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"Bitrix24 is a comprehensive free CRM system available both online and as self hosted software that can be installed on your own server. Bitrix24 is also the only free CRM system that comes with integrated call center, so you can make and receive phone calls to/from your CRM as soon as you register."

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Bitrix24 releases the first free collaborative CRM with project management.

Bitrix24 has released a new version of its popular free online CRM that’s now fully integrated with project management. It is currently the only free online CRM on the market that comes fused with a native project management toolset.

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“Some CRM vendors now offer integration with third party project management tools and vice-versa. CRM users are no longer satisfied with what’s essentially a database with client information – they want a CRM that allows them to plan, to collaborate with co-workers and to increase personal productivity. – said Bitrix, Inc President Dmitry Valyanov . – SalesForce, for example, has spent almost a billion dollars in the last two years in acquisitions, trying to make their CRM more collaborative. But Bitrix24 is the first vendor that offers free a CRM fully fused with project management.”

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With Bitrix24, any CRM entity (lead, contact, campaign, deal) can launch an appropriate business process created using the product’s built-in visual constructor. Tasks, calendars and other project management tools are now available inside the CRM
module. The document management module makes it possible to store documents inside the CRM, attach files to specified CRM entries, share them with other employees, and assign different levels of access rights to various employees.
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“Bitrix24 can automatically create a task upon a change in an object’s status. For example, you can assign a specific person in a legal department to draft a contract depending on the amount of the deal. You can invite other employees to participate in a discussion about a specific deal. You can receive e-mails or instant message notifications every time you get a lead or notify other employees when there’s any change in status.”

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In addition to its Facebook-like Activity Stream, Bitrix24 offers group chat that allows up to 50 employees exchange ideas via instant messenger. Other improvements include addition of click-to-call option for companies that rely on IP-telephony. New customized e-mail templates, custom fields and smart filters for the CRM module make it easy to work with large volumes of leads and make personalization easy.
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“The decision to make Bitrix24 absolutely free for companies with 12 employees or less had an enormous impact on service popularity, – added Mr. Valyanov. – In several Eastern European markets we are now the second most popular cloud CRM, despite being less than one year old. I am confident that this release will boost our visibility in North America as well.”

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Bitrix24 comes with free desktop apps for Win and Mac as well as with native apps for iOS- and Android- based phones and tablets.

About Bitrix24

Bitrix24  is the maker of collaborative CRM and social intranet available as a cloud-based service. Bitrix24 was launched in beta in April of 2012 and reached the 50,000 sign-up mark in less than a year, making it one of the fastest growing collaborative CRM providers. The service stands out for its extremely well-integrated and robust toolset of over 30 components.

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