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“Selling To Small Businesses Made Easy”

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There are more than 500 million small businesses worldwide, yet sorting out the right SMB clients for your business is a big challenge. If you offer a product or service to the small businesses, but don’t know where to find geo-targeted, potential clients; Bizness CRM is the solution.

It’s an ultra-simple, user-friendly and robust software application that streamlines the process of searching clients, and importing them as leads. Few necessary, powerful features make sales tracking easy, and amplify your revenue besides saving time, money and headaches.

Quick facts:

  • Free Trial: Yes (30 days)
  • Training required: NoIdeal
  • CRM solution for: New single sellers/smallcompanies targeting small businesses
  • Users Limit: No (unlimited team members)
  • Mass import/export: No
  • Marketing campaigns: No
  • Capture leads: Yes (from Google places, Yelp etc.)
  • Custom Branding: Yes (white-label version)

About the vendor

Bizness CRM is developed by Bizness Apps. As their tagline: “Mobile Apps For Businesses Made Easy” suggests, they’re the hardcore developers of mobile applications. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bizness CRM has an amazing native application for iPhones, and a native application for Androids is expected soon.

Sign up and pricing

Signing up is free, and as simple as signing in; the only required info is your email id and password. The trial version allows you to try all the features for a full 30 days. It’s one of the most affordable CRM solutions with just $19/month and unlimited team members for no extra charge.

White-label: If you want a custom branded CRM, opt for the White Label plan which has zero association with Bizness CRM. White Label offers unlimited accounts, makes your sales reps more productive, and offers full control over branding your CRM.

Bizness crm pricing table
User interface

Bizness CRM has the simplest (and very beautiful) user interface. It doesn’t have stupid bells and whistles that make the UI confusing. As Andrew Gazdecki, the CEO of Bizness Apps, enlightens:

“We have stripped away all of the features a typical CRM app has that a company does not need in order to focus on just a few areas.”


Bizness CRM is designed for single users and small corporations, nevertheless it can also grow with your team. You can add as many team members as you like, and if your small business turns into an enterprise, you can choose the White Label version.


Though we can’t call it a highly customizable system, you can give your sales pipeline any shape you like: click ACCOUNT and choose Customize PipeLine from the menu on left.

Bizness crm pipeline steps

Security and backups

The company website runs on RackSpace – the famous and trustworthy cloud hosting service – for enhanced security. Your data is backed up every night to ensure maximum data integrity.

Bizness crm mobile support

Mobile support

To help you track your sales and manage your pipeline 24/7 from anywhere, anytime, a native iPhone app is available for download iTunes. If you’ve an android based smartphone, keep your fingers crossed as a native android app will be launched soon. Bizness Apps has put all their extended experience of developing mobile applications to come up with the Mobile Bizness CRM.

Customer care

Thanks to the quick phone help and email support, you’re never alone. Though the free account holders are not eligible for phone support, we found their email support to be quick and thorough while conducting this review.

Feature Set


The Overview is your main dashboard where you can see all the desired features. You can also see your pipeline for the last 30 days, your upcoming appointments, and (if you scroll down) the recent changes you’ve made.

Bizness crm overview

Leads generator

Lead generator in Bizness CRM is my personal favorite because it’s not just another lead generator; it has an innovative and nifty mechanism to help you find small business in the desired geographical area. You can also refine your search by different criteria e.g. small businesses having (or not having) a web page, a Facebook account, certain rating on yelp etc.

Bizness crm leads generator

Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline keeps track of your sales in an extremely simple manner. Once you have imported leads, all the desired data including name of the company, their email/phone is available in the pipeline. Then as the deal progresses along the funnel, you can quickly add notes and update the status.

Bizness crm - sales pipeline

Adding new deals or editing the existing ones is as easy as pie. There is not a single distraction or useless feature, so you can focus on what matters the most: make sales and find new buyers. Once you mark a deal as Won or Lost, it’s archived into Completed Deals. You can view the whole data of completed deals at a glance for efficient decision making.


The Appointments feature is a simple calendar, with your meetings and to-dos marked clearly on it. You can also set a reminder for your upcoming appointments.

Bizness crm calendar


For quick and clear analysis, this section displays your progress in the form of pie charts. You can see value of deals in each step of pipeline, won and lost deals, and status of each step.

Bizness crm metrics


Here, you can set all your personal preferences e.g. resetting passwords, adding user info, updating billing info, adding team, and customizing your pipeline.


With a few mouse clicks, you can add/remove team members and then assign them deals and tasks.

Upcoming features

Being a relatively new CRM, you can expect several features to be added in the near future. Some of the features their customer support team confirmed include touching up lead generation, importing/exporting leads from other sources and a native Android application.


  • Unlike other CRMs with 10,000 useless features, it has a very simple, intuitive user interface
  • Has an unrivaled lead capturing mechanism from Google Places and Yelp – get started with your deals instantly without having to waste hours on searching for clients
  • Simple, efficient and customizable sales pipeline
  • For just 19 bucks per month and unlimited team members, it’s extremely affordable
  • Native mobile application to help you manage your sales on the move
  • Speedy email and phone support


  • It’s a standalone system and doesn’t integrate with any of the 3rd party applications
  • Though lesser features make the CRM robust and easy to use, yet some features e.g. contact management, mass import/export, marketing campaigns, customer service etc., that are vital for any business, are absent
  • No workflow rules to automate your activities
  • Doesn’t allow associating one appointment to multiple leads (the vendor, however, listened to our feedback and has promised to consider this as well as other functionality)
  • A minor hassle with the UI: once any popup menu is opened, you cannot scroll the page, whereas most of these popups are too big to fit on your screen and require scrolling

Final thoughts

Like any other CRM solution, it has certain strengths and weaknesses. But if your business targets small businesses, you’ll totally love its
cutting-edge lead generation and simple sales pipeline.

Go ahead and try their 30 day free trial – you have nothing to lose.


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