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Co-developed by sales training guru and bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer, Ace Of Sales is CRM in its simplest form with core focus on email marketing. It helps you follow up with your contacts, stay in front of your customers and send great looking emails no matter you are using a PC, a Mac or a mobile device.

Though we may call it a CRM, we can relate it to ConstantContact or even MailChimp and Aweber rather than to high-end CRMs like SalesForce or MS Dynamics. It, however, does come with features that help it rise above the traditional, bloated email marketing systems.

With its user-friendly interface and only a few essential features, you can master Ace of Sales in just 10 minutes or less. Basic contact management, email marketing, and interactive calendar make it an ideal sales management tool especially for rookie marketers.

A unique reporting feature called Tracker ensures you are not shooting in the dark – it tells you about your contacts that responded to your campaigns i.e. contacts that opened your emails/newsletters, contacts who clicked a link etc. Then there are over one hundred videos to help you get off on the right foot. These video tutorials not only divulge how you can get the most out of Ace of Sales, but also reveal tips on how to increase your leads and improve your conversion rate.


  • Our Rating: 7.0/100 (or  7.0/10)
  • Free Trial: Yes (for 30 days)
  • Ideal for: Entry level marketers & small businesses that rely on email marketing
  • Training required: No
  • Users Limit: No
  • Mass import/export: Yes
  • Email marketing campaigns: Yes
  • Lead capturing via opt-in forms: Yes

Getting started (4/5)

Sign up is fairly simple but you need to give out your credit card info.

Ace of Sales - Sign Up Form

Ace of Sales – sign up form

You can easily import your contacts in CSV and vCard formats. Also, like most contemporary CRMs like InfusionSoft and CleverTim, you can import your contacts directly from various third party systems including Gmail, Yahoo, Highrise, Plaxo, and MS Outlook.

Ace of Sales offers a variety of methods to import your contacts

Ace of Sales offers a variety of methods to import your contacts

However, you cannot import files, tags, products and any other info, which is possible in more powerful CRMs like AllClients, InfusionSoft, OnePageCRM, Pipeliner etc.

Workspace (15/20)

Owing to extreme simplicity, Ace of Sales has an impressive work area. The menus are logicallystructured and related info can be found on the same page, for example if you are viewing a contact, you can instantly create events for it, add notes, add the contact to any group and a lot more. With just one click, you can edit, clone or save any info for later use.

A sample contact screen in Ace of Sales

A sample contact screen in Ace of Sales

On the other side, there a few of minor hassles. Enable Multi-Select is a handy feature that allows you to select multiple contacts in order to send them an email, add them to a group or delete them. But you have to enable this option every time you switch between menus, which is mildly annoying.



To create an event that’s related to multiple contacts, you have to first group them and then add the group to the event, otherwise you can only choose one contact for an event.

Probably the biggest issue we encountered while reviewing AceOfSales, was when we opened a Branded Email (or newsletter), a new window popped up, but when we opened another Branded Email, Email Greeting, or any of the newsletters, it just opened in the same window and the data that we had entered earlier was lost without any warning.

Text of branded email (window 1) was lost when we opened greeting email (window 2)

Text of branded email (window 1) was lost when we opened greeting email (window 2)

What’s more, the search bar is limited in functionality and can only search your contacts while adding any custom fields is also not possible.

User interface (9/10)

We simply loved the neat and intuitive user interface. With just a few menus on the menu bar, you don’t have to dig deep for performing your routine tasks. Add a new contact or group, or import contacts quickly via the little quick add button at the top.

Neat and user-friendly interface with a quick add button

Neat and user-friendly interface with a quick add button

Price (5/10)

Ace of Sales is relatively pricey considering the lesser number of contacts allowed, however, the good thing is that you can add as many users (sub-accounts) as you wish. Following are the three standard plans they offer (and if you have more than 5,000 contacts, you can get a custom pricing plan by contacting the management directly):

Ace of Sales - Price Table

Ace of Sales – Price Table

Integration with 3rd party apps (0/10)

We might see Ace of Sales offering integration with Sugar CRM and Salesforce in future, but currently it doesn’t integrate with any other software.

Customization (1/10)

For enterprises, white labelling is available, other than that the application can’t be customized.

Mobile support (5/5)

Ace of Sales is optimized to fit any device, be it your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Scalability (9/10)

There is not limit or extra charge on adding more users (sub-accounts), and for corporates, a white label version of Ace of Sales is also available.

Customer support (10/10)

Simply put, their customer support is amazing. Their replies were always prompt and comprehensive. You can reach the customer care team via their toll free number 0800-865-7496 Monday-Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM Easter Time, or shoot them an email.

Backup and security (9/10)

Ace of Sale uses Amazon RDS for storing all of their information. It is Amazon, one of the leaders in data security on the web. Since they are using Amazon’s infrastructure, they get the benefit of all their security. All communication to and from the servers is encrypted, and they host your data with the best systems available for security.

Feature list


If you have a diversified business, a profiles menu can be really useful. It allows you to create different personas under the same account where you can add your portrait, logo, contact info and branding color.

Ace of Sales – Different profiles for the same account

Ace of Sales – Different profiles for the same account

Your outgoing emails, newsletters and postcards are automatically populated with this info and with just two clicks you can switch between different profiles.

Switching between profiles just takes 2 clicks

Ace Of Sales – Switching between profiles just takes 2 clicks


Home menu has two submenus: Dashboard and Design Gallery.

Ace Of Sales - The Home menu

Ace Of Sales – The Home menu

Dashboard features the Getting Started guide, Saved Drafts, simplified report of important events (email sent/opens, contacts added etc.) and Recent Activity. Though the dashboard is well thought-out, it needs quite a bit of scrolling if you have several saved drafts or a long list of recent activities. Design Gallery has dozens of beautiful greeting cards which you can send via email or post.

Ace Of Sales - The Home menu

Ace of Sales – The design gallery

Overall, the home menu is pretty decent, uncluttered and beautiful, and on top of that the color scheme is very graceful.


Ace of Sales doesn’t come with a functionality rich Contacts menu as you may see in other CRM’s like Salesforce, InfusionSoft or CapsuleCRM, but it has all the important features you would like to see in your sales management tool… without any unwanted bells and whistles!

Ace Of Sales - The Home menu

Ace Of Sales – Contacts menu

You can edit/update multiple contacts, assign contacts to groups, sort them on different criteria, add events or update any field with just one click. A little feature we really liked was the About tab. It gives you deep insight about your contact by divulging info regarding their background, buying motives, personal favorites, and family & friends. Here you can also add any questions, actions or ideas about the contact. In short, this menu is your spy that has inside information about your contacts and helps you turn them into leads, and then into returning buyers.

Ace Of Sales - The Home menu

Ace Of Sales – ‘About’ tab is where you can store all the important info for turning a contact into a client

On the downside, you can only manage your contacts as people but not as companies. So if you deal with organizations, Ace of Sales might not be the ideal choice. Also, you can get any reports about your contacts based on their email interaction only, other than that you have to manually manage them i.e. mark them as prospects, leads or customers.
You can also add the social profiles of your contacts, however, they appear as plain links i.e. if you open it, it takes you to their profile page, while in Reamaze (which is more of a helpdesk software) etc. the stream of latest social interactions appears right under the contact menu.

Sales Calendar

It’s not just a calendar, it’s a sales calendar. Here you may add all your reminders to send emails, follow up, thank your customers, make phone calls, remember birthdays, and a lot more. The best thing is that you can send messages right from the calendar, just click the little arrow button next to any contact or group name on the Calendar to send an Ace of Sales Email, Ezine, or Printed Card.

Ace Of Sales - It’s not a calendar, it’s a sales calendar!

Ace Of Sales – It’s not a calendar, it’s a sales calendar!

Click the “Subscribe” button on your Ace of Sales Calendar to view all your events on your Google, Outlook, iCal, and mobile device calendars.


Tracker is their reporting system for your email marketing ventures, so that you know who opened your emails and when, who clicked your links or downloaded your files. You also clone previous emails with just a few mouse clicks and send them to your new prospects. Just like any other advanced marketing software, Ace of Sales automatically handles all the unsubscribes and you can also review snapshot metrics.

Ace Of Sales – Tracker showing the results of sample emails

Again, there is no way to automate the process i.e. if a contact opens your email and takes the desired action, and suppose you want to add it to a group (i.e. leads or buyers) you have to do it manually which is a big hassle if you have a large clientele.

Video Training

You may not need to watch all the 100+ videos, but they are full of tips (from marketing and sales gurus) that not only help you use Ace of Sales aptly, but also steer your business in the right direction to win more deals.


Ace Of Sales – Video Training


In case you need help or want to give your feedback about the product, just click the little Feedback button on the bottom left corner of your screen. It opens a popup window where you can type in your query or feedback.

Ace Of Sales - Knowledgebase, Feedback and Help, all in one popup window

Ace Of Sales – Knowledgebase, Feedback and Help, all in one popup window


  • Intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn CRM that runs on almost all the modern platforms
  • Advanced email marketing with insightful and accurate tracker
  • Cutting edge sales calendar to send emails, follow up, thank, make phone calls, remember birthdays, and more
  • Gives the administration total control over their workers i.e. you can create a sub-account for each worker, oversee their activity and manage contacts between all accounts
  • Accurate and insightful reporting for your email marketing campaigns helps you make informed and timely decisions
  • Packed with tiny but very useful features like contact grouping, email scheduling, and the ability to send emails right from your contacts menu or even the Sales Calendar
  • White labeling for corporations
  • High level data security to ensure your important information is never compromised
  • Multiple accounts and multiple profiles for enhanced transparency and accountability


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t allow any customization
  • Doesn’t integrate with any 3rd party app
  • Opens a new window to send email/newsletter and loses any info you have entered if you try to compose another email/newsletter simultaneously
  • Even with their Pro Plan, you can send only up to 5,000 emails at a time
  • You cannot add custom fields (which are very important for any CRM software to cater for different types of businesses)
  • You can import contacts from a CSV file that is only up to 2MB (vCards to 25mb)
  • Although it is a sales-oriented CRM, it doesn’t feature any visual sales pipeline


Ace of Sales can be criticized for its high price, rigidness, inability to handle multiple windows, and absence of custom fields, yet ease of use, data security and sales oriented features make it a great choice for any entry level marketer. You don’t have to waste time to learn Ace of Sales, as instead of wrestling with the complexities of the CRM, you can quickly process your data and focus on your core business.

If you want to try out their free version, sign up for the Basic plan and don’t forget to enter the promo code MPB30

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