Product Features:
  • Billings Pro
  • Billings Pro Server
  • Daylite
  • Daylite Plugins
  • Daylite Server
78 Engel Road Old Chatham,, New York - NY, United States 12136
Product Information

Daylite is a small niche CRM  running on the Apple OS X and iOS platform only. Orion is an implementer of Daylite internationally who have been working with Apple since 1986 and providing a CRM Solution on the Apple platform since 1987. They travel throughout North America working with and training business teams and extended staff. They support Apple worldwide when English is required in the work/CRM environment. Daylite is also native in German, French and Japanese which makes customized multi-cultural CRM a reality. They have two demographics – Apple based businesses and PC based companies switching to Apple. Pricing is 1 – 2 users  $299.95, 3 – 9 users $279.95, 10+ users $249.95.