Affinity CRM - Discontinued

"Simply the best CRM I’ve ever used and it’s Free."

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Affinity CRM is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere. It’s Free for one user with unlimited usage but does limit the number of customers and products you can store to 100 customers and 10 products.

For you small business owners, It’s perfect! Not only does it allow you to manage your customers, orders, files and products, it also comes with a built in online store and customer portal for each of your customers. I can honestly say, after using this software, I can’t believe they are offering this product free.

Now, Affinity CRM is not free for larger businesses since they charge a whopping 1$ per additional user per month and some very small fees for adding additional customers and products but it’s a whole lot less than anything else I’ve seen that offers this level business management in just one package.

Affinity CRM is a Customer Manager, Order Manager, File Manager and Document Creation Tool, Shipping Manager, Products and Inventory Manager, Email Marketing, Internal Messaging system, Online Store and more.

Check it out at They have made it so easy to open your free account, I opened mine and started using it in less than a minute and they don’t ask for a credit card to get started.

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