Product Features:
  • Custom Dashboard(s)
  • Custom Views
  • Deal Rooms
  • Modules
  • Peripheral Workflow Engine
  • Reporting
  • Reusable Customer IDs
  • Sales Management
  • Social Logins
Unit 1G The Atrium Blackpool Business Park Blackpool Cork, Ireland
Product Information

Crust provides a flexible, self-hosted platform for your organisation to work and communicate internally while engaging with its customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties externally. Its integrated approach to identity, messaging and business logic delivers a simple-to-use yet extensible means for managing users and the applications they require every day, whether in the cloud, behind the firewall or a hybrid of the two. Crust CRM, Messaging, Unify and Compose can all be tailored to your organisation’s commercial, technological and human architectures. The Crust platform capabilities will be expanded over time to incorporate such features as cross-application automated workflows, Internet of Things (IoT) management and federated messaging. Crust Technology is headquartered in Ireland, but the Crust team is based across many countries. A free demo and suport are offered.