Product Features:
  • Specific for HR & Recruiting
  • Assessments
  • CRM
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Internal HR
  • Job Posting
  • Onboarding
  • Referral Tracking
  • Resume Parsing
  • Self Service Portal
171 Saxony Road #202, Encinitas,, California - CA, United States 92024
Heywood House Business Centre Park Lane, Westbury,, United Kingdom BA13 4NA
Product Information

At TrackerRMS, the foundation of their success is the understanding that recruitment is a business built on relationships. The point of a good CRM system is to help build better relationships, and all of their features meet that criteria. There were a lot of venture-funded CRM platforms targeting the industry with big investments backing them, but none of them really seemed to ‘get’ the business from the perspective of someone that was actually in the trenches of the industry every day. Their vision is to continue to support the SMB space and to help them grow their recruitment businesses by using TrackerRMS to build better relationships and to run their operations more effectively. The end result being increased growth and profitability, which is what our customers are all ultimately after. Pricing is as follows : Academy $55/user Professional $75/user Premier $95/user. A free demo is offered.