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"amoCRM is arguably the world’s first messaging-powered CRM. You can engage with your customers on a whole new level using this versatile, cloud-based sales automation tool that is built for chatting" …

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  • Product Features
  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Chatbot builder
  • Document Storage
  • Email Marketing
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Mobile Access
  • Multichannel communications
  • Segmentation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Task Management
  • Territory Management

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Version of Product: Free. The vendor website said I was limited to 100 contacts with the Free version, but I was allowed to import all 576 from my Google account. The website also said I could only have 5 open tasks, but I have many, many more. Does this mean they always give you more than they say they will? We would like to know! For more about the various versions, see Pricing below.

Website: The amoCRM site is very well put together both visually and content-wise. The tour is especially clear, simple, and informative. Page layout overall is intuitive, and the language is fairly high-level. On the other hand, there were a few typos (which, I’m sure, will be sorted by the time you read this!):


The trial version is what I analysed and what I am writing about. It consists of four major tables or modules:

  • Leads management,
  • Contact management
  • Task Management
  • Reports

There are also definitions screens for the following settings:

  • User Management
  • Account Settings
  • Paying Account
  • Widgets
  • Lead’s Custom Fields

There is no user documentation or knowledgebase, and the amoCRM Customer Support team is only said to be available from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (presumably, Pacific Time) Monday to Friday. However, an inquiry I made on a Sunday evening was answered within the hour. Kudos to amoCRM! It was good to see that amoCRM itself uses Zendesk, which is the helpdesk add-on they suggest their customers partner with.

Leads Management is truly the heart of the system. The default Leads List view shows the Stage that your opportunity is at. All activity histories, win/loss information, user-defined fields, contacts, relationships, and tasks are available through the Lead details. Company profiles and charts can also be uploaded as files via the Lead Detail screens. However, if your business model does not allow for more than one product or service per Contact, you can probably get away with using just the Contacts tab.

Getting Started

Assuming that your company has some existing history before it implements amoCRM, the first order of business is to import your Leads or Contacts. If you import an existing Contacts file as Leads, as I did, amoCRM creates a Contact for every Lead. I imported my 576 contacts from Google and was presented with the following screen:

Amor CRM Import Contacts

I did not do any custom mapping of the fields, nor did I choose a template. Here’s where a manual with some explanation of the options would have come in handy. Why be forced to experiment when you could be making information-based choices?
As it turns out, I wanted to delete a great many of these Leads and I should have done so before importing, but I did not know that deletion would be so difficult. Expecting the Leads interface to be as streamlined and pleasant as the web site was a mistake. You can only delete as many entries as show up in a single screen of the display, and it is not immediately apparent how to do so. (See Figure 5 and Figure 6.)

Amor CRM Deleting Leads

After you select one lead, you see that every lead on the screen becomes selectable. Select the ones you want and click Delete. At my screen resolution and monitor size, that’s 20 at a time if you want to delete every name on a screen. If you want to preserve only a few names per screen, it can be a lot of clicking.

Amor CRM Select Leads to Delete

Leads from an imported list are assigned an auto-generated date tag. You can also assign your own tags by clicking the lead name. The lead detail window pops up and you can enter custom tags in the left column. See Figure 7.

Amor CRM Assign a Tag

Be sure to explicitly close those detail screens when you’re finished with them. If you don’t, you might find a dozen of them open when you go to shut down your browser, and you might not be able to tell right away which you should just close and which you need to save and close.

It’s great to be able to filter a list by custom tags, especially if a view of existing tags is visible on the search page, as it is in amoCRM. The tag list is in the left side bar for both the Leads and Contacts pages.

You cannot edit the tag list directly, but only through the individual records to which it is assigned. If you type a tag into the Search Bar rather than just selecting it from the tag list, the term will be searched in all fields, rather than just in the Tags field. Compare Figure 8 and Figure 9.

Amor CRM Search Box

To search on a tag, you just have to click it in the tag list. When searching on a term, search results start to show right away for as many letters of the term as you have in the box. It’s fast!

Amor CRM Tag List


There are a few things to be aware of when exporting leads, as well. You can export a certain search result or you can export all your leads. Formats are XSLX or CSV. See Figure 10.

Amor CRM Export Leads

When you export from the Leads screen, the notes, files, tasks, and contacts associated with the exported leads are not exported, even if you know they exist, as shown in Figure 12. Figure 11 shows the file exported after filtering the Leads file by the tag ‘soccer’:

Amor CRM Exports Leads File

Amor CRM Exports Leads FileAmor CRM Contact Task Note


Contact records’ features are very similar to Lead records’ features. Both allow the addition of custom fields. Custom fields are added to Leads from the Settings panel. However, they are added to Contacts from within the Contact details pop-up. See Figure 13

Amor CRM Contact Custom Fields

Contacts can also be imported via Wufoo forms on your website.

I created a trial account at Wufoo, which allows me to create up to three forms. Then I followed the very clear and copiously illustrated steps on the amoCRM Wufoo widget page. I pasted the form into a trial web page and filled it out. I could have added many more fields, and I could have opted to not include the captcha.

Amor CRM filled out Wufoo form

Then I submitted it and went to look in amoCRM. Nothing! How disappointing! Set-up had seemed so easy! I went back to the instructions, both at Wufoo and at the amoCRM site, verifying that I had not left anything out. I had not. I was a little disconcerted when I saw that the Wufoo site does not explicitly mention its support of amoCRM.

Amor CRM Wufoo Partnership

I did get an email from Wufoo telling me that someone had filled out the form, but no new contacts showed up in my amoCRM site, whether I searched for ‘wufoo” or for all contact “created today”:

Amor CRM No New Contacts

I wonder if the Wufoo form did not populate my amoCRM page because of the trial nature of my accounts. A good set of user documentation would make this information available to users. Although the help desk is fabulous, not everyone likes to be forced to log queries. A well-stocked knowledgebase and a good set of printer-friendly documentation is the mark of a superior product.

Contacts can be exported separately either as XLSX, CSV, vCard, or as Google Contacts.

Competitor info can be stored as notes or files attached to competitor companies’ Contacts.


The Tasks List gives you a focused list of activities that are currently on your plate. See Figure 14

Amor CRM Tasks

There is an abbreviated version of the Task List that appears in the bottom right of your screen, whether you are at Dashboard, Leads, Contacts, or Reports. It can be minimized, if you like. Figure 14 shows the Task pop-up on the Task List screen.

Amor CRM Upcoming Tasks

Tasks can be exported separately to iCal, Outlook iCal, or Google Calendar. Although you can initiate an email directly from the Task Detail page, you can connect your amoCRM account with a Mailchimp account to send newsletters or other large mailings. amoCRM emailed me on the morning of the day that tasks were due. Each email included a link to the task that was due.

User Settings

Whether users are allowed to create, view, edit, delete, or export records is governed by the Settings -> User management screen, as seen below.

Amor CRM User Privileges

However, I did manage to get into a state where the spinners would not stop.

Amor CRM Endless Spinners

After about ten minutes I closed the browser screen, relogged in, and all was fine.


  • GoogleApps
  • iPhone
  • Zendesk
  • MailChimp
  • Wufoo
  • Facebook
  • API available


amoCRM offers four “canned” reports:

  • Sales by Workflow Step, See Figure 17
  • Sales by Manager, See Figure 18
  • Distribution of New Leads Over Time
  • Sales Pipeline, See Figure 19

Available filters are:

  • Tags
  • Time Period
  • Responsible User

Amor CRM by WorkflowAmor CRM Sales by ManagerAmor CRM Sales Pipeline

Mobile CRM

There is an amoCRM iPhone app, so you do not have to be in the office in order to log a new contact or lead, or to update a task. The app synchronizes everything you do on your iPhone back to the database. The Dashboard, Leads, Contacts, and Tasks screens are available. Reports are not available and the Settings screens have become the Account button.

Social CRM support

According to the amoCRM website, the Facebook widget is intended to make your relationships with your Contacts more personal. Once the widget is enabled, a list of the Contact’s Facebook friends will open when you open the Contact’s card. You can send messages to people via their Facebook pages even if they are not full-fledged Contacts in amoCRM. Of course you can message all your contacts through amoCRM without going through Facebook.

Used with care, the Facebook add-on seems like a good way to grow the Contacts list.


amoCRM does full backups every hour and saves user sessions every few minutes. Cloud computing has been around long enough that users will not tolerate data loss, so amoCRM makes sure that data loss is not going to occur.


All data to and from the site is encrypted. amoCRM uses the Deluxe SSL Certificate, not the Premium Extended Validation, which is ranked as more secure. Still the Deluxe is more thoroughly validated than the Standard. Also, if amoCRM is using Intel vPro servers, they are limited to the Deluxe.


Amor CRM Pricing


  • Excellent Task List
  • Well-designed reports
  • Excellent customer support
  • Partner relationships with MailChimp, Wufoo, Facebook, and Zendesk


  • No documentation
  • Data input at set up may be onerous
  • Limited reporting


amoCRM is a solid competitor in the CRM space. It is sleek and focused and well-supported by its developers. With some solid documentation and progress in the ease with which the queue of leads is created, it should be successful.

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amoCRM Interview - What top three questions would you advise a company shopping for a CRM ask of a prospective vendor?

What inspired you to compete in the CRM industry? hat does your CRM do? What problem/s are you solving for sales and/or marketing organizations?

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