Advocate2000 Review - Discontinued

"A CRM for lawyers and legal practices"

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A CRM and Case Management software tool designed for the legal industry

STOP PRESS! A new version has been released. Visit their website for more info. Link below.

Advocate 2002 is a comprehensive contact management / CRM software tool for all you legal beagles! You have to prospect and manage your clients like the rest of us, after all!

It combines case management tools for organizing clients, opposing parties and attorneys, case details, documents, meds, discovery, exhibits, mail, e-mail, phone calls and much more.

Features of Advocate2002 include:

Billing for Cases, an integrated task based billing system driven by internal call and work activity timers and utilizes the ABA compliant UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System.)

Organization Of Case Facts, Documentation and Research

You can organize your case details, parties, documents, discovery, exhibits, research, data, phone calls, e-mails, postal mail, dockets, appointments and your tasks. You can even recycle research and other case elements using past cases and case templates.

Built-In Time, Task and Expense Billing

Advocate 2002 includes an integrated case billing system based on the Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) developed by the ABA and PriceWaterhouseCooper, LLC for the top 100 law firms in the U.S. Advocate 2002 virtually eliminates billing disputes by clearly defining the work done.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook

You leverage the power of MS Outlook 2000® and XP® Calendaring, Appointments, Tasks, Reminders, Contacts and E-Mail all from within Advocate 2002’s user interface.

Powerful Web Integration

Dynamic Web Content including Web Channels, News, and powerful search capabilities. Advocate2002 works with any web browser.

Familiar MS Outlook Interface

With an interface much like an Outlook 2000 and Internet Explorer hybrid, your learning curve and training costs will be drastically reduced.

Illustrated Context-Sensitive Help

Advocate2002 uses standard F1 Help with detailed illustrated screen capture diagram, comprehensive cross-referencing and fly-over help for most program commands.

Multi-User Access To Case Files

You can share case files using peer to peer or client/server networking systems. Manage tasks with separate case based task lists that act as an assignment board for all individuals involved in work on a case. The DocuMinder Documents function can also be shared when stored on a network server.

Case portability Features a Pack Case and Unpack Case wizard that copies an entire casefile to a single floppy diskette for synchronizing between a desktop and laptop.

Other features include:

A structured settlement calculator, client asset and liability cataloging, Jury Selection Notetaker, fax, memo and letter wizards, a powerful structured web search engine, web channel bar, Research tools and database utility.


The pricing for Advocate has been slashed to $59. The old pricing ranged from $239 for a single user, down to $159 for 10+ users.

If you are in the legal industry and want better control of your clients and your day, Advocate 2002 might be worth considering. You can download a fully functional demo version of Advocate 2002 from their website. Visit their website to find out more.

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