Product Information

JourneyFlow is an easy-to-use customer journey builder designed to help users visually build the paths leads and customers to go through when engaging with an organization. The free app allows users to design journeys based on both behavioral and demographic triggers, so the contact’s experience is specifically tailored to their needs at every stage of the funnel. The drag-and-drop builder means the user doesn’t require extensive technological savvy, but instead makes creating better business processes simple, effective, and affordable. The visual builder comes pre-loaded with a number of templates so users can start creating beautiful journeys instantly. With open text fields, it is easy to customize each step in the journey according the the specific needs of both the consumer and the business. Visual customer journeys help business better understand their own processes and allow them to fill in holes in their customer experiences. JourneyFlow, by Greenrope, is currently available to all users who wish to enhance their customer experience management initiatives.