / Prices Select a package below:
    • Basic Listing  Package  – FREE No Time Limit MAX 50 Word Description only. 1 Image, 1 Link to Your Website, 1 Category, 1 Tag Sales, Inquiry Form Comments with Notifications, 25 Pages Upload Your Company Info Upload Your Product. Info Link to FaceBook, Link to Twitter, Link to LinkedIn Link, to YouTube Link, to Google+ Link to Review,& Case Studies. 25% Discount Off Reviews

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