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“Affordable Web Based CRM software for Open source, Windows & Apple Mac OS X Platforms”

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absolutelyBUSY is an affordable Web Based CRM software for Open source, Windows and Apple Mac OS X Platforms.

This web based CRM, contact management and project tracking system is suitable as a small business CRM solution.

[UPDATE (Jan 30, 2010) The latest version includes a “document” feature for adding documents to companies and contacts. Also added is enhanced permission control, e.g. some users can see all data(contacts, projects, sales etc..), others just can see companies/contacts and just use it like a web address book.]

On the market since 2001, this CRM software has evolved into a mature product, with a client base now running into thousands of real business users.

absoluteBUSY enables your teams and departments to share a global – always up to date – online customer database, contact manager and project tracking tool, either over the web or within a corporate intranet. Only a web browser is required to view and update contacts, customer histories, hot leads, projects and pending tasks, anytime, from anywhere.

Application areas.

The strengths of AbsoluteBusy are as a web based contact management or CRM solution, online project tracking and web based project collaboration, or simply as a database marketing tool.

Built on the open source software stack LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache/IIS, MySQL database, PHP), means you have the option to run absolute BUSY CRM on a variety of operating systems.

The WAMP/LAMP environment makes the product platform independent and available for Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Novell 6.5.

What platform to use?

The desktop: use MS Windows, for office users thats your best choice as there’s nothing new to learn.

The server: if you have somebody that can install and maintain a linux server, thats clearly the best choice on the server side. If you don’t have access to the resources, choose Windows, as the skills are close at hand to set up a basic windows server. For a larger group of workers your Windows server will also require technical expertise – someone with an in-depth knowledge of security policies, networking, email protocols, printer queues, domains etc.


What makes the pricing refreshingly different is that you are not locked into a never-ending round of monthly payments – their pricing is worked out on a once-off basis. Priced in Euro’s, from 140 Euro’s down to 50, depending on the number of users, absoluteBUSY has to be one of the best value-for-money CRM solutions available.

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