Product Information

MLM Trax integrates all mission critical operations like marketing, sales, members’ management, and commission calculation. This gives users all the information needed to manage their business from start-up to international MLM organization. MLM Trax’s software is designed to allow MLM business owners to manage their business using this feature rich software from  a single place, anywhere, anytime and have full control over their business. The software is designed to work on the web, using a web-browser, without any installation on the client’s side and does not need any special software except a web browser (Firefox/Google Chrome/Safari/Internet Explorer/Opera). It can be used on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and all other devices and OS-es like iPad/IOS- Google/Android etc. Two pricing plans, with a one off payment, are available. An instalment payment plan is also offered. For more details please visit the website.