BlueCamroo CRM Review

“The biggest weapon of BlueCamroo is its ability to capture Leads from diverse sources including your blog/website, inbound email, and social networking sites etc.”

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Whether a Camroo is actually a hybrid animal (produced by cross-breeding a camel and a kangaroo), as claimed by the vendor, or not, the BlueCamroo CRM software is a true business productivity suite. It’s an ideal CRM app as well as project management system and business automation solution for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Essentially, it’s a powerful, fully-loaded, all-in-one customer management software that unites CRM, Project Management, Time Tracking, Expenses Management, Billing, Email Marketing, Social Network Search & Intelligence, Collection and Collaboration tools, on one page.

In this review, we’ll try to figure out why they call BlueCamroo the CRM of the 21st century.

Quick Facts:
Free Trial: Yes (for 31 days)

  • Training required: No (though there’s a learning curve)
  • Users Limit: Yes (up to 10 system users max. but you can buy more)
  • Mass import/export: Yes
  • Email marketing campaigns: Yes
  • Capture Leads: Yes (from website opt-in form, emails, social media, lead vendors, trade shows etc.)

How easy is the signup?

To see how BlueCamroo works for your business, you can sign up for free for any of the four different plans and enjoy all the features for 31 days:

The signup process is as simple as it gets; with only a few basic details required – no contracts, no commitments, no worries and no credit card required.

Getting started – any glitches?

If you’re just starting your business and building contacts from the scratch, BlueCamroo makes life easy. You can not only capture leads from your own website through the web-to-lead form, but also from social networks, email campaigns, or even referrals. You can also manually enter leads, or contacts to build your list.

If you already have a business running, but want to switch to BlueCamroo from your old CRM, you can simply mass import your data be it in CSV format, an MS Excel Sheet or an MS Access database.

Security and reliability

Your data with BlueCamroo is as safe as the data of online banking. This is because each session is encrypted via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 and uses security certificates from Verisign. Daily backups and data replication at different sites ensures you’ll never have to fear data loss.


A major plus of BlueCamroo is its integration with social networking sites e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can get updates from these sources right to your core CRM data, categorize and manipulate them as just desired.

Though you can’t integrate it with some major programs e.g. MS Outlook, Google Drive, yet the BlueCamroo API (Application Programming Interface) enables integration with several other systems. This data sharing between different programs/apps streamlines your business to increase efficiency and productivity.


You can customize the flexible user interface by dragging and dropping menus. But that’s not all, you can also configure the operation of the system with a few mouse clicks.

Here’s a short list of countless things you can experiment with: change user interface themes, upload your logo/favicon, define custom fields, create exclusive email and invoice templates, build your web-to-lead forms, make reusable project templates or even automate the whole business process with extremely powerful yet flexible Workflow Rules.


You can have unlimited external users (i.e. suppliers, buyers, leads etc.), but BlueCamroo allows up to 10 System Users at most, and costs extra if you want more. Therefore, it’s ideal for small businesses or single users, and becomes expensive as the number of users grows.

User Interface

The user interface is very powerful with all the essential menus right on the main dashboard, which also makes it a little cluttered. That’s why there is a learning curve, but once you get a little used to, you’ll love the handiness.

There are two main menu bars, one on the left and one on top. The top menu bar keeps changing as you click through different menus, while the left one features the most used items. You can customize the left menu bar according to your preferences. And then, there’s a panel on the right that features a search bar, calendar, to-do, timers, stats and setup menus. Everything is right on one page!

The most useful button on the homepage is Quick Action, which allows you to instantly add a new contact, a new task, a new project and a lot more.

Customer support

Customer support is quick and comprehensive during business hours i.e. 8 A.M. to 6 P.M (EST), Monday to Friday. So if you get into a serious trouble on weekends and need quick help, you’ll have to wait till Monday.

Feature Set

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful features of BlueCamroo.

Update Stream

This amazing (and very productive) idea is taken from the modern social sharing sites; just post the latest information and every Contact, Customer, Lead, and User will see it on their stream. But unlike the social updates, BlueCamroo updates will not be missed by the concerned personnel as they’ll be notified via email as soon as the update is posted.

Task management

Task management – the most important menu for sales people – is at its best in BlueCamroo.

Every user has his own task list. Adding a new task is a matter of a few clicks, and so is assigning it, tracking the progress and time, and knowing who’s accountable. You also get an email-reminder of your upcoming tasks.

With BlueCamroo, you’re always on top of progress and time. If a particular venture is time-based, just add an update and record the time spent, which will be rolled up to the related customer, supplier or project and the system will bill them on your behalf.

Social Scout

Ok, what’s the best way to create projects/products that your prospects are really rummaging around for? Simply, ask the prospects. And what’s the best place to look for your prospects? Yes, social media. Doing it manually would take a lifetime (or even longer) but this is where BlueCamroo’s Social Scout comes into the equation.

You can filter out ‘garbage’ by configuring searches for particular ‘buying signals’ e.g. “can anyone recommend…” or “I’m looking for…” etc. With just a couple clicks, you can add these seekers to your CRM as Leads, and then respond via same channel, with your USP.

Lead management

Sales are the life-blood of every business and that’s based on your lead management. BlueCamroo takes lead management to the next level.

You can capture leads from diverse sources including websites, social media, referrals, trade shows, and networking. Alternatively, you can enter them manually after collection information via cold calling or in-person networking.


Capturing leads is only half the battle, because every inquiry requires a super-fast follow up or it’s lost. And coming up with an instant follow up is nearly impossible; need not worry, define your Workflow Rules that automatically trigger desired actions when a new lead is added. These rules can be anything from simply sending an acknowledgement email, to assigning a task to concerned department/user.

Last but by no means the least, is reporting. Without analyzing your data, you’ll get nowhere. Accurate and quick reports can be generated every day, every week, or every month to help you optimize your sales cycles.

Project management

It’s the project management in BlueCamroo that gives it an edge over most other plain CRM applications. In addition to managing, facilitating and communicating with your customers through BlueCamroo, you can also manage projects, link dependencies, control sign offs, keep up your invoicing, and a lot more …

There are built-in templates for different types of projects to get you off on the right foot instantly. You can let your consumers and suppliers act as external users to collect the all-important input and feedback.

Sales pipeline management

Managing sales pipeline is as easy as in any other CRM software, but the smart BlueCamroo requires lesser user input. You can easily manage and track your deals until they’re closed.

Most other software would drop the ball once the deal is closed, but BlueCamroo lets you convert your closed deals into Projects by transferring all the desired info – now, how great a benefit is that?

Customer relationship management

Hundreds of cranky emails coming in can be a nightmare. The solution is: forget emails, and let your clients issue a ticket on the portal through the remarkable Support Ticket feature. Since all the information of your contacts is on one page, your customer care department can help them quickly and more efficiently.

In addition to resolving your client’s issues via direct contact, you can also uncover support issues posted on Twitter and Facebook by the users, and get them into the Case system. How impressed your consumers would be by this pro-active support process that solved their issue even before they contacted you!

Other handy features

Some other useful features that make BlueCamroo a popular, all-in-one CRM solution are Time Tracking & Billing, Expense Management, Invoicing & Getting Paid, Business Process Automation via the Workflow Rules, Reports, and Dashboard.

Upcoming features/updates:

Though you can use BlueCamroo on your iPad and Playbook, it gets a little trickier when accessing via smartphones. The vendor is well-aware of the situation and a mobile version (for iOS and Android) is expected to be launched soon.

For enhanced integration to third party systems, BluCarmoo Inc. is planning to expand to some of the open source software like Xero – a web based accounting system for invoicing/billing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping etc.

Pros and cons of BlueCamroo

Advantages and disadvantages of BlueCamroo will help you decide whether this CRM is a good choice for your particular business or not.


  • It’s a robust, powerful and efficient all-in-one CRM and project management solution
  • It’s a quick web-based app that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • The biggest weapon of BlueCamroo is its ability to capture Leads from diverse sources including your blog/website, inbound email, and     social networking sites etc.
  • The Workflow Rules allow you to automate and speed up any of your business processes
  • It can efficiently monitor Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for sales opportunities, service issues, and “buzz” around your particular niche; your business; your products; and your brand
  • It makes managing your sales funnel a breeze – thanks to the comprehensive Opportunity Tracking Reports and built-in Sales Quotations
  • Update Stream keeps all your team members, consumers and contacts on the same page regarding all the upcoming events, projects and tasks
  • The built-in Client Project Intranet enables you to share information and stay in touch you’re your clients
  • You can track and monitor all the tasks and activities in several different ways to increase productivity
  • Integrated email marketing opens new horizons of success by increasing sales
  • Thanks to the Support Ticket Feature, customer care department can handle complaints in a streamlined manner


  • Only offers 10 system users. If you need more, you’ve to buy 5 users for $69/Month
  • Expensive, especially when your users increase, as compared to some other CRM solutions
  • Has a rather cluttered interface
  • There’s a learning curve, and you have to spend some time in front of your computer screen to make use of all (or even most of) the features
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